Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 383

“Since Jiang Rou wanted to control Gu Dong Cheng, then how can she commit suicide by jumping to the river because of Grandma and Grandpa? she should be ready for it.” Song Ting Yu asked.

“Yes, it’s really a strange matter. But that year the police had investigated it to be a suicide. Jiang Rou is gone, she will not hold Gu Dong Cheng again so Madame and Master didn’t think further for it.”

“Until now, no one know about Song Zhen Hai and Jiang Rou?”

“No one. That year Madame and Master felt that it was a big scandal, how can they tell anyone? They ordered all of us, who know about this matter too, to hide it. We are not allowed to tell Gu Dong Cheng!” Uncle Wang was teary when he remembered all of that: “Madame and Master are totally devoted people for Gu Dong Cheng. They even hide it from him because they are afraid that it will be too hard for him to bear. Yet they didn’t expect that they were raising thankless wretch!”

“Now to think about it. That year Song family is protective of him! All of Song family member regarded him as their relatives so they trusted him too much, how can they know that Gu Dong Cheng hate them so much!”

Song Ting Yu was silent for a while: “Uncle Wang, that year the time you investigated it, do you have any evidence?”

“Evidence.” Uncle Wang frowned: “I don’t have any, but Madame should have one. Those evidences are placed in Song house, now we cannot go there.”

Looking at Uncle Wang’s worried expression, Song Ting Yu smiled: “Uncle Wang, don’t worry. I will think of a way.”

“Okay, then Mister, you need to be careful. But since two years ago those people kicked out Mrs and little mister, Song house is always empty. At first that house is Gu Dong Cheng, yet Gu Dong Cheng doesn’t move in. The time we left, he just took all the keys, but he didn’t move in…..”

After leaving Uncle Wang’s house, Song Ting Yu gave a call to Tang Zi Chu, then picked him up.

The time Tang Zi Chu got inside the car: “Chief Song, so now we will got to Song house to find the evidence that Madame and Master had previously?”


“How can we do it?’

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at him with harbor malicious intentions: “Shouldn’t you the one that think of the way?”

Tang Zi Chu: “…….”

“From here to Song house, it will take around half an hour. Today I will be the driver, so you have half an hour to think.”


Song Ting Yu said it and looked at his watch. He smiled: “I will slow down the car, you can start thinking now.”

He said it then started to drive.

Tang Zi Chu started to think, he thought it for a long time how should they get inside the house. They didn’t have any key, even thought there’s no one live there. There should be guards guarding the house. If not a big and ancient house like Song family, would be stolen right? What should they do?

Moreover, Song house is designed with good security system. Song Ting Yu should know about this clearly.

There’s a lot of alarms around the house. They couldn’t climb inside.

What should they do?

Song Ting Yu’s car was getting close to the house, Tang Zi Chu started to worry…

Finally Song Ting Yu stopped the car and turned off the engine. He was calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos and looked at Tang Zi Chu: “We are here, have you got a way?”

“Chief Song.” Tang Zi Chu coughed lightly and told him honestly: “I couldn’t think of a way.”

Song Ting Yu opened the window and looked at the Song house. He started to think.

“Chief Song…”

Song Ting Yu turned his head to see him: “Do you have any match?”

The time he was thinking, he liked to smoke. But because Su Ran doesn’t like him to smoke so recently he already started to gradually stop his smoking habit. At least, in front of Su Ran, he wouldn’t smoke. In the business gathering, he also made effort to not smoke.

Tang Zi Chu took out his cigarette box and took one for him. He kept on looking at that house.

“Two years ago, Gu Dong Cheng united with Song Zhen Hai to force our Song family step by step. Assistant Tang, tell me, if Gu Dong Cheng knows that Jiang Rou is Song Zhen Hai’s woman, then what would he think?”

“Based on his nature, supposedly Song Zhen Hai will suffer.”

If they could find an evidence about Jiang Rou and Song Zhen Hai relationship that year. It will show him that Jiang Rou used him. It will be the greatest attack to him.

Because these years, Gu Dong Cheng wanted to take revenge, and most of it because of Jiang Rou.

Song Ting Yu smoked it slowly and let the time passed. The sky started to darken. He suddenly threw away the cigarette outside. Tang Zi Chu hesitated: “Chief Song, when will we get in?”

“Shouldn’t it be your problem?” Tang Zi Chu asked back.

Tang Zi Chu: “….” He thought that Song Ting Yu was thinking too….

“If not we can just get in directly? Chief Song you can say that you left something inside, and would like to take it?”

Song Ting Yu just looked at him and said nothing.

“If not let me dress up as the guard and go inside to take it?”

Song Ting Yu shook his head: “Tang Zi Chu, do I need to rethink about your IQ, I doubt with your current IQ you should be my assistant.”

“Chief Song…..”

Song Ting Yu’s phone rang. He answered it and hung up. They both then waited for several minutes.

Tang Zi Chu actually thought that Madame Song has passed away for two years. Now Song house is belonged to Gu Dong Cheng. Although he doesn’t move in, but it doesn’t mean that the things are inside?

“Chief Song, wouldn’t Gu Dong Cheng ruin all the things inside?”

“Indeed, I also couldn’t be really sure about it. Will Gu Dong Cheng ruin it?”

“Then now…”

Song Ting Yu waved his hand because he heard steps. The backseat car’s door was opened, a middle-aged woman got in.

“Mr Song.”

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