Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 378

The polices paled up when they heard this. They just recognized her….

The reporters kept on taking photos: “Ms Ding, aren’t you engaged with Mr han? How can you be together with another man? Don’t you think you let down Mr Han?”

“Ms Ding, why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Who is this man? Can you please explain? How can you connect with Ms Ding?” The reporters kept throwing questions.

“All of you go out now!” Noticing that Ding Chen’s pale face, the calm Lin Cheng Huan was really furious. He pointed at the employees: “So this is your hotel service? Who let you to bring these people inside the room? Call your manager here!”

The manager came over and apologized, he asked the bodyguards to kick out the reporters. Those reporters had not choice but to leave because the polices were there too.

The room turned quiet.

Lch also didn’t know what happened last night, how can the time he wake up, Ding Chen was in his bed?

Moreover, he noticed a piled of clothes on under the bed. Their bodies were full of mark, they had done it!

This is no doubt on this.

Lin Cheng Huan asked: “Ms Ding, what happened?”

Ding Chen was not as powerful as before, she looked at herself but she didn’t cry: “I also don’t know.”

Last night she was in the restaurant, Han Lei left and she drunk a bit of alcohol, how can she be here now?

Lin Cheng Huan noticed they were naked. He picked the clothes hurriedly and put it on the bed. The time he lifted the blanket, he noticed a clear red mark on the white sheet.

“Ms Ding….” Lin Cheng Huan did’t know what should he say.

Ding Chen didn’t look at him and just said: “You turn around.”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded and turned around. He waited for her. He heard she was wearing her clothes.

Ding Chen felt her body was uncomfortable: “I will take a shower first.”

She didn’t wait for his answer. She just passed him and went to the bathroom.

Ding Chen took off her clothes and rubbed her forehead. She was even surprised, why can she be so calm?

She clearly lost something precious……

But now she probably had no time to be sad for losing her fist time with no cause or no reason. Because she was thinking, who created this mess?

“Nan Pei.” She didn’t open the door and just called him: “Yesterday night did you notice something strange? Where’re Bro Ting Yu and Assistant Tang? Where are they going?”

Lin Cheng Huan changed his clothes and stood outside the door.

“Su Ran was unwell, Song Ting Yu got a call from Tian Mi so he rushed home. The time he called you, you didn’t answer it….”

“Last night you were drunk, so you didn’t recognize me?”

“I’m not drunk.” This point Lin Cheng Huan knew it clearly because he knew about his alcohol tolerance, he couldn’t be drunk with just little alcohol.

“Then what happened?”

“I just drank a bit of alcohol, then my awareness turned fuzzy…” Lin Cheng Huan tried to remember what did happen last night.

He could remember last night. Yet he basically couldn’t control himself.

He just knew that his body felt hot and he just wanted to calm it down.

“Your wine should be drugged.” Ding Chen closed the tap and wore her clothes. She opened the bathroom’s door and remember last night. Actually she was a twenty something girl, even she is strong, but at this moment she didn’t know what should she do.

She didn’t really know Lin Cheng Huan, but between them something intimate happened….

This matter made her head hurt, and also felt confused.

“You should take a shower.”

Ding Chen dried her hair.

Lin Cheng Huan looked at her: “Ms Ding…..”

Ding Chen waved her hand: “Let me tell you too. At first I’d dinner with Han Lei, then I just know that his woman is pregnant and feels unwell so he rushed over to her. He left me in the restaurant. I also drank a bit of wine, then I didn’t know what happened. Now I am curious, how can they disperse my bodyguard? We are being tricked and schemed, understand?”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded.

Ding Chen narrowed her eyes: “The one that supposed to be here is Bro Ting Yu right?

“Yes, last night I checked out and stayed here.”

Ding Chen laughed coldly: “I understand it now.”

Lin Cheng Huan also finally understood it: “It’s Bai Zhi Rui right?”

“Right, she probably worked together with Gu Dong Cheng. Bai Zhi Rui and Ding Zhen Ye are afraid that I marry into Han family so they want to break our relationship. This way is quite good. If I have something happen with Bro Ting Yu, that it will be a mess. Gu Dong Cheng will try to do something bad to him right? And me because of this will break with Han Lei, Bro Ting Yu will not able to help me. This for Bai Zhi Rui and Ding Zhen Ye is a good thing…..” Ding Chen looked Lin Cheng Huan: “What do you think?”

“Right.” Lin Cheng Huan also thought about it.

“Their target actually is sty, but they didn’t expect that I’m here….”

“You should take a shower now.” Ding Chen sat down on the sofa: “I want to think what should we do next.”

“Ms Ding, I’m sorry.” Lin Cheng Huan finally said it.

Ding Chen laughed: “What is the relation with you? You are also being tricked. You also didn’t know about it…..”

After Ling Cheng Huan entered the bathroom, Ding Chen found her phone and noticed her bodyguard called her several time. She called her bodyguard and ordered him


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