Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 372

Song Ting Yu carried the almost asleep Song Wei Xi and hugged Su Ran. They went to the parking lot.

During this month, An City was in in rainy season. Su Ran was a bit worried, she looked at the window of the car: “Ding Chen should be okay right with them?”

“What will be the problem?”

“But you said that if she is drunk….”

“Don’t worry, there’s a lot of people there. How can they not able to take care of a little girl?”

Su Ran didn’t dare to agree with him. Because Tian Mi is also a kind that will be easily drunk. Tang Zi Chu should be able to take care of her. Lu Zhan will take care of his wife, later on if Ding Chen is drunk….

“If Ding Zhen is drunk, isn’t it Lin Cheng Huan?” Song Ting Yu said.

Su Ran was startled: “How can you know what I am thinking?”

Song Ting Yu just said: “we have mutual sensitivity.”

But to mention Lin Cheng Huan, it let Su Ran remembered that Lin Cheng Huan didn’t like those kind of event, how can he agree to follow along with them?

“Let’s go.” Tang Zi Chu called and went over.

The time they arrived in the club, Ding Chen looked around curiously. Tian Mi kept in mind what Su Ran told her before. Wherever she goes, she always holds Ding Chen tightly, she was worried about Ding Chen.

Ding Chen was unhappy about it: “I’m not a three years old kid.”

Tian Mi smiled: “In my eyes, you are.”

Although at work Ding Chen is a kind of powerful one, but after all she was young. Tian Mi is five years older than her, she should take care of her.

Everyone got inside the private room.

Because all of them knew about Ding Chen’s alcohol tolerance so when she raised her glass and wanted a toast with everyone. No one wanted to mind her. All of them agreed that she was young and let her to drink juice.

No one wants to drink with her so she drinks alone.

Because Lin Cheng Huan had something to do before so he came over late. Ding Chen targeted him to accompany her to drink.

The time he sat down, Dintg Chen took two glasses and sat down beside him: “Mr Lin, let’s drink a glass.”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded. He poured for him a full glass and poured just a bit to Ding Chen’s glass.

Ding Chen was dissatisfied: “How can it be so little.”

“If you drink a lot, you will get drunk. Just a bit.”

“I will not.”

Lin Cheng Huan didn’t mind her resistance. He just took the glass and passed it to her then clunk their glass and he drank his beer.

Ding Chen was angry but she just drank hers.

Although she drank a bit, yet because she was not good with that so she was a bit drunk. Indeed she was like Song Ting Yu said before. Although she didn’t mess around but she kept on wrapped around Lin Cheng Huan. She also started to blabber without regard for others.

She took her glass and smiled: “Nan Pei” (Male’s supporting role)

“Nan Pei?” Lin Cheng Huan was confused.

Ding Chen smiled, her face was somewhat red. She pointed at Lin Cheng Huan: “I heard that you chase after Su Ran for almost ten years, then after Song Ting Yu left for two years, you also couldn’t get her, aren’t you a miserable Nan Pei?”

Ding Chen was drunk so she didn’t have any apprehension. She couldn’t control her voice. Everyone heard her so this time the atmosphere turned quiet and awkward.

Lin Cheng Huan narrowed his eyes: “Who did say that to you?”

Tian Mi was choked, she coughed violently. Tang Zi Chu passed a glass of water to her. She didn’t drink it, she just took her own glass of beer and finished it. Then she pressed her head: “Why do I feel dizzy? I must be drunk….”

Ding Chen pointed to Tian Mi, who this time tried to hide behind Tang Zi Chu. But Ding Chen can still see her, she yelled: It’s Tian Mi who told me!”

“I’m really drunk.” Tian Mi said loudly and fell to the sofa.

Ding Chen waved her hands: “How can she be drunk so fast. She is no better than me, unexpectedly she wanted to drink with me……..”

She said it then she looked at Lin Cheng Huan again and took the bottle of beer and poured another glass for him: “How many years did you pursue Su Ran? Tell me you guys’ story….”

“There’s nothing good to say.

“Okay okay. It’s your tragedy. It’s no wonder that you don’t want to say it. But to be a Nan Pei, it’s really miserable. I sympathize with you. Come, let’s drink another glass.” Ding Chen patted Lin Cheng Huan’s shoulder.

Being tangled with Ding Chen, Lin Cheng Huan simply didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He just drank his beer.

At first before Tian Mi drank another glass to avoid being scolded by Lin Cheng Huan, but she was really drunk now.

Looking at her current condition now, Tang Zi Chu should take her home. Yet because Tang Zi Chu also drank a lot so he called a taxi.

Now the division of work is clear. Lu Zhan of course will take his wife home, Tang Zi Chu wants to send Tian Mi home. Then it’s Lin Cheng Huan’s task to send the little drunkard, Ding Chen, home.

Until Lin Cheng Huan took Ding Chen to get into the taxi, she kept on chattering: “Really, Nan Pei. I tell you. Bro Ting Yu and Su Ran are happy now. Don’t keep on holding on your dream. Even though you don’t disturb them, but you need to think about yourself? You need to find one quickly, then turn to Nan Zhu (Male lead). You are not thinking to be Nan Pei forever right? If you plan to then you let your own self down……..”

Lin Cheng Huan just looked at her, he felt helpless.

He didn’t know whether she was really drunk or not. Why she kept on talking about this in clear logic?

Although in the past he never met her, yet he knows her. She is Tian Hai’s heir so since young she had been educated for that goal. But she is quite different from other girls.

Looking at Lin Cheng Huan’s silentness, she came a bit closer: “Really, Nan Pei. You need to hear me. Don’t wait anymore. Look for one, then turn yourself to Nan Zhu, understand?”

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