Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 386

“If Grandma didn’t treat you right, then why didn’t she tell you the truth, and kept on hiding it? She rather let you think that Jiang Rou loves you deeply?”

Gu Dong Cheng laughed madly, he found it hard to accept this reality. Now it turns out that his beloved woman is a liar.

He thought she died young and suffered because of their kid, but the kid was not him…..

This kind of reality let him unable to breath.

He gripped his heart and looked at Song Ting Yu: “They should think it’s a scandal that they didn’t let it out. It’s too unsightly so they tried hard to hide it. Don’t you think that they are so great, in my heart, they are filthy.

Gu Dong Cheng stood up and walked unsteadily.

He didn’t know what’s the point for him to find Song Ting Yu.

He wants to let Song Ting Yu watch him miserable?

Yet he wasn’t willing to believe in this…….

He had asked people to verify those picture. But without any investigation, that kind of intimate actions, Jiang Rou took initiative to kiss Song Zhen Hai’s lips, those kind of actions can be false?

Now with the news, Song Zhen Hai’s wife and him had great fight. The wife immediately went to the police to report.

Everyone kept on telling him that Jiang Rou is not like what he thought. She is not talented, warm, and tender.

It’s all fake.

That woman just liked to play around.

Gu Dong Cheng let someone to find Song Zhen Hai. He just knew that Song Zhen Hai was brought to the police station. He drove to the police station. Song Zhen Hai just finished his investigation. His lawyer came to get him out.

When he came out from the police station, he encountered Gu Dong Cheng.

The time he looked at Gu Dong Cheng, he acted like he saw a ghost. He retreated his step and tried to hide behind his lawyer. Gu Dong Cheng grabbed him: “Song Zheng Hai, follow me.”

“Chief Gu, let’s talk nicely.”

“Now I’m talking nicely to you. If you don’t come, I couldn’t guarantee I’ll be nice.”

The lawyer tried to help him: “Mr Gu, don’t you act carelessly. We are in the police station.”

“So what?” Gu Dong Cheng looked at the lawyer coldly. The lawyer didn’t dare to say anything further.

Song Zhen Hai was dragged by force to the car. He also got inside the car then drove away.

Song Zhen Hai that being together with him, means his death!

“Chief Gu…”

Gu Dong Cheng suddenly pressed the brake. Song Zhen Hai looked at the window and looked they already arrived in the outskirts. There’s no one passed. He was panic.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at him coldly: “What is it? Are you afraid?”

Song Zhen Hai tried to be calm: “Chief Gu, for what matter that you look for me?”

“Continue to act.” Gu Dong Cheng turned off his car and plucked out the car key. He looked at Song Zhen Hai: “That year were you together with Jiang Rou? Tell me about your relationship that year!”

Song Zhen Hai swallowed his saliva. He knew at this time, he couldn’t avoid this question anymore, he couldn’t hide it anymore.

“That time Jiang Rou was sixteen years old. She followed me, she followed me for four years. Then during college, she met you. At the beginning, I didn’t know that you guys were in relationship. Afterwards, Madame Song and Master Song tried to intervene. I just knew about this. I didn’t want to make any trouble so I dumped her. Supposedly because Jiang Rou had you in control so the time I mentioned to break up, she didn’t have any objection…..” Song Zhen Hai told the story: “Yet Madame Song still opposed your relationship. Those days you didn’t come out to find her. She looked for me and said she was pregnant. She was pregnant with my kid….”

“Is it yours?”

Song Zhen Hai avoided his gaze: “Actually I am not really sure. That time we’d been broke up for a month. She came back to find me. It’s possible it’s yours too…”

Song Zhen Hai hadn’t finished his words, he was punched by Gu Dong Cheng. He was bleeding now!

“Chief Gu, Chief Gu….” he noticed Gu Dong Cheng’s expression. He was terrified.

“Chief Gu, please don’t act carelessly. Please calm down. Really….”

Song Zhen Hai said it and opened the door. He ran outside the car. He prepared to run away. He didn’t know what will Gu Dong Cheng do to him……

But Gu Dong Cheng opened the door quickly. He got off and stopped him to run away. He dragged him back to the car.

Song Zhen Hai couldn’t stand still. His body was smashed to the car.

He hadn’t responded and Gu Dong Cheng just pulled his hair and pounded his head to the car.

Sogn Zhen Hai felt so dizzy, his whole body was hurt: “Chief Gu, Chief Gu, calm down. You need to calm down a bit. I beg you…”

“Really, don’t you be too emotional. That year, I was innocent too. I also didn’t know that you and Jiang Rou were together. Moreover, honestly it’s me that be together with her first. I really didn’t know that she had you so how can you blame me? Let me go, don’t be too emotional……”

Gu Dong Cheng just looked at him.

Song Zhen Hai’s request was useless.

Gu Dong Cheng still pulled his hair and pounded it to the car. This moment he couldn’t do or say anything more. Gu Dong Cheng kept on pounding his head to the car.

Song Zhen Hai was powerless. He felt that he was dying!

This time two car stopped on the other side.

One was Gu Dong Cheng’s men and the other one was Song Zhen Hai’s men.

Looking at the situation, Gao Sheng rushed over and pulled Gu Dong Cheng away: “Chief Gu, don’t be too emotional. It’s not worthy.”

At first Gu Dong Cheng didn’t want to let him go so he kept on struggling, but slowly he calmed down.

Song Zhen Hai was brought by his people away. Gu Dong Cheng then moved: “You guys are not letting me go?”h

One Reply to “Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 386”

  1. Now the dong Cheng’s past is revealed what happens to him? Psych ward? I favor jail. But, I don’t think that there is enough evidence to nail him yet. They still need to stop Bai Zhi Rui.
    Thank you for this update


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