Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 391

Mother Tian frowned: “This girl is not yet wake up.”

Father Tian was worried: “Is she unwell?”

“I checked her temperature before, it’s all normal…” Mother Tian also worried about her. “I will go up and check on her.”

Mother Tian went upstairs. When she wanted to get inside and lift up her blanket. Tian Mi just sat up on the bed. Her gaze was blank, her back was facing the door.

Mother Tian couldn’t look at her face.

“You’ve slept for the whole day, are you okay?”

“I’m okay. I just want to sleep.” Tian Mi finally left the bed and went to the bathroom.

“Your Papa helped you to bring the car home.” Mother Tian said it and left the room. The time she was downstairs, she noticed Tang Zi Chu came over.

“Xiao Tang you are here.”

“Auntie, I called Tian Mi several time but it’s unanswered so I come to check on her.”

“Tian Mi didn’t answer it?”

Father Tian replied: “Yes it’s off.”

“Is there some problems with the phone. Let’s ask her when she comes down. This girl today stayed at home for the whole day. She just wasted her Saturday!” Mother Tian shook her head and looked at Tang Zi Chu: “Xiao Tang, later on bring her out to stroll around. Don’t let her stay at home. She should want more sleep. She had slept for the whole day.”

“I come to take her out.” Tang Zi Chu smiled.

“Okay, that’s good.” Mother Tian said.

During their chat, Tian Mi came down. The time she noticed Tang Zi Chu, she clenched both her hands.

Mother Tian said: “Mi Mi, come down quickly. Xiao Tang has waited for a long time. He will take you out to dine.”

Tian Mi took a deep breath: “I don’t want to go out.”

When she came down, Tang Zi Chu walked to her: “What happened? Auntie said that you’ve been sleeping for the whole day, are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

“Supposedly she is only lazy and just wants to sleep.” Mother Tian shook her head.

Tang Zi Chu said to her: “Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen are back. Tonight they invite us out for dinner. It’s their first dinner treat as a couple, shouldn’t we come? Everyone tried to call you but your phone is off. Why did you turn off your phone?”

Tian Mi looked at his face: “My phone was stolen by someone yesterday.”

“Then later on after dinner I will buy one for you.”

“Let’s go. Change your shoes.”

Tian Mi looked at her parents and nodded. She changed her shoes and followed Tang Zi Chu out of the house.

They were the latest to arrive.

Tian Mi sat down beside Su Ran. Su Ran pinched her hand lightly: “Why did you turn off your phone for the whole day?”

Tian Mi said lowly: “Yesterday my phone was stolen. I slept at home for the whole day.”

Su Ran smiled: “I thought you are in trouble..”

Tian Mi was silent for a long time and replied: “No……”

Su Ran noticed something wrong with her. She was quieter today than usual. When she was about to ask her, Ding Chen already pulled Lin Cheng Huan to stand up. She pointed at him: “Let me officially introduce for a while. The one that stands beside me is my fiancé, Lin Cheng Huan.

Being introduced that way made Lin Cheng Huan laughed helplessly and raised his glass to have a toast.

Ding Chen glared at him: “Nan Zhu, now it’s your time.”


“Introduce me.”

Lin Cheng Huan said: “Everyone knows you.”

“But my status now is different.” Ding Chen poked Lin Cheng Huan’s arm with her elbow.

“Okay okay okay…” Lin Cheng Huan was helpless and pointed at Ding Chen. He coughed and said to everyone: “This is my fiancee, Ding Chen.”

Lu Zhan made fun of them: “When will you get married?”

“It depends on my fiancé.” Ding Chen meticulously showed her dainty and delicate girl’s attitude. She leaned on Lin Cheng Huan’s chest. Her face showed bashfulness.

Everyone laughed.

Lin Cheng Huan looked at Ding Chen and smiled.

Ding Chen said: “Even if we have no love, but Lin Cheng Huan as long as you don’t treat me wrong. You are the most intimate person for me. I will give my all, without any reservation to make you the most important person in my life.”

Lin Cheng Huan pinched her cheek lightly: “I will as soon as possible marry you.”

Didn’t expect that Lin Cheng Huan will say that out. All the people were quiet and even Ding Chen was surprised.

“What happened?”

“No, nothing..” Ding Chen shook her head and smiled sweetly.

This night Tian Mi was silent. Su Ran knows her really well. In this situation, she should not let go the chance to tease Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen. But tonight she was silent.

Su Ran frequently casted a glance to Tian Mi, who was beside her.

Tian Mi turned her head and looked at her.

“Tian Mi, are you really okay?”

Tian Mi smiled; “What could happen to me?”

“Tonight you look really weird.”

“I’m okay, I’m okay.”

Because Tang Zi Chu drank alcohol so Tang Zi Chu didn’t drive, Tian Mi was the one that drove.

On the way home, Tang Zi Chu smiled; “Auntie said that you bought a cloth for me.”

Tian Mi was startled and remembered that she drove her father’s car to the plaza before. The clothes she bought for him was inside the car.


“Why don’t you give it to me? Do you plan to give it to me as surprise?”

Tian Mi was silent for a while: “My Ma had said it to you, how could it be a surprise?”

“No.” Tang Zi Chu waved his hand: “I still feel it is a nice surprise. You unexpectedly can buy clothes for me. I am very happy. Tomorrow remember to give it to me to try it on. I believe in your taste, but I’m afraid that you bought the wrong size.

Tian Mi kept on unfocus. Tang Zi Chu noticed it that tonight she was silent.

The whole day she didn’t eat anything, yet during the dinner, she didn’t eat much.

She suddenly stopped the car and unbuckled her seatbelt: “I will buy some medicine first.”

She had slept for the whole day and just went out for the gathering. Unexpectedly she forgot about the medicine.

It’s already twenty four hours, she didn’t know whether it was too late.

She knew that after that, the medicine should take before twenty hours!

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  1. Thank you for translating. I also appreciate the mass releasing to power through all the rough parts. Can the jerk die yet? TMi does not deserve ANY of this!


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