Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 375

It’s just she couldn’t find evidence, but she wouldn’t let those who hurt and harmed her father to be live a happily.

Because the time he just knew Ding Chen, she kept on calling him “Nan Pei”, she shows herself to be friendly and open. But after he works with her, Lin Cheng Huan just knows that she is competent.

Although her age seems young, but her competency couldn’t be ignored.

On their working days, she kept on following them. She is completely mature. It can be seen that besides her father’s training, Song Ting Yu also helped her a lot.

Lin Cheng Huan can notice Song Ting Yu’s work style in her.

They finished their work today, Ding Chen got a call.

Because she sat down with Lin Cheng Huan on the backseat so the time she took out her phone, he could see the caller ID: Han Lei.

He was Ding Chen’s so-what fiancee.

Ding Chen looked at the caller ID and was startled. Then she answered: “Han Lei, what is it?’

Since the last time she and Song Ting Yu noticed him be with another girl on the road side. Ding Chen never met him again.

Han Lei had some problems in Singapore, he wanted to meet her. But she didn’t want to go out.

It doesn’t mean that she has feeling for him, but she just thinks that their relationship is based on business. Ding Chen doesn’t love him, supposedly he also doesn’t love her.

So when they didn’t need to act out to be loving, she just wanted to pass the chance to meet him.

Actually their engagement had not passed a month.

“I heard that you are in Singapore?” Han Lei asked.

“Em, I come back to handle some problems.”

“Let’s meet up.” Han Lei said frankly. “At night let’s have dinner.”

“No, I’ve something to do…”

Ding Chen wanted to hang up, but Han Lei cut her off: “Chen Chen, we are engaged…..”


“Don’t you think we should try to grow some feeling for each other? Later on in the future, we will live together.”

Ding Chen looked at the window.

“Since the first time, we don’t feel for each other, how can we grow some?”

“Chen Chen!” Han Lei said: “You need to understand media loves to write recklessly! Now you are back to Singapore, if we don’t eat together, what will they think? Do you know what would be in the headline news? I think you now right?”

Ding Chen bit her lips: “Time, place.”

“Tonight six thirty. I will pick you up.”

“Em.” Ding Chen was done and hung up.

Now she understands. Without love, it turns out it’s hard to cope with him…..

The time she hung up, the car was quite. She felt strange: “Tonight I will not have dinner with you guys.”

“Em, I will send you home first.” Song Ting Yu said and instructed Tang Zi Chu to Ding house.

Ding Chen got off the car and they drove back to the hotel. They wanted to take a rest because tonight they would have a business dinner.

Ding Chen came home and had a shower. She changed her clothes and styled herself in simple and light style. The maid complimented her: “Our Ms Ding is really beautiful. The older you are, the more beautiful…”

Ding Chen cupped her face: “Auntie Zhang, I also frequently think like that, what should I do?”

“What should you do? Beautiful is beautiful.” Auntie Zhang said: “Today you will have dinner with Mr Han?”

Ding Chen sighed and paled up. She nodded: “Go to show off.”

Ding Chen hated this, yet she was helpless she should do this. Who asked her to be related to Han Lei?

That because her father business, he agreed for this marriage. Her father loves her very much, yet between her and Han Lei there’s no love. Her father doesn’t love her mother, they also married for business. Her mother had a first love, her father had a lot of women, but he didn’t allow them to give birth for kids. Because he knows clearly, that the one can give birth for him only his legal wife. Her mother didn’t have a healthy body so she could only give birth to her. Ding You Ye put all his hopes and expectations on her.

Since little she grew up under his dream to let her become the heir. She couldn’t choose.

But sometimes, she feels she is unwilling to do this…….

But what can she do?

“Miss, Mr Han is here….”

The butler said.

Ding Chen stood up: “I’m coming.”

She took her things and changed to her high heels. She went down.

Han Lei raised his head and looked at her. He didn’t have any feelings looking at her.

Ding Chen wore a beautiful clothes today. Yet Han Lei didn’t say anything.

It shows that in his heart, there’s no place for her.

Ding Chen looked at his eyes. Han Lei extended his hand to hold hers. He was held her hands and said: “Today you are really beautiful.”

“Thank you, I am beautiful all the time. Haven’t you noticed it at all?” Ding Chen maintained her smile.

“Yes, you are always beautiful.” Han Lei smiled.

Han Lei chose a completely great restaurant, it’s suitable for couple dinner or date.

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