Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 371

Song Wei Xi’s eyes were sparkling. He looked at her face and looked at her belly. He rubbed her belly.

Su Ran understood him so she stroked his head: “Right, Mama doesn’t lie to you. You will be a big brother soon.”

On the way, Song Wei Xi’s hand stayed on her belly.

Su Ran also held his hand. The time she is in a good mood, she likes to sing. She coughed slightly and smiled: “Wei Xi, if not let me sing you a song, in the past you loved to hear my singing right?”

Suddenly the one that replied was Song Ting Yu: “It’s better than you don’t sing, don’t harm my ear…”

Su Ran: “……..”

It’s a rare chance for her to want to sing. Just by his words, her willingness to sing vanished…….

“You can wear you earplug, or perhaps just cover your ears. I am also not singing for you. I also don’t want you to listen to it!”

She said it then didn’t care about Song Ting Yu anymore. She looked at Song Wei Xi. She tried to clear her throat and opened her mouth. When she was about to start, yet she blushed….

Just let it go….

Indeed her voice was not really good……….

“Why don’t you sing? I’ve put on my earplug.”

Su Ran plucked off his earplug: “Song Ting Yu, you are too mean.”

Song Ting Yu laughed lowly: “You have no talent of singing, it’s just like you with violin. You need to practice, next time I will teach you.

Finally they arrived. Song Ting Yu stopped the car. Three of them got off the car.

Because they went to pick Song Wei Xi first so they were the latest to arrive.

The time they stood in front of the private room, everyone was there.

Tian Mi sat beside Ding Chen, they both were chatting and laughing. It seems Tian Mi has introduced her to Lin Cheng Huan, Lu Zhan and wife…….

Su Ran sat down and Tian Mi pulled her clothes: “Ran Ran, no wonder you stayed for a long time in the restroom before, you even showed your emotional expression. You were not answering me when I asked you. So turns out you rushed to tell your husband, you are not loyal.”

In the past, Su Ran would blush and said nothing. Yet now she just sat down and smiled: “This kind of news of course I should tell my husband first.”

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran and smiled happily.

Lu Zhan couldn’t bear it: “Su Ran, Song Ting Yu can be regarded as your ex-husband right? You’re divorced. How can you call him your husband.”

Su Ran kept on smiling brightly: “Now we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Between boyfriend and girlfriend it’s not strange to call each other husband or wife?”

“Em, what my girlfriend said is right!” Song Ting Yu also smiled happily.

Everyone: “….”

Finally Lu Zhan was at his end of patience, he pointed at Su Ran and Song Ting Yu: “enough you guys. I and my wife is old couple. We are not someone that likes to make public display of affection like you guys…”

“If you can’t stand it, then you guys should make one!” Song Ting Yu said to him.

Lu Zhan immediately hugged his wife: “Wife, we…”

Mrs Lu and him were in fight before, it’s because she heard that Su Ran is pregnant again. She felt so jealous. It’s all Lu Zhan’s fault, they are married for almost two years but he kept on refusing to have a child. Mrs Tai was unhappy, and asked him when will they have one.

That time Lu Zhan just said calmly that they should wait until he is satisfied to live just world with only two people, then he would let her to be pregnant.

Mrs Tai was exploding! She didn’t say anything to him on the way.

Now she was still angry so she pushed him away and glared at him: “Go away.”

The room then was full of laughter.

Lu Zhan rubbed his nose and felt embarrassed, he said lowly: “Wife, outside can you give me a little bit of honor…”

Mrs Lu smiled: “You are shameless, how can I give you one?”

Then everyone laughed again.

This time Lu Zhan also felt unhappy, he dropped his chopsticks: “You want a kid right, then I will give you okay. Tonight when we go home, I will give you one, I will a group of, are you happy now?”

Hearing everyone’s laughter made Mrs Lu’s blushed: “Lu Zhan, say more!”

Lu Zhan immediately calmed down and moved closer to his wife: “Wife, don’t be angry anymore. It’s my fault. Tonight let’s have a baby…”

Mrs Lu finally started to calm down.

“I just want to tell everyone, you need to seize your opportunity,” Song Ting Yu stroked Song Wei Xi’s head: “Our Wei Xi is already six years old, Su Ran is pregnant too. There’s also someone between you who have no wife, shouldn’t you try hard?”

Everyone answered: “Yes.”

Song Ting Yu felt happy and called the waiter to order. Then he put the menu in front of everyone: “You can order whatever you want, today my wife is pregnant, I’m very happy…….”

Everyone: “……..”

He’s not done yet?!

After the dinner, Tian Mi suggested them to go the Karaoke.

Su Ran looked the time, it’s not early anymore, they were with Song Wei Xi now. They shouldn’t go home too late. Song Wei Xi will feel tired.

“You guys can go, I will take Song Wei Xi home to sleep.”

Everyone understood her so they didn’t force her.

“Let’s go let’s go, let’s sing.”

Song Ting Yu looked at Ding Chen before they left: “Look at her, don’t let her drink too much. She is uncontrollable when she is drunk.”

Song Ting Yu had ever saw her drunk once. She would make a mess.

“Brother Ting Yu, I’m not!” Ding Chen yelled

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