Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 384

“Mrs Xiang, do you have the thing I want?”

“Yes, Mr Song.” When Tang Zi Chu was still stupefied of it. That woman took out a key and passed it to Song Ting Yu.

“Thank you.” Song Ting Yu took out his phone and passed a memo book to her: ” Write down your account number here, I will transfer it to that number.”

That woman was a bit worried. But the time she heard money, her eyes immediately brightened up.

She lowered her head and wrote a series of number, then she passed it to Song Ting Yu.

“Mrs Xiang, tonight’s matter. It’s best for you to keep in as a secret. If you don’t want your family in trouble.”

“Yes, Mr Song.” That woman nodded.

“Okay, you can go now.:

The woman got off and got a taxi to leave. Tang Zi Chu was at loss: “Chief Song, what happened?”

Didn’t he ask him to think of a way. They’d been here for a long time. How can a woman appear, then passed a key to him?

He looked at they key, where was it from?

Song Ting Yu took the key from his grasp: “This key is left by grandma for me. The time I was really young, she gave the key to me. This is the safe deposit box key, yet that box is not in the city. It was placed abroad. Inside it was not a money, but just some important folder or secret. This key, expect me, only grandma had it. I didn’t know where she put hers. Even thought her key was found by Gu Dong Cheng, Gu Dong Cheng wouldn’t know what was the purpose of this key. My key was kept on the second floor ground.

“Before the woman, is the cleaners of Song house in these two years.”

Hearing his words, Tang Zi Chu finally understood it: “Chief Song, you think that Madame Song placed the evidence inside the safe box?”

“Em.” Song Ting Yu closed the window: “In the special case she wouldn’t like Gu Dong Cheng to find out about those years. But I think she should keep it inside the box as precautious for something bad happened.”

“Take this key. Help me to contact those people. Send the key over to them and let them open inside. Ask them whether they have what I want. Then send it back to me.” Song Ting Yu said it and gave him the key.”

Tang Zi Chu took the key and nodded: “Okay, Chief Song.”

After two nights, Song Ting Yu sat down on the sofa and worked with his computer on his lap. He got a news.

He opened the email and smiled.

Su Ran was just back from Song Wei Xi’s room and sat down beside him: “What happened?”

Song Ting Yu then pulled her to sit down on his thigh, and opened the folder using his mouse: “Look at this.”

“This…” Su Ran looked over and looked several photos. Because it was quite vague, after long time, it’s hard to recognize.

She tried to look at it, but she couldn’t be really sure so she looked at the man who was hugging her: “This is Song Zhen Hai?”

Song Ting Yu kissed her side lips: “Em, look at this woman…”

Su Ran looked at it and felt panic: “How can she look like Tian Mi?”

She thought about it seriously. It seems that Gu Dong Cheng keeps on regarding Tian Mi as someone’s substitute…..

“Is it Gu Dong Cheng’s first love?”

She indeed looks really similar as Tian Mi…..

“Em, she calls Jiang Rou.”

“What happened? These photos from several years ago right? Jiang Rou has passed away for so many years, how can she be together with Song Zhen Hai?”

“So it turns out that several years ago, Jiang Rou and Song Zhen Hai were together….” Song Ting Yu said it to Su Ran .

Su Ran was so surprised.

So Gu Dong Cheng’s most loved woman, the woman he keeps on remembering deeply and missed terribly, actually doesn’t have any feeling toward him.

“Gu Dong Cheng is really a miserable one..” Su Ran said, “But Tian Mi is the most innocent one. Because of her similar appearance as Jiang Rou, she attracts Gu Dong Cheng. He regards her as a substitute. That time Tian Mi really loved him, yet he wasted all of it…”

Song Ting Yu stroked her hair: ” I want to show these photos to Gu Dong Cheng….. oh right, tell me what do you think of Jiang Rou’s death, do you think it can be related to Song Zhen Hai? After all, that year she kept on holding on Gu Dong Cheng, she had impure motive. She shouldn’t let him go easily, how can she easily finish her life?”

“Right, I also think that she shouldn’t commit suicide…” Su Ran nodded.

Su Ran hugged his neck, then looked at his face: “Then what do you think what did Song Zhen Hai do?”

“This matter I will investigate throughly.”

“Yet that year the police had decided it was a suicide. I think it will be hard to find one as it’s been a long time?”

“Let’s try. If we can find it, then we can punish Song Zhen Hai. If we couldn’t find it, then we shouldn’t impose it. As long as Gu Dong Cheng looks at this picture, he will know directly about Song Zhen Hai and Jiang Rou’s relationship. It should be enough, right? What do you think?”

“Em.” Su Ran nodded and smiled: “So you plan to show this picture directly to him?”

“Isn’t we have the media? If we don’t use it, it will not be very effective. If these reporters noticed this spider’s thread and horse attack, they will try to dig a lot of things. That year there’s a lot of secret between Song Zhen Hai and Jiang Rou. By showing just one, they will save our energy to put too much effort. They will help us to dig it clearly that Gu Dong Cheng will not able to avoid it.”

After receiving the photos, Song Ting Yu prepared a lot of copies. Then gave one to Tang Zi Chu and asked him to contact the media to publish it either in the newspaper or online.

Very quickly, that matter about Song Zhen Hai and Jiang Rou’s spread around. Song Zhen Hai’s dark histories emerged. His dark histories were not only about his habit to have a little lover, but sometimes he also liked to have several different women at the same time.

Of course this Jiang Rou was one of them…….


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