Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 367

Song Ting Yu of course wouldn’t let Song Ming Xuan live there alone. With his current condition, he could have an out-break any time, he will not be able to control himself. So he called two people to look at him. He told them about his current condition.

After Song Wei Xi was asleep, Su Ran went back to the room.

In the room, she noticed that Song Ting Yu was smoking on the sofa. She frowned because she realized that his return this time, he was addicted with cigarette.

She came over and took the cigarette from him and put it on the ashtray: “It’s not good to smoke.”

“Em.” Song Ting Yu nodded: “But sometimes this thing is effective in numbing feeling. These two years I’m addicted to this…”

Su Ran looked at him and felt a bit sad. She extended her hand and took his box of cigarette and threw it to the bin: “For me, stop smoking.”

Song Ting Yu looked at her.

Su Ran coughed lightly: “Smoking is not good for health. Moreover, it’s not good for a new-born baby….”

Song Ting Yu was surprised: “You are pregnant?” He thought carefully about that, then shook his head: “Not right, I’ve just touched you for not exceed a week. Even I am too competent, it will be known so soon…”

“No, I’m not!” Su Ran blushed and denied: “I talk about our future child!”

“O, in the future…” Song Ting Yu nodded and pulled her over to let her sit down on his thigh. He looked at her: “But I don’t want you to give birth to a child so soon.”

Su Ran was startled: “Why?”

She still wanted to born another kid for being Song Wei Xi’s companion.

Song Ting Yu placed his chin on her shoulder: “Because I remembered the time you were pregnant with little princess. The first three months, I couldn’t touch you, then after that I needed to be cautious. I was not really happy. Those days were too hard. I just finally able to enjoy it, how can I turn to Buddhist monk again….”

For stopping him to say anything more vulgar, Su Ran covered his lips:”Song Ting Yu, what is your mind thinking for the whole day?”

Song Ting Yu bit her palm: “You, my mind is full of you.”

“Who doesn’t know you keep on thinking about that..”

Song Ting Yu laughed: “Then why should you ask.”

He said it and carried her. Song Ting Yu doesn’t fond princess hug. Every time he carries her. He likes to stand between her legs and her legs hooked around his waist. He likes the feeling she hangs around his body.

“You just get back, aren’t you tired?” Su Ran fell on to the soft bed. She sighed.

She said and he remembered about something: “Your ex- boyfriend……”

“When do I have a boyfriend?”

“That doctor.”

Su Ran thought about it: “Xu Wei.”

“You even remember his name in this time, you still say he is not your boyfriend?

“Song Ting Yu, what kind of logic do you have? You need to look for a reason to be jealous. I remember that man’s name so he is my boyfriend? Then wouldn’t it mean that I have a lot of boyfriends?” Su Ran looked at him. If he didn’t remind her, he wouldn’t remember it.

“That is a partner of matchmaking that a friendly aunty introduce for me!”

Song Ting Yu snorted: “Who said that I am jealous? I just worry about your taste. If you want to go in matchmaking you also need to find a better one. He is so skinny, how can he satisfy you?”

Su Ran glared at her: “Song Ting Yu you think everyone is like you?”

“That’s right, I’m special. How can they compare themselves to me?”

Su Ran: “………..”

She didn’t want continue this topic, yet he pressed her shoulder down: “I tell you, if it’s Xu Wei, supposedly he wouldn’t handle it for ten minutes…..”

“Song Ting Yu, enough!”

Song Ting Yu smiled brightly and rubbed her face with his hand slowly: “So you need to find a husband like me, understand?”

“Need to look for the one like you that are experienced right?”

Song Ting Yu undid her clothes and smiled charmingly: “There’s something that needs to be self- taught. Everyone is different.”


Su Ran kicked him on the leg for a bit.

Song Ting Yu bit her collar bone and slowly kissed her lips. He hugged her and extended his hand to find something on the drawer.

“What are you looking for?”

“C*ndom.” Song Ting Yu said it and let her go. He flipped it and felt there’s nothing there.

He turned her head and noticed Su Ran was hugging her hands and her face was gloomy.

Song Ting Yu coughed for several time.

“I remember that tonight I just move in? When did you prepare c*ndoms here? Who will you use it before? Or it’s expired already?”

“What are you talking about? I bought it for using it with you!”

“That time I was not in a good term with you!” Su Ran seemed to not believe him.

“Everyday you take care of Wei Xi, just in case I need it? I need to buy first okay?”

Su Ran pointed at the drawer: “Then where is it? Why there’s nothing in the drawer?”

“Possibly I put it somewhere.” Song Ting Yu said it and pulled her: “But if there’s nothing, then I need to be cautious.”

Su Ran knew that temporarily he didn’t want her to be pregnant. She hugged his neck: “Song Ting Yu, let me tell you. Maybe now I am pregnant.”

Song Ting Yu stiffen, Su Ran looked at him and felt so pleased: “Before in Singapore, that night you used nothing and I also didn’t eat any medicine.”

Song Ting Yu remembered that and his face changed: “I almost forget about it.”

“Em, then tell me do you think I am pregnant now?”


“Then supposedly your suffering will start soon.” Su Ran poked his chest.

“I just enjoy it but now?”

Su Ran nodded and she smiled so brightly.

At first she thought Song Ting Yu will lose his interest, who knows that he suddenly pressed her down: “Since that way, then tonight I will be enjoy oneself to the full, right, Su Ran ?”


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