Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 362


The old woman was full of interest: “Your kid is already is big and you just come to register your marriage now?”

“We come to remarry.” Song Ting Yu pointed at Su Ran : “Two years ago she broke up with me. Now she is begging me to come back so I give him a chance.”

“Oh…..” in this world, which old woman is not a gossiper? This old woman really likes gossip: “Young woman, why did you break up with him? Was it because he like to mess around outside?” The old woman looked down at Song Ting Yu: “I notice this young boy looks so handsome, his eyes could provoke a lot of women, supposedly he couldn’t control himself and had a lot of women right?”

The old woman hadn’t finished her words, the man beside Su Ran almost exploded: “Auntie, I’m very loyal! Toward other women I am not interested, I just respond to her!”

“Song Ting Yu!” Su Ran almost choked by her own saliva! For her it’s okay for him to say something like that in private, unexpectedly he said it in public!

“Aiyoo, so like that.” The auntie seemed to not believe him. She always thought that handsome man is fickle in love so that year when she chose a partner from those who pursued her, she chost the ugliest one!

“Then why did she break up with you?”

Song Ting Yu wasn’t willing to say anything more, he threw the question to Su Ran : “She asked you.”

“Young woman, why is it?”

Su Ran was worried and wanted to glare at her. Though she was worried, yet now noticing his great willingness to get inside and his hard-work to curry a favor from the grandma, she couldn’t help to see his disappointment.

“Auntie, actually there’s a misunderstanding between us so we separated.”

“Really?” Auntie was a bit confused: “Then now you ask him to get back with you?”

Su Ran bit her lips and maintained her smile: “Yes, I beg him to get back together, and beg him to come and register our marriage. I’m afraid that we are too late, afraid that you guys already get off the work. The time I drove the car here, we rushed without caring of the traffic light.”

The Auntie nodded: “today indeed is a good day.”

Song Ting Yu felt the hope was getting bigger: “Then auntie, can you open the door to let us get inside?”

He asked cautiously.

The Auntie smiled, but shook her head: “No.”

Song Ting Yu was so angry:”Why?”

“Because I am only the cleaner in this civil administration office, I can open the door but who will help you do the administration? I cannot read. Moreover, I don’t have that power? Right? The employees have get off the work. You guys also come too late, you know that today is a good day, why don’t you come earlier? There’s a lot of people come at six or seven o’clock to queue, you are too……..”

Song Ting Yu’s face changed, the time he heard the auntie kept on blabbering, his face became even more uglier.

He didn’t expect that the first time he tried his trick to curry a favor, at last the result was……

He thought he could handle this!

Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi back to the car and put him on the backseat. Then she looked at the man who was still standing there: “You don’t want to go back?”

Song Ting Yu’s face was gloomy and he returned to the car.

Su Ran looked at him and suddenly there’s a knock on the window. It’s the auntie before.

“Auntie, what is it?”

“Young woman, young boy, I come here to tell you. Tomorrow also a good day. Remember to come and register your marriage. Don’t be too disappointed, remember come earlier.”

“Okay, thank you Auntie.”

Su Ran waved hand with her.

Song Ting Yu drove the car away.

“Are you angry?”

The difficult man gave an awkward answer: “No.”

“You think that I’m blind?” Su Ran smiled brightly.

Song Ting Yu turned his head and looked at her: “Su Ran, we are not successful to register our marriage, you should be very happy right?”

“Which part of me is happy!” Su Ran felt that she was wrongly accused: “Before to get in I also lied, how can I not want to get in?”

She noticed his face turned bad and bad, she held his hand: “What are you rushing for, later we still have time, it’s just an administration process….”

That man’s face turned warmer: “Didn’t you say that you want me to give you status?”

“I’m just joking with you. Now for temporarily I will be your girlfriend okay? I’ve never a chance to be your girlfriend. The time I know you, we be husband and wife in short time, don’t you regret it?”

Finally Song Ting Yu’s face turned really bright. She finally could be relieved.

This man is getting more and more harder to handle.

“Okay, then let me give you a chance for you to be my girlfriend.”

Su Ran: “……..”

Now she really wanted to scold him: “shameless.”

But she thought about it again and controlled herself. Let’s not act recklessly in front of this man, if not she might have trouble to handle him.

Finally Su Ran was sent back home to Su house. Before Song Ting Yu asked someone to take the household register so Qiao Qing also knew what had happened.

“You guys do administration?”

“No, it’s closed already.” Su Ran recalled the memory and laughed.

After two years, it’s the first time Qiao Qing met Song Ting Yu again. She knew that Song Ting Yu didn’t like her so much. It’s not really his fault that time she was too selfish. Her heart was full of Su Hao.

This moment Song Ting Yu stood in front of her, she took initiative to call him: “Ting, Ting Yu…”

Song Ting Yu was carrying Song Wei Xi, he looked at her: “Ma.”

Not only Qiao Qing was startled, Su Ran was also startled because of it. It’s the first time for him to call Qiao Qing: “Ma.”

That time he hated Su family, loathed Su Ran. He didn’t have any good feeling toward them.

It’s noticeable that Qiao Qing was emotional, her eyes were red: “Ting Yu, today tonight let’s eat together. The auntie had prepared for us. I will cook now…”

Su Ran looked at Song Ting Yu worriedly. After all, he just called her. She didn’t want to much pressure for him to stay .


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