Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 390

She kept on moving her head to right and left to avoid his kiss. One of his hand started to take off her clothes. She could hear the “ss!’ sound. He tore off her clothes.

“Gu Dong Cheng…..!” Tian Mi’s eyes were full of tears. She was so afraid and glared at him.

“Let me go!” Gu Dong Cheng was still expressionless and lifted up his skirt. He used his knees to move her legs away.

At last moment, of course Tian Mi knew what would happened. She kept on scratching him that her nails were bloodied, yet it couldn’t stop him.

“Gu Dong Cheng, no…!”

Gu Dong Cheng lowered her head and looked at his eyes. Her face was panic and at loss. She felt pain .

Gu Dong Cheng knew her feeling but he kept on going…..

That time Tian Mi’s eyes were full of hatred and discouragement, it was clearly shown on her eyes.

All of it done, Tian Mi’s hair was in a mess. Her face was full of tears, her lips were swollen because she bit it.

Gu Dong Cheng lowered his head and looked at her. He took a tissue to wipe her bloodied lips but she ruthless just moved it away.

She put on her clothes and started to cry. She didn’t wipe it off. She said: “Gu Dong Cheng, this life time I will hate you forever!”

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t say anything. He just smoked. His back and hands were full of Tian Mi’s sign of struggle.

After she wore her clothes, she wanted to open the door but it was locked. She slapped the car’s window: “Open the door.”

Gu Dong Cheng stopped her hand.

“Do you hear me open the door?”

Gu Dong Cheng stayed silent, Tian Mi said to him: “Do you believe me that I will just kill myself in front of you?”

Gu Dong Cheng looked confusedly at her, then unlocked the door. She immediately opened the door and got off the car.

Looking at her figure running madly. Gu Dong Cheng understood that if he chased after her now, she without doubt will bump herself to his car!

He is too lonely. He just wants Tian Mi to stay by his side. Recently he really misses the time of their togetherness.

He came to her to urge her to stay, but she is unwilling to stay.

She goes to other man, in her eyes, there’s no him anymore!

He also doesn’t want to do this toward her, but he couldn’t control himself….

The time Tian Mi went home, her parents were sitting down and watching TV.

The melodrama movie, they were watching with fascination. The time they heard noise, mother Tian turned her head and looked at Tian MI: “You are home, why don’t you ask Xiao Tang to come in and sit down?”

Her parents thought she went out with Tang Zi Chu.

Tian Mi didn’t say anything and just went upstairs.

For Tian Mi’s response, Tian Mi’s parents didn’t really care. They watched their drama again.

Tian Mi got inside her room and locked it. In the dark, she just sat down on the ground and hugged herself. She cried silently.

After a while, she went to the bathroom and took off her clothes. She threw it away to the trash bin. She turned on the shower and wiped clean her body.

She was at loss when she came out from the bathroom. She laid down on the bed and covered herself with blanket. She closed her eyes.

The next morning, Mother Tian looked at the clock and said to Tian Mi’s father: “Mi Mi, is not wake up yet?”

“Today is Saturday. Our daughter loves to sleep, just let her be.”

“But it’s almost twelve o’clock. She hasn’t have any breakfast, shouldn’t she have lunch?” Mother Tian frowned: “Husband, call her. I will cook first.”

Father Tian put down the newspaper.

He went upstairs and knocked on Tian Mi’s door: “Mi Mi, you should wake up now. We will eat lunch soon…”

There’s no sound inside.

“Mi Mi?”

Father Tian was helpless, he thought she slept so soundly.

As a father, he shouldn’t just dash inside her daughter’s room so he went downstairs and called Mother Tian. He came inside the kitchen and cooked.

Mother Tian called her for several time but there’s nothing happened. She tried to get inside but it was locked.

“Mi Mi, why should you lock the door if you are asleep?”

Mother Tian went downstairs and looked for the spare key to open the door.

She came inside the room. The room was so dark. Mother Tian came forward and opened the curtain.

Tian Mi covered her face and body under the blanket.

Mother Tian lifted up: “You girl, what time is it? It’s afternoon already, you should wake up. Hurry let’s have lunch.”

Tian Mi rolled herself inside the blanket and didn’t say anything.

This girl is addicted to sleep, lazy girl!

Mother Tian patted her shoulder: “Okay, hurry up wake up. Let’s have lunch. Later on you can sleep again.”

Tian Mi was still silent. Mother Tian noticed something fishy: ‘Mi Mi, what happened?”

Tian Mi kept on facing backward from her, and said: “I want to sleep again.”

“It’s very late, it’s almost twelve o’clock…”

“When I’m hungry, I will wake up and eat.” Her voice was hoarse. Mother Tian tried to feel her temperature by placing her hand on the forehead. But it’s good.

“Mi Mi a…”

“Ma, you just go outside first.”

Mother Tian knows that she always likes sleep. She said: “I and your Papa will eat first. Don’t sleep too long. I will some food for you. Later on remember to eat it.”

“Em.” Tian Mi responded and once again pulled up her blanket.

Mother Tian went downstair. Father Tian had finished cooking and put the dishes on the table. He untied his apron: “Where is our daughter?”

“She is still sleeping. She said that she wants to sleep more. She must be tired from working hard these days. She will eat when she is hungry.”

Father Tian just nodded and said nothing.

After the lunch, Tian Mi’s parents had something to do. They left Tian Mi’s some food and went out.

The time they returned around four o’clock, they noticed the food was still there on the table.

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