Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 360

In the past, Bai Zhi Rui was quite full of impressive personality, but now she completely different.

The time Su Ran said it Bai Zhi Rui’s face was paled up. She glared at her, but she could only smiled coldly and didn’t care about her.

“Okay okay. Since everyone knows each other then it’s fate that we are gathering here. It’s so lively right? Let’s start eat everyone.” Ding Zhen Ye greeted everyone. Because he is the senior one, so of course he needed to restrain himself.

“Chen Chen, in the future Zhi Rui is your aunt….”

“Uncle must be joking, I only have an aunt, I will not admit the other one.”

Su Ran almost laughed it out. Although she didn’t really want to attend this dinner, but it seemed quite good. At least she could see a good play, right?

Will it not an interesting day to see Ding Zhen Ye and Bai Zhi Rui be offended?

She ntoiced that Song Ting Yu and Ding Chen are quite similar person, for example: they both have a sharp and cruel way of speaking.

“No matter how, you guys are in the same year…”

“Uncle, once again you say it wrongly. This year I am twenty two years old. Although Ms Bai could look after herself well, but how can you notice that Ms Bai should be almost thirty years old? That way we should have a seven to eight years gap. We are in the different generation….” Ding Chen laughed and pointed at Bai Zhi Rui.

Su Ran looked at Bai Zi Rui. Though she was an actress, hearing Ding Chen’s words still affected her.

Indeed, Bai Zhi Rui and Song Ting Yu are in the same age, she is twenty nine years, Ding Chen somewhat guessed it right.

Age for a woman is the greatest taboo topic to discuss, especially the woman that will reach her thirty.

Ding Chen really planned to make Bai Zhi Rui felt embarrassed. Ding Zhen Ye didn’t expect that his plan of having a dinner would be like this. He coughed: “No matter what, Chen Chen, I just want to tell you that Zhi Rui also will work at Tian Hai……”

Finally they arrived to the main topic of discussion.

Ding Chen laughed coldly for a while: “O? Ms Bai previously was an actress right? Now you want to change your profession? You want to be a successful career woman? But do you have what it takes to be one? You never get into business world, how can you handle it? Uncle you will employ this kind of person?”

“Ding Chen!” Ding Zhen Ye almost lost his patience, he didn’t want beat about the bush again: “I already arrange a position for Zhi Rui, of course I have my own consideration. Don’t you forget, I also the large stockholder of Tian Hai, how can I not employ someone?”

“Then where will you place her?”

“If I don’t guess it wrongly, Mr Ding prepare her to handle the branch office in An City?” Song Ting Yu, who previously quiet finally spoke up.

Ding Zhen Ye nodded: “Right.”

“Since Tian Hai also has a branch in An City, we couldn’t just let Chen Chen be busy alone there? So I want to arrange someone to help her. Moreover, I thought that Chen Chen will get marry to Ting Yu. But turns out you are not, she engages to Han Lei….” He pointed to the empty seat. Previously Han Lei got a call, he said that something comes up that he needed to leave first.

“That time my big brother really likes Ting Yu, but because you are not together with Chen Chen, then shouldn’t you not stay in Tian Hai?”

The whole night farce was for saying this/

Ding Zhen Ye wants to kick Song Ting Yu out from the company then he could step by step seize Ding Chen’s assets.

This was his first step.

“Shouldn’t you say it from earlier.” Song Ting Yu looked calm: “We all know it very well, why should you beat around the bush?”

“Mr Ding is right. Since I am not Ding Chen’s fiancee, then I should leave Tian Hai….”

Ding Zhen Ye nodded. When he and Bai Zhi Rui’s face were full of smiles, Song Ting Yu said: “But Mr Ding may not know that now I also Tian Hai’s stockholder….”

“How can it be….” Ding Zhen Ye turned rigid.

How can Song Ting Yu in this short amount of time become Tian Hai’s stockholder?

“Uncle you can go home and check it first. It’s true.” Ding Chen smiled.

Ding Zhen Ye’s face changed, he finally couldn’t control it anymore.

Ding Chen’s shook her head: “This kind of dinner is really uninteresting, we also don’t have anyone to serve us food. Moreover, I had dinner here too, it’s not too delicious. Ting Yu, Su Ran , how about we eat at another place?’

Song Ting Yu patted Ding Chen’s head: “Call her sister-in-law.”

Ding Chen immediately said: “Sister-in-law.”

Su Ran smiled: “No need to eat outside, let’s go home and I’ll cook for you guys.”

“Em!” Ding Chen nodded and left with them. In the room, there were only Ding Zhen Ye and Bai Zhi Rui.

Ding Chen said before she left: “Oh right, I heard that you and Ms Bai will marry soon. I’m sorry that I will have no time to come and attend because I will come back to An city soon…”

Ding Chen then came out and said to Song Ting Yu and Su Ran : “You guys will come back tomorrow? I also booked ticket for tomorrow, let’s be together.”

“It’s not certain that we will be in the same flight.” Song Ting Yu said calmly.

Ding Chen shrugged her shoulder and said: “I especially had booked a ticket from your assistant too.”

Because before Ding Chen came with Han Lei so she didn’t have any car now. Han Lei said that he would pick her up again, supposedly he thought the dinner will not end soon. Ding Chen followed Song Ting Yu and Su Ran back with their car.

The car was silent. On the way finally they noticed a man and woman. The woman was crying and holding tightly to a man. The man wanted to push her away. Until finally they hugged each other


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