Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 369

Tang Zi Chu got on his car and said goodbye to her.

Tian Mi looked at the dark sky. She took a deep breath, then went back home. The time she went inside, she noticed her parents were looking at the window. They were watching her and Tang Zi Chu.

Before she and Tang Zi Chu were discussing nearby, they should hear whatever they said and look at whatever they did before?

“Pa, Ma!” Tian Mi yelled: “What did you guys do?”

Her parents were laughing: “Nothing, we just want to watch at Xiao Tang….”

Who would believe it.

Tian Mi snorted and turned her back to get upstairs.

Song Ting Yu heard a knock, but he didn’t raise his head, he kept on looking at his computer screen. He just said: “Come inside.”

He heard noise of the high heels, Song Ting Yu then smelled a familiar perfume. He raised his head and recognized the woman in front of him. His face turned cold: “Who let you to come in?”

“You. Before I knocked the door. You are the one that let me get inside.” Bai Zhi Rui tidied her hair.

“Why are you looking for me?” Song Ting Yu said coldly.

Bai Zhi Rui just smiled: “How can you be so emotionless, in the past we’ve been together…>”

She hadn’t finished her words and noticed that Song Ting Yu was watching her. She felt uncomfortable: “What are you looking at?”

Song Ting Yu laughed: “I heard that you are married with Ding Zhen Ye?”

Bai Zhi Rui folded her hands and raised her eyebrows: “Em, we just held our wedding last few days.” Ding Zhen Ye didn’t lie to her. He promised to give her an extravagant wedding, it’s really an extravagant one. Although she married to a man that could be regarded as her father, indeed it’s a pitiful thing. But Ding Zhen Ye has meaning, he could give her the life she wants!

It’s enough!

Moreover, Ding Zhen Ye also spoils her. Whatever she wanted, he could satisfy her.

“I forget to congratulate you.” Song Ting Yu said.

“Thank you.” Bai Zhi Rui was proud.

“Do you remember what Su Ran said in Singapore?”

Song Ting Yu suddenly asked her, Bai Zhi Rui was startled: “What is it?”

“Regarding your personality, you marries Ding Zhen Ye, you seem to be greater one.” Song Ting Yu put down his pen. He was smiling but it’s like a mockery to her.

Bai Zhi Rui tried to control her emotion, but she couldn’t help to blush.

“Ms Bai, I’m very busy. You can go now.”

Song Ting Yu said it and his face changed.

Bai Zhi Rui’s face also turned ugly: “Today I come to work, I already become the manager of planning department.”

“Then you should go and stay at your office room, is this the place that you can come freely?”

“Song Ting Yu, you..”

Song Ting Yu laughed coldly: “After the wedding, Ding Zhen Ye is so impatient to send you here, he has motivation, we know it clearly. But couldn’t he look for someone better? Ms Bai all the things and tricks you ever used in your entertainment department, you think you can use it here…”

“Really?” Bai Zhi Rui looked at the door. Then she went close to him, she suddenly pulled Song Ting Yu’s tie and lowered her head quickly and kissed him.

Song Ting Yu responded quickly and pushed him away.

Because he didn’t control his power so without precautious Bai Zhi Rui fell down to the floor.

This time, there’s a slender figure came inside his office.

Su Ran stood on the door-side. Her face was full of mockery smile: “Ms Bai, you seem to getting even more shameless now.”

Song Ting Yu took her bag and pounded to the floor: “Go away.”

Bai Zhi Rui knew that no one will help her up so she tried to stand by herself. She left. The time she passed by Su Ran, she glanced at her and looked proud.

“Ms Bai’s action let me remember something.” Su Ran said: “A man can do most lowly thing that no one can imagine.”

Bai Zhi Rui just left.

Song Ting Yu took a tissue and wiped his lips.

Su Ran came over and Song Ting Yu felt worried.

Su Ran took several tissues and helped him to wipe it: “I think you need to brush your teeth now.”

“Good idea.” Song Ting Yu nodded and took Su Ran ‘s hand: “I will go brush my teeth first.”

Su Ran didn’t stop him. The moment before let her lose her appetite. Supposedly Bai Zhi Rui noticed her figure so she purposely kissed Song Ting Yu.

The time Song Ting Yu came out from the bathroom, he noticed Su Ran was sitting down on the office with her hand under her chin.


Su Ran raised her head and wrung her eyebrow: “Song Ting Yu, why do you have a lot of fans?”

Song Ting Yu was helpless. He came over and looked at her: You are angry?”

“I was in a good mood before, now it’s ruined.”

“I already brush my teeth.” He pointed at his lips, “In the future I will let every woman to stand before me with three meter distance, okay?”

It’s good.

Su Ran rarely comes to his office. This time there should be something.

“Why do you suddenly come here?”

Su Ran looked at the pile of materials on his table: “Do I disturb your work?”

She also didn’t want to just come over, yet the time she got the news. She was so emotional and wanted to share with him. In her mind, she had just that thinking and drove her.

Downstairs she met Ding Chen, at first Ding Chen wanted to bring her upstairs but suddenly she had something to do and just gave her direction.

The time she got on the elevator, actually she regretted it and felt she was too impulsive. She should wait for him at night and told him.

Why should she be so rushing?

But she thought since she was here, it’s not good to just go home so she continued to come. She didn’t expect to see those unappetizing view.


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  1. Bai Zhi Rui got enough money to live like a queen for forever from Ting Yu. She married a wealthy man. And she comes back to try and poach Ting Yu again. She helped to kill their child,etc. etc. etc. Now she thinks she is sassy enough to get Ting Yu in bed with her again.PLEASE


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