Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 382

That time, they all thought he could regain himself again because of remembering his parents. Yet they didn’t expect him to hold a grudge for Song family.

For taking revenge, he regained himself again.

For achieving his goal, he pretended to be tender, polite, and filial.

Hearing about Song Ting Yu’s words, Song Ming Xuan finally remembered.

“You mean that girl.”

“Em.” Song Ting Yu thought about that for a long time. Based on Madame Song’s personality, she wouldn’t oppose the relationship just because of Jiang Rou’s family background.

After all Gu Dong Cheng was different, his parents were dead when he was little. He had experienced a lot of things. As long as he wants it, as long as it’s good. Madame Song will give it to him.

It’s a rare chance that he could find someone that he likes, even thought she doesn’t like her, she shouldn’t be that fierce?

Song Ting Yu thought there should be a reason behind it.

“What is the reason for Grandma’s action? Is it just because of her family background?”

“No.” Song Ming Xuan slowly started to remember that year: “Because your grandma’s family background and principle, she cares about background, but you couldn’t blame her. She just wants Song family to be better. That year your mother, He Jin, indeed born in really poor family so she opposed it. As for Gu Dong Cheng, Jiang family even though wasn’t really good, but not really bad too. It’s just an ordinary family. If it’s you, your grandma will not agree, but Gu Dong Cheng is different. Your grandma really took pity on him because he experienced a lot of difficulty things. For making him happy, she wouldn’t care too much so that year if it’s only because of the family background, your grandma wouldn’t oppose it.

Song Ting Yu put his down on the sofa and at loss: “Then what’s the reason?”

“Because Gu Dong Cheng’s so-what first love be with Gu Dong Cheng with ulterior motive. That girl, don’t you think she is young and innocent, she is a ruthless woman. I also don’t know whether she likes Gu Dong Cheng or not, but the time she was together with Gu Dong Cheng, she also had another man. That time that man has a wife. These were discovered by your grandma, of course naturally she wouldn’t let her be together with Gu Dong Cheng. But because your grandma was too protective of him so she wasn’t willing to tell him. After all, it’s the first time he likes a woman….”

“So my grandma just want to solve it by herself?”

Song Ming Xuan nodded: “Yes, she gave money to Jiang Rou and let her leave him. Actually I don’t know what was she thinking. At the beginning she promised to leave but then she regretted it. She said that she was pregnant and couldn’t leave Gu Dong Cheng. Supposedly since the beginning she didn’t know Gu Dong Cheng is related to Song family. Then after she knew it, she didn’t want to leave. It let us now about her real motives. Your grandma is a strong woman, yet Jiang Rou didn’t want to let go. Gu Dong Cheng also knew about this. For being together with her, he rather didn’t want…..”

“Then during the fight, Gu Dong Cheng was locked inside the room by your grandma……”

Song Ting Yu recalled that moment: “that time Gu Dong Cheng asked me to find a way to contact Jiang Rou, to find her, and passed the news that he wanted to take her to leave…”

“Did you find her that time?”

“I didn’t. She already didn’t live in Jiang house. After two days, she committed suicide. Gu Dong Cheng was like a crazy man.”

Song Ting Yu looked at Song Ming Xuan: “That time was Jiang Rou pregnant with Gu Dong Cheng’s child?”

“I’m not really clear about that. Yet based on my understanding for your Grandma, I think it’s not Gu Dong Cheng’s kid….

“Do you know the man that was with Jiang Rou? Do you remember?”

Song Ming Xuan shook his head: “I just could guess but not really clearly. You need to find Uncle Wang. He had followed your grandparents for so long, he should know it clearly. Most of the things were handled by him…..

Uncle Wang was the butler of Song family before.

“Okay, I got it.”

Song Ting Yu left the study room. He looked at the time, it’s still early so he drove his car to Uncle Wang’s house.

After he left Song house, he just retired and stayed at home to take care of his granddaughter. He felt pleased with his life now, though he feels sad with what happened to Song family.

The time Song Ting Yu just came back from Singapore, he had visited him, but that time he didn’t ask him about Gu Dong Cheng and his first love matter.

Today he came for asking about that past year’s story.

Song Ting Yu came and told about his motivation.

Uncle Wang nodded: “Madame and Master asked to do handle those matter. I have a good memory, of course I know who was that man.”

“Who was it?” Song Ting Yu asked.

“Song Zhen Hai.”

“Song Zhen Hai?!”

Uncle Wang nodded: “Master thought it was a really bad scandal. Unexpectedly Gu Dong Cheng could fall in love with Song Zhen Hai’s woman. That year Jiang Rou was only twenty years old, and I heard that she had been his woman since fifteen or sixteen years old. Song Zhen Hai is very henpecked. He is fickle in love. He loves to play around and loves really younger woman, Jiang Rou is just one of them…”

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips: “I heard from My Pa, that year Jiang Rou was pregnant?”


“Whose kid was it?”

“It’s Song Zhen Hai.” Uncle Wang shook his head: “If not, how can both of them oppose it? Song Zhen Hai knew that Jiang Rou had took control of Gu Dong Cheng. Moreover, Master and Madame also intervened this matter. He didn’t want to make trouble so he just abandon Jiang Rou. Of course then she put all her hope on Gu Dong Cheng. But Gu Dong Cheng didn’t know about it. He thought she is the best, yet he didn’t know that her motive was not pure? Master and Madame hid that truth from him, they didn’t want him to know so no wonder Gu Dong Cheng blamed them so much and they didn’t say anything.

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