Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 376

Ding Chen sat down then looked around: “I thought for having dinner with me, you will book the whole restaurant.”

Han Lei was startled: “I feel it’s better to eat along with the group of people.”

Ding Chen put her chin on her palm: “Han Lei, you and that woman like to do this right?”

“But Han Lei, my status and her is different.” Ding Chen said it slowly: “She is just an ordinary secretary, I am the sole owner of Tian Hai group, how can we be placed on a par?”

That night after she noticed about Han Lei’s little incident, she asked someone to check on her status. In the future, she will live with him, she should know clearly about him!

Han Lei’s face changed, but he was not surprised that she knows about her.

“Chen Chen, too arrogant woman is not cute.”

“I’m very cute.” Ding Chen smiled brightly: “But it depends to whom.”

Han Lei nodded: “Then should I clear the scene now.”

“No.” Ding Chen shook her head.” Sometimes having this ordinary time to dine, it’s quite good right?

Han Lei didn’t say anything, he called a waiter.

The time they ate, they both didn’t talk with each other. Yet Han Lei’s phone rang at this time. He looked at the phone and disconnected the call. Yet there was a message.

The time he read it, he turned strange.

Ding Chen kept on being calm and cut her steak. She didn’t raise her head: “There’s a lot of reporters outside. If you want to run out, though I’m not really care, yet I’m afraid your Papa will look for you to settle it down.”

Ding Chen’s words were true so Han Lei just clutched his phone and let go. He didn’t leave.

Yet Ding Chen knew that he was unfocused.

Ding Chen kept on enjoying her food, she didn’t care about his heart.

For her, it’s his own problem. She hoped that he will not embarrassed her……

But now Han Lei’s phone kept on ringing either for messages or calls.

He just disconnected all the calls and read the messages.

“If you find it hard to bear it, why don’t you just turn off the call? Don’t you ever heard about “what remains unseen is deemed to be clean”?” Din Chen put down her fork and knife and looked at him.

Han Lei looked t him and finally he stood up: “I’m sorry.”

Ding Chen laughed: “You finally couldn’t endure it right? So now you want to rush over there? Han Lei, if you come out of this restaurant, you need to think about the consequence….”

Han Lei stopped and stiffen. He turned his head: “She is pregnant, there’s trouble now. I should go to see her. I will be back.”

“Your woman is in trouble, you should see her. Yet now let me tell you. In the future I will marry you. If I marry you, we should have a kid. Do you think I will allow you to have an illegitimate kid outside?” Ding Chen was so calm and collected.

“Then what do you want?”

“Now tonight you go over there, I don’t are. You should ask her to abort it. If not, we are done.”

“Impossible.” Han Lei refused directly.

“Then you can see your own choice. You want a kid with that woman, or your future prospect? You can have woman/ women outside, but kid, you cannot have. This is my position, you need to think clearly!”

Han Lei was surprised and looked at Ding Chen: “Ding Chen, you are twenty years old, how can you be so ruthless, that’s only a kid!”

“So? A kid will get bigger. Han Lei, you want to marry me, you should know, I will not let you to have an illegitimate kid!”

Han Lei’s face turned cold. He opened his mouth and closed it again. He turned his body and left angrily.

Ding Chen knew that there was a reporter hid and looked at her. Now it’s good that Han Lei left in rage.

She raised her wine glass and smiled.

It’s too melodramatic………

Han Lie, today he even ignore her warning. No matter what he does, she also doesn’t care. Anyway there will be someone that will sort him out.

Why should she make her hands dirty!

It’s just no matter what Ding Chen feels that it is a miserable thing to spend her lifetime with that kind of man……

Although she doesn’t love that man, yet to put her mind on this man it’s not a good thing……

Thinking about this, she finished her wine…..

She doesn’t have a good alcohol tolerance, she didn’t pay attention to how many wine had she drunk. She thought this wine was nothing

This time, her bodyguard appeared and took the glass from her: “Miss, don’t drink too much, you will get drunk.”

“This is not really alcoholic, how can I be drunk?” Ding Chen waved her hand and pointed at her bodyguards: “Moreover, if I am drunk, aren’t you here to help me? You can send me home. Go away, go there. Don’t disturb me…” Ding Chen yelled at him.

The bodyguard couldn’t do anything, he just stood there and watched her.

He noticed that finally Ding Chen’s head fell down on the table, he wanted came over. Suddenly there was a dining car passed through him. He bumped it and the waitress screamed. The food fell down, the waitress knelt down and picked up. She glared at him: “How can you? Why are you so careless?”

The bodyguard watched that Ding Chen was still there so he helped her to tidy it. But after they were done, Ding Chen unexpectedly was not there anymore.

His face changed and started to look around. He didn’t know whether she left around. He tried to call her but it was unanswered…..

The bodyguard felt that it’s too strange so he asked around. Someone said that she was in the restroom, someone said that she left and went outside.

Outside, Ding Chen was taken inside the car. The man in the car dialed a number: “Mrs Ding, she is in the car, what should we do now?”

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