Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 387

Gao Sheng and several men let him go: “Chief Gu, are you okay?”

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t say anything and just got on his car. He drove away.

This time it was raining.

Gu Dong Cheng felt that he couldn’t control his emotion, he felt it was unbearable. He couldn’t breath.

He didn’t know how to let go of this pain and heartache, he wanted to find someone to talk to, yet he noticed that he had no one…..

Since his parents passed away, these years, only in front of Jiang Rou, he can be himself and felt happy. Yet now he just discovered that Jiang Rou is a liar.

Even living together with Tian Mi, he always puts his mask on.

He just regards her as Jiang Rou’s shadow, a substitute, at least in the beginning.

So how can he tell her his true face.

He always felt that he has enough power, but now he just realized that actually he is alone.

These years, even though he had a lot of people around him, but all along he is alone.

He drove around in the rainy day, he didn’t know where should go. The time he stopped and he looked front. He recognized that house to be Tian Mi’s house.

Like those nights every day, he will go to her house and just watched her from his car. It’s his habit.

Though he couldn’t see Tina Mi, but he knew where is Tian Mi’s room. He will just sit down inside the car and looked at her room. Whenever he noticed that she was reading near the window, by looking at her, he felt so warm.

He knows that should be because he is too lonely, that he could feel that way.

This moment he smoked and looked at her room, yet today Tian Mi came home later than usual. Now, her room was dark.

Gu Dong Cheng didn’t drive away, he just kept on waiting and smoking.

In the past, he wouldn’t wait, he would just drive away.

A car came toward the house. At least it stopped in front of Tian Mi’s house.

He watched the front passenger’s seat door was opened. A woman got off.

Today Tian Mi wore a trouser and flat shoes. Tang Zi Chu noticed that she was wet and said: “I will carry you on the piggy-back inside”

“No need, I can go by myself.” Tian Mi closed the door and moved closer toward him through the window: “Go.”

Tang Zi Chu hugged her, he smiled: “I’m afraid that you will get wet.”

In this intimate act, Tian Mi didn’t push him away but she just followed him to the house.

Mother Tian opened the door. Because of the heavy rain, Tang Zi Chu was really wet. Mother Tian was worried that he will get sick so she asked him to come inside and waited.

“Ma, just boil him a bowl of ginger soup.”

“Okay.” Tian Mi’s mother poked her forehead. Father Tian said: “What are you guys doing there, hurry up get in.”

They both laughed and then got inside.

Even though the rain was so heavy, but Gu Dong Cheng could hear clearly Tian Mi’s happy laughter.

Everyone got inside. No one stood there in front of the entrance door but Gu Dong Cheng kept on looking and watching the ouse.

He was thinking, by leaving him, Tian Mi can get her happiness?

But she is his wife, he is her husband?

What is Tang Zi Chu?

He is nothing!

He felt heartbreak, heartache. He clutched his heart.

After several moments, he finally calmed down and drove away.

This time he drove it quickly, he seemed to not really care if he could bump into other cars.

At night, Song Ting Yu was working in his study room at house. Su Ran came over and served him a glass of milk. She knocked the door, and he said: “Get in.”

Su Ran placed the glass in front of him: “Remember to drink it. Don’t be too late. Sleep early.”

“You will sleep now?”

“Em.” Su Ran nodded.

“Come here first.” Song Ting Yu waved at her.

Su Ran came over and was hugged by him. She sat down on his thigh.

She looked at him: “What happened?”

“Nothing, I am just looking at Jiang Rou’s suicide case.”

Su Ran looked at the computer: “Have you found anything?”

“I let Tang Zi Chu to investigate it. That day before she died, she looked for Song Zhen Hai……”

Su Ran nodded; “Jiang Rou’s death should connect with Song Zhen Hai, yet their both relationships was covered well by Grandma and Grandpa. So only few people know about it. I heard that even polices couldn’t find anything….”

“I also found out that Jiang Rou died, for avoiding any matters to happen, Song Zhen Hai gave some money to her parents as hush money. Because her family was in trouble so they just took it. They know about their relationship……”

Su Ran shook her head: “Jiang Rou’s parents also great parents. They could take the money even though their daughter was in that kind of situation. Why don’t they think that Jiang Rou’s death should connect with Song Zhen Hai? They believe that their daughter will commit suicide? Shouldn’t they be the one that trust their daughter?”

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly and said nothing.

“Honestly, I am not really interested with the truth. But Song Zhen Hai two years ago, cooperated and helped Gu Dong Cheng. He forced our Song family. I will not let him have a good life. Two years ago he brought people to kick you and Wei Xi out from the house right?”

Su Ran nodded: “Yes

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