Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 370

“No. What happened?” She made him worry: “Is it Wei Xi?”

“No, it’s not. It’s me.” Su Ran pointed at herself.

“You? What happened to you?” Song Ting Yu placed his hand on her forehead and tried to feel her temperature: “Are you having a flu?”

“No, I am not.”

Su Ran held his hand and opened her bag. He took a little white strip. Then she took his hand and placed it on his hand.

Song Ting Yu had ever looked at pregnancy test stick three years ago, the time Su Ran was pregnant in Huai Hai, he personally bought it for her.

So he knows this thing clearly, his eyes brighten: “You are pregnant?”


Song Ting Yu looked at it seriously, he remembered that Su Ran said that the two red strips would mean pregnant.

The pregnancy stick test showed two red stripes.

“You are really pregnant.” Song Ting Yu was so emotional and pulled Su Ran. He hugged her then suddenly he said: “OW, wait, is it mean that I will stop enjoying my pleasure soon?”

“Yes, it is.” Su Ran said.

“Why is it happened? How can you be pregnant so quick? It’s just happened in Singapore and the first day you moved…”

Su Ran pushed him away: “it should be in Singapore, I already said to you that I am pregnant, right?”

She said it and swayed the pregnancy stick.

In this stage, Song Ting Yu can only admit it. He took his coat and held her hand: “Let’s go.”

“Where will we go?”

“Let’s go to the hospital to check it, to verify it.”

Su Ran nodded and followed him out of the office. Just in time they ran to Ding Chen.

“Bro Ting Yu, Sister-in-law, where will you go?”

“I will take Su Ran to the hospital, you will stay here and watch out. There’s a meeting after this, please help me to attend.”

She could do this, but was happening to them…..

Ding Chen looked at Su Ran : “What is it? Are you sick, sis?”

“She is pregnant, I will take her to do the check up.”

Ding Chen was smiling brightly and pulled her: “Really? Sis, you are pregnant?”

“Now we need to go to hospital to verify it. Sometimes pregnancy stick can be wrong.”

“It shouldn’t be…. this should be true…” Ding Chen looked at Song Ting Yu: “Bro Ting Yu, you are a quick one, ckckck, you just come back right? It’s not yet a month, and you…”

“It should be happened in Singapore.” Song Ting Yu said it expressionless: “Okay, go to work. If something happen, just call me.”

“Don’t worry, I can do it.” Ding Chen patted her shoulder and said to them: “Oh right, let’s have dinner tonight. It’s a moment that should be celebrated. Let’s call several other people. I don’t know a lot of people here.”

Su Ran said: “Okay, let’s have dinner tonight.”

Song Ting Yu drove the car to the hospital. Although they knew the result, but they still wanted the confirmation from the doctor……

These two years with the loss of their daughter, they were still feeling hurt about it. But with Su Ran’s pregnancy now the wound was not really that hurt anymore….

“Tonight let’s call everyone to have dinner?” The time they came out of the hospital, Su Ran asked him.

Song Ting Yu nodded: “Okay, I will reserve a place.”

Su Ran was responsible to contact everyone.

Lin Cheng Huan, Tian Mi, Tang Zi Chu, Ding Chen, Lu Zhan and wife.

It seemed that Lin Cheng Huan and Lu Zhan and his wife hadn’t met Ding Chen, but she had met with Tian Mi, but they were not familiar with each other. Su Ran wanted to seize the opportunity for Ding Chen to know more people.

“Let’s go home and pick Wei Xi up.” They both got inside the car.

“Okay.” Of course Su Ran agreed to pick Song Wei Xi up. Now he was better.

Now he just didn’t speak anything, but he started to respond and care.

The time they arrived home, Song Ming Xuan was accompanying Song Wei Xi do homework.

“Pa.” Su Ran smiled: “Later on at night do you want to join us for dinner outside?”

“What is it? What is the occasion?”

Su Ran hadn’t answered it, Song Ting Yu just placed the pregnancy result in front of him: “Su Ran is pregnant.”

Song Ming Xuan was startled and took a look at it: “You are really pregnant! It’s too good!”

Su Ran smiled: “Yes, Pa. Tonight we invite several friends to eat together, do you like to join us?”

“No, with my condition now, it’s better for me to not go. You guys just take Wei Xi to go. Be happy, later if there’s a chance, I will go.”

Song Ming Xuan waved his hand.

Su Ran and Song Ting Yu looked at each other. Actually Song Ming Xuan was better than before, but he rarely came out.

At first they wanted to use this chance to let him walk around, but he refused.


“You guys just go, I’m okay at home.”

“Okay.” Song Ting Yu pinched Su Ran’s hand a bit. He was signaling her to just take things slow.

Su Ran nodded and went to Song Wei Xi’s side: “Wei Xi, let’s go. Papa Mama will take you out for dinner.”

She tidied a while then helped Song Wei Xi to get ready. The time she was about to tie his shoelace, suddenly Song Wei Xi just knelt down and tied it by himself.

Su Ran was startled and felt so happy.

Although in this age, a child should be able to tie his/ her shoelace alone, but Song Wei Xi’s condition was not the same.

Song Ting Yu just smiled and rubbed his brain. He held his little hand: “Let’s go.”

Inside the car, Su Ran and Song Wei Xi sat down on the backseat.

Su Ran noticed that all along, Song Wei Xi was staring at her belly.

Su Ran took his little hand and placed it on her belly. She smiled: “Wei Xi, you will have a little brother or sister, you once again will be the big brother, are you happy?”


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  1. Happy times again. Where is that demon Dong Cheng? I hope he stays hidden.I hope he doesn’t find out about the new baby coming.
    Thank you for this update


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