Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 358

Now she can just do like what he said: “Also clothes.”

Song Ting Yu opened his wardrobe and looked for a coat. He draped the coat on her shoulder: Wear it.”

Although Singapore is hot and didn’t necessary to wear coat, yet he didn’t want anyone to know that Su Ran was naked underneath. Although she will be inside the car, but he was worried that someone can see it.

Even though for a bit, for him it’s not okay…..

Su Ran followed his instruction. She also doesn’t bold enough to do it. It’s good to wear a coat.

The time she went downstairs, Tian Mi looked at her: “You will go out that way? You wear his clothes? How about your own clothes?”

Su Ran blushed: “I cannot wear it again…”

Tian Mi was startled and finally realized: “It’s broken?”

Su Ran didn’t want to discuss it any further: “I will buy a new one first, then I will buy things to cook. You just stay here with Wei Xi, don’t run anywhere.”

“Don’t worry, I will take a good care of Wei Xi……” Tian Mi patted his shoulder: “Don’t you go too long. We are really hungry. Don’t you be too happy and forget too of us. Just like tonight….”

“I know it!”

Su Ran just got on Song Ting Yu’s car. She felt weird to sit down like this without her underwear. It felt empty.

“How long would it take?”

Song Ting Yu glanced at her: “We will arrive soon.”

“Hurry up.”

“What are you worrying about?”

“I’m uncomfortable.”

“What’s uncomfortable? There’s only me inside car. If you are not comfortable, then you shouldn’t wear the coat….”

“No, hurry up!” Su Ran patted his hand: “Drive quicker, don’t keep on looking at me!”

She felt that Song Ting Yu purposely teased him. He knew clearly that she didn’t use to this so he joked around with her……..

He wanted to enjoy her embarrassment!

If she knew it earlier, she would let ask Tian Mi to follow!

Finally Song Ting Yu stopped the car, Su Ran released a her deep breath. She pulled her coat’s collar and pushed that man: “Hurry up. Go down and help me to buy clothes and underwear.”

“It’s not really appropriate to let an adult man to go to underwear store.” Song Ting Yu this time was not willing to help.

Su Ran was really angry, she showed him her weird smiling and pretended to want to get off the car: “Then okay, I will buy it myself?”

When she wanted to open the door, Song Ting Yu just extended his hand to close the car. He closed the door and his handsome face turned dark.

“You dare enough to do it, then try it.”

Su Ran smiled: “I am not really dare enough, yet Mr Song said that it’s not really appropriate for an adult man to go to underwear store? You don’t want to help me to buy, then shouldn’t I be more shameless to buy it?”

She said it then patted his hand. She wanted to go down and buy it by herself.

Yet Song Ting Yu dragged her arm again: “I will go, I will go okay?”

Su Ran laughed silently and pointed outside: “Hurry up go, mysize is….”

Song Ting Yu looked at her: “I know your size very clearly. You are bit skinnier than before. Last night I also already touched it too….”

This moment she could only blush and just tried to change the topic: “Hurry up and go, I will wait for you.”

Song Ting Yu laughed several times and finally he got off the car.

The window of car was designed that passerby or people outside the car couldn’t see the condition outside. But the one inside can see everything.

But still Su Ran felt unease…..

Now it’s in the afternoon, there’s a big department store in front. She felt that there’s a lot of people looking at this car.

She tried to cover herself because she was afraid that someone can see her……

He just used ten minutes to bring her clothes.

The time he opened the door and placed several plastic bags in front of Su Ran. She took out the content, it was several types of clothes and underwear.

Song Ting Yu clutched her hands: “No need to worry, I will look for place so you can change.”

Su Ran almost forgot……

She nodded.

Song Ting Yu drove his car to a small alley then lowered door the front passenger seat down and let her to have space to change.

“Just change it here.”

“You do your thing. Don’t look at me.” No one is used to people’s staring when he/she changed clothes. Though this man already looked at her body, yet she didn’t use to it.

Song Ting Yu nodded and took out his phone. He seemed to concentrate in looking at his phone.

She opened her coat and cautiously place it on her chair, then she took out a sapphire blue underwear, and she was about to wear it quickly……

This time a phone rang…..

It’s her phone.

Her phone was placed next to Song Ting Yu so he just took it. When he was about to pass it to her, finally he could see her half-naked body….

He raised his eyebrow and smiled. He seemed to appreciate it:”Tian Mi’s call.”

Su Ran bit her lips and she blamed Tian Mi to call her in this time. She took her handphone before wanted to call again so she just pulled the coat back. Yet Song Ting Yu just took her underwear again and said: “Answer the call, I will help you.”

He didn’t wait her response, he already acted. He helped him and said: “You are getting skinnier, your size gets down a size lower. In the future, eat more…”

Su Ran’s face was really red, when she answered the call, she didn’t know what to say.

Tian Mi said: “Ran Ran, are you on the way home? I and Wei Xi are really hungry…”


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