Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 359

“Immediately, almost. We will go to supermarket now…..”

“…………” Tian Mi was speechless: “You’ve go for half-day. You guys haven’t gone to the supermarket? You really want to make us starve again? Did you remember what I say before? Don’t play too happy that you will forget to of us, indeed I am right?”

“I’m wrong, I’m really really wrong…” Su Ran immediately apologized: “I will go home soon. Look for snack to eat first.”

“This is Song Ting Yu’s house, how can I find snacks?”

“Then wait for a while…….”

Su Ran immediately hung up. She noticed than man helps her calmly. She pushed his arm: “Hurry up drive the car to the supermarket. You almost make us starve to death.”

“You will just wear this way?”

“I will tidy up myself, you just drive the car.”

Song Ting Yu nodded, he drove quickly.

Su Ran quickly chose some ingredient because she was afraid that Tian Mi and Song Wei Xi to starve to death so she didn’t want to delay anymore. She wanted to be back quickly.

Song Ting Yu booked ticket back home to An City. After the lunch, it’s already three o’clock in the afternoon.

After the lunch, Tian Mi went back to her room to sleep. She said that last night she didn’t sleep too well. In the morning she took care of Song Wei Xi. She needed a nap.

Su Ran felt Tian Mi was too over. The room had a good sound system, how can she hear anything? It’s definitely her own problem that she couldn’t sleep well.

Because Su Ran woke up late that day so she didn’t need any nap again. She just accompanied Song Weik Xi to play and Song Ting Yu stayed in his study room.

After a while, he went over and looked at Su Ran: “Later on Ding Zhen Ye ask out for dinner.”

“We?” Su Ran was surprised and pointed at herself.

She didn’t know Ding Zhen Ye. It’s not strange that he asked Song Ting Yu out for dinner, but why should he bring her?

“Em.” Song Ting Yu nodded: “Ding Chen and Han Lei will come too.”

Su Ran thought about it and narrowed her eyes: “It should be Bai Zhi Rui’s intention to ask me too right?”

Song Ting Yu laughed: “Who cares. We can have a free dinner, why don’t we go? Later on you just need to take responsibility to eat the dinner. These two years you haven’t met her, don’t you want to see her life?”

Su Ran frowned. She didn’t have any good feeling toward her. That time she also harmed her daughter.

“Okay. Just regard it as accompanying Ding Chen and Han Lei for dinner.”

Su Ran nodded. Although she didn’t want to muddle between Bai Zhi Rui and Ding Zhen Ye, but tonight they should go to dinner.

“Then let me cook for Tian Mi and Song Wei Xi first so later on they can have dinner.”

The dinner was at seven o’clock. Tian Mi slept until six thirty. Su Ran asked her to take a good care of Song Wei Xi, then followed Song Ting Yu out.

Inside the private room, Ding Zhen Ye and Bai Zhi Rui and Han Lei and Ding Chen already there.

In two years, Bai Zhi Rui changed to be more bright and colorful. She was wearing a black slip dress with pearls. It’s an expensive style. It was obvious that Ding Zhen Ye treated her well, if not he wouldn’t marry her………

Ding Zhen Ye is an unfaithful one. After divorcing his legal wife, these years he had a lot of women. But never heard that he had any intention to marry until he met Bai Zhi Rui. Didn’t know what’s her charm that she could handle him and marry him.

So these two years, Bai Zhi Rui’s capability had progressed a lot …..

Ding Chen hugged Han Lei’s arm and sat down: “Uncle, why today you act so modest that you invite us for dinner?”

She and Ding Zhen Ye were not close. After her father’s death, Ding Zhen Ye kept on lusting for her assets and positions, so she didn’t have a good feeling toward him.

Ding Zhen Ye just smiled: “Chen Chen, what are you saying. I think after your father’s death, we are not in good relationship so I want to use this chance to smooth things over. For a year, Song Ting Yu also stays beside you and helps you. Uncle thought that you will be together. At last you be together with Han Lei….”

“It’s hard to predict things of the world, Uncle.”

“Yes, indeed.” Ding Zhen Ye nodded and looked at Su Ran.

Su Ran felt unease and noticed Song Ting Yu moved closer to her. He then shifted his gaze to Ding Zhen Ye: “Mr Ding, why you always like to stare at people?”

Ding Zhen Ye just regained himself and smiled: “So this is Song Ting Yu’s ex-wife? I heard from Zhi Rui, it’s Ms Su right? Hi.”

He said it then extended his hand to shake hand with her.

Su Ran’s hand was clutched by Song Ting Yu. He didn’t let her to extend her hand to accept his handshake: “Mr Ding, Su Ran will be my wife soon. So her hand today is inconvenient.”

Although Song Ting Yu’s words were clearly offended, but he didn’t care. Ding Zhen Ye felt so awkward.

“It seems that Ting Yu really cares about Ms Su.”

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran : “Of course, she is my other half.”

Su Ran smiled and blushed.

This is her man, why shouldn’t she accept his confession in front of these people?

“We’ve been parted for two years, but you guys still look the same.”

Everyone looked over and noticed Bai Zhi Rui raised up her glass and smiled.

Su Ran smiled: “We don’t change, but I think Ms Bai changes greatly. The time you came inside, I almost find it hard to recognize Ms Bai. Ms Bai’s personality is really different. I remember that Ms Bai used to be national goddess….”


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