Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 365

Although she felt really furious, but she knew deeply that she was powerless.

Toward Gu Dong Cheng, she really had no way….

She couldn’t do anything.

On the other side.

Tang Zi Chu was so busy today and finally he could find a time so he gave a call to Tian Mi. Yet she hung up on him.

Tian Mi never did something like that. He looked at his phone until Song Ting Yu patted his shoulder: “Are you done?”

Today they came here, but they still couldn’t find Song Ming Xuan’s trace. There’s a person look at him so Tang Zi Chu contacted them.

Tang Zi Chu just regained his thought: “I’ve contacted him. We can drive there, we will arrive in two hours.”

“Em.” Song Ting Yu nodded. He couldn’t describe his mood that he would meet him soon.

Sometimes he really didn’t want to care anymore about him. After all that time he was too good-for-nothing, he disappointed him. Even the time Madame Song’s death, he didn’t come. These two years, there’s no one knew about him. He never returned to An City.

But to think about it, he is still the only son of Madame Song. Its not good to let him stay outside so he looked for him again.

Song Ting Yu wants to solve the problems of Song family one by one.

That year Song Ting Yu found the man that left with his mother, He Jin. He is just He Jin’s friend. He said honestly that indeed he liked her so much. His wife also knows about it, yet He Jin doesn’t love him, later on she becomes their best friend.

The time that man heard that he is He Jin’s son, he was so emotional.

The next morning, Tang Zi Chu and Song Ting Yu went to someplace in Si Chuan.

Based on other people’s report, they finally arrived. There’s someone waited for them in front of the door.

“Mr Song, Mr Tang?”

Song Ting Yu got off the car and nodded: “Hi.”

“Please follow me.”

Song Ting Yu raised his head and looked at the place. This is a drug rehabilitation center, his eyes turned dark and gloomy. He didn’t say anything and just followed the man.

The man brought him inside and said: “He was sent here several months ago. In the beginning, he was discovered on the roadside. He was too violent and knelt down on the ground while shivering. He was repulsive and attacked the passerby so someone reported him to the police, the police then noticed that he was a drug addict….”

They finally arrived to a door. For preventing the drug addicts to run away, the windows were placed so high and small. It also decorated with a fnece.

He looked through a window there was a man laying down on the bed. He couldn’t look clearly at the face because the back of that man’s body faced the door. Looking at the back figure he couldn’t really verify it is Song Ming Xuan. After all in the past Song Ming Xuan was really handsome and muscly.

But that man was so skinny.

“In the past we took him out to stroll around. But didn’t know what provoked him, suddenly he wanted to run away. Afterwards he was caught again. He hid the awl used by the doctor, then tried to cut his own wrist, now his mood….”

“It’s okay, open the door.”

That man already consulted with the person-in-charge of the rehabilitation center. He knew who is Song Ting Yu and also knew Song Ting Yu’s relation with Song Ming Xuan. So he just hesitated for awhile and nodded. He used the card to open the iron door.

“Mr Song, please. We will wait outside. If there’s anything happen please call us. He is bounded, he should be okay.”

Song Ting Yu nodded and looked at Tang Zi Chu. They both went inside.

That man on the bed just looked at the window and didn’t turn his head.

“Uncle Song.” Tang Zi Chu already looked clearly, it’s indeed Song Ming Xuan.

But Song Ting Yu just stayed coldly there.

Song Ming Xuan didn’t respond. He just laid there and stayed quiet.

The room was so quiet. Tang Zi Chu wanted to look for topic to chat, but he didn’t know what should he say.

These father and son supposedly was not in a good relationship because of misunderstanding happened two years ago.

“Zi Chu, handle the administration first. I want to bring him home today.”

“Okay, Chief Song.” Tang Zi Chu said it then left the room.

Song Ting Yu went forward and obstructed his sight to the window.

Song Ming Xuan finally responded, he just looked at him blankly.

In just two years, he aged a lot. His hair was white. He also was skinnier.

“Song Ming Xuan, sometimes I really despise you.”

Song Ming Xuan didn’t say anything.

“These years, what did you do? When I was young, the time Grandpa was still alive, you kept on living with your world of love. Except for love, your life is nothing. You think I was willing to accept the responsibility of Song company that young? It’s because you are incompetence! You couldn’t do anything? So during my teenagers I needed to handle it and you just lived inside your memory. I thought that time you really loved my Ma, no matter what happened, you will believe in her. But you couldn’t do that too. Thirty years ago, you misunderstood her to take Grandma’s money to leave you. Two years ago, you misunderstood her to betray you, schemed against you. Actually you are really unworthy of her love. You live until fifty years old, then ask yourself, what have you done?”

Song Ting Yu’s tone was getting even colder: “You disappeared for so many years, even for Grandma’s death, you never meet her. She’s passed away for two years, you also never goes to her grave. It’s really a waste for her to born you as her child. I think you should know that she’s passed away right? That time when you suddenly wanted to run away like crazy is it? Then you are caught, then you wanted to commit suicide? Wasn’t it hurt? Now Song company is completely fell apart to Gu Dong Cheng’s control. Two years ago I and Song Wei Xi passed the terrifying two years and came back, we experienced a lot of things. Song Ming Xuan, what have you done? You just used drug! I might as well tell you. My Ma doesn’t betray you, I already check it throughly. This time I pick you up is because of my dead Grandpa and Grandma. This is the first time and also the last time. If this time you will not go, then later on don’t you think to get in Song family again!”


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