Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 374

At night, Su Ran finished her shower. She noticed that Song Ting Yu was sitting on the carpet and reading a book. She came over and sat down beside him. She took the book on his hand: “What are you reading?”

“Before I let someone to send me a book regarding pregnancy and child-birth.”

Su Ran was startled: “You want to be prepared for me?”

Actually in the past she read a lot of books, now she had quite a lot of knowledge about it.

“No, I just be prepared for myself.”

“I read these books so I can take care of you.”

Su Ran smiled: “I can take care of myself.”

Song Ting Yu frowned: “I’m your husband.”

Su Ran cut him off: “Just a boyfriend.”

“Then tomorrow let’s register our marriage again.”

It’s to leave the habit of Su Ran, who always illegitimately conferred his reputation.

Su Ran reminded him: “It seems that you will have business trip tomorrow right? You, Tang Zi Chu and Ding Chen will go back to Singapore? You forget it?”

“I almost forget it…”

“This time Cheng Huan will come too right?”

Song Ting Yu nodded: “Yes,it’s a new project. Lin company also plans to invest.”

He tidied up the pile of books then put it on the shelves. Then he suddenly took one and put it inside his suitcase.

Su Ran was shocked: “You just go for two days, you will take one?”

“If I have free time, I can read it.” Song Ting Yu said seriously.

Su Ran knew his willingness and rewarded him: “Then you need to try hard! Later on if our kid is born, we don’t need to invite a nanny, just let you to raise him.”

Because tomorrow he would have an early flight so Song Ting Yu didn’t want Su Ran to send him off. He wanted to leave quietly, but he didn’t expect that Su Ran would wake up earlier than him.

Song Ting Yu was helpless: “Why don’t you sleep longer? No need to send me to the airport.”

Su Ran shook her head: “I will send you off.”

Ding Chen was the last one to arrive in the airport. The time she noticed Lin Cheng Huan, she greeted and smiled to him: “Nan Pei, morning.”

These words made everyone startled, Su Ran asked her: “Why do you call Cheng Huan Nan Pei?”

Ding Chen opened her words, she wanted to explain it. She noticed that Lin Cheng Huan was looking at her. She immediately shook her head and blinked her eyes: “I will not tell you. It’s the secret between two of us.”

“There’s also a secret between you two.” Song Ting Yu shook his head.

“Of course. It’s a secret that I couldn’t tell you.” Ding Chen pointed at Song Ting Yu, Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu.

At the beginning Tang Zi Chu kept on silent, yet he then laughed: “I think I know this secret.”

Ding Chen pointed at him: “You swallow this secret, if not I will stir-fry you.”

Song Ting Yu looked at her: “Tang Zi Chu is my person.”

“….. then I will ask you to do it.”

Lin Cheng Huan who kept on being silent finally said: “It’s the time..”

Song Ting Yu nodded and stroked Su Ran’s hair: “Okay, we will go inside first. You can go home.”

“Em.” Su Ran waved her hand. Then she left with the driver.

Because they got on their private jet so Lin Cheng Huan just carelessly found a seat. Then quickly someone sat beside him. He raised his head to see. His gaze fall on a pair of eyes.

Ding Chen put down her things: “Nan Pei, can I sit here?”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded and Ding Chen sat down.

Ding Chen seemed to be addicted to his nickname. After a while, she passed a bottle of water to him: “Nan Pei, drink some water.”

Lin Cheng Huan was helpless: “Ms Ding….”

Ding Chen immediately turned her head and looked at him: “Nan Pei, what do you want to say to me?”

“Ms Ding, do you plan to keep on calling me Nan Pei?”

“Yes.” Ding Chen nodded seriously: “Until you find a girlfriend and transform yourself to Nan Zhu, then I will change the nickname.”

“Then that time what will you call me?”

“Nan Zhu!”

Lin Cheng Huan: “………..” He massaged his temple.

“Is there any problem?”

Lin Cheng Huan shook his head: “Nothing………”

It’s just a nickname. Even though he was helpless but because she was happy, he couldn’t ask her to change it.

“Good.” Ding Chen smiled.

Lin Cheng Huan opened two bottles of water and passed one to her: “Then shouldn’t I keep on trying hard to transform to Nan Zhu?”

“Yes, fighting!” Ding Chen rubbed her short hair and smiled.

Song Ting Yu, who was sitting on the opposite seat from them, was reading a finance magazine. He was smiling when he looked at their interaction.

So it turns out Lin Cheng Huan’s nickname had that kind of origin.

Song Ting Yu noticed that Tang Zi Chu was smiling too, he suddenly asked him: “Assistant Tang, are you Nan Zhu now?”

Tang Zi Chu was startled: “Chief Song, I just in my final push.”

“Then you need to keep on fighting. There’s no prospect in being Nan Pei, you need to fight for being Nan Zhu.”

Tang Zi Chu was moved for having Song Ting Yu’s encouragement: “Thank you, Chief Song.”

Earlier Lin Cheng Huan has heard that although Ding Chen is young but she is good because she was educated by her father to be the heir. When she was just eighteen years old, she has started to work in the company. Although the time her father died, her position was tottering, but under Song Ting Yu’s guidance and help, she progressed a lot.

He also heard about her uncle, Ding Zhen Ye, who kept on lusting for her position.

A year ago, Ding You Ye had an accident that resulted in his death. Ding Chen keeps on being suspicious about them. She thinks that accident is not an accident, but a pre-mediated one.

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