Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 355

This is the man she loves the most, the only man that she ever loves.

This life, there will be no other man that could let her to be like this…..

Su Ran was afraid that she will fall: “Let me go, let’s talk slowly…..”

“No, I just want to hug and carry you like this. Let you go, where will you go again?”

Su Ran couldn’t help but to fluster: “I will not go anywhere, I come to find you, where can I go now? It’s you, you are too cruel. You use that kind of way to lie to me, do you know how sad I am before?”

“Then you, do you know how sad I am?” Song Ting Yu replied with another question. He took her slender hand and placed it on his heart: “Can you feel that here is heavily damaged because of you?”

Su Ran didn’t let his hand go, she could feel his quick heartbeat.

It’s beating quickly for her. It’s good.

“I’m sorry…”

“If I don’t come, what would you do?”

“If you don’t come….” Song Ting Yu laughed at himself: “Actually I also don’t know what should I do…..”

“But you said to Tang Zi Chu, this is the last chance. If I don’t come, will you be engaged with Ding Chen?

“No.” Song Ting Yu carried her and placed her on the bed. He placed himself between her legs: “I and Ding Chen are not in that kind of relationships….”

Su Ran was confused: “Then what is your relationship? She clearly said to me that she is your fiancé. How can it change now?”

“Come, kiss me first, and will tell you.”

Su Ran rolled her eyes. Although she despised this trick, but she still hugged his neck and kissed him.

Song Ting Yu smiled and satisfied of it. He said: “That year Ding Chen rescued me. She never once gave up on me during the half year. I am thankful for her, I owe her. After her father’s death, I agree to stay in Tian Hai to strengthen her position in the company. So we just pretended for a year. I regard her as my little sister…….”

“Then why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“I admit that I want to provoke you.”

Su Ran : “…….”

“You really do provoke me……” She looked at the man in front of her: “Then why today Ding Chen engaged with another man?”

“Last year her position is not really good, but she has some progress in a year. She doesn’t need me again to stay by her side. Although her uncle, Ding Zhen Ye, keeps on wanting her position, but he definitely will not dare to do anything. Oh right, her fiancé is not really simple. She chose Han Lei because she thinks about the power of Han family…..”

“Business marriage?”

Song Ting Yu nodded.

Then it means Ding Chen doesn’t have any feeling with Han Lei. Han Lei also doesn’t have any feeling toward her. Their relationship was based on family benefit.

It’s just like Song Ming Xuan and Chen Jing’s marriage.

“To mention Ding Zhen Ye……” Song Ting Yu laughed: “Don you now who is his wife?”

“Who is it?”

Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu asked that because he is sure that she knows it………

She thought about it and remembered someone: “Bai Zhi Rui?”

“Smart.” Song Ting Yu kissed her forehead, like giving her a reward.

Su Ran frowned: “How can Bai Zhi Rui run to Singapore? Also she is able to marry with Ding Chen’s uncle…” It’s too outrageous…..

“I just found out when I came back this time….. Ding Zhen Ye said that they has registered their marriage. He wants to hold a grand marriage.”

“I couldn’t imagine it. She can recover…”

How can anyone think about it?

She lowered her head to think about it, then Song Ting Yu clutched her face: “Okay, tonight let’s not think about anything else. Do you remember what day is it?”

Su Ran was startled for a while: “It’s Valentine’s Day.”

She remembered it clearly.

“Em, so in this important day, what gift will you give to me?”

“Nothing.” Su Ran said honestly. That time she just wanted to rush over, how can she think about gift?

“I just know that you have nothing to give me. If not you can wrap yourself for me as a gift, what do you think?”

Su Ran : “…..”

“You also don’t have a gift for me!”

“How can I not have it? This year earlier I have thought about the best present, it’s also for giving myself for you.”

Song Ting Yu said and patted his chest.

Su Ran was speechless: ‘………..’

“Song Ting Yu, how can you be so shameless?”

Song Ting Yu laughed and extended his hand to take off her clothes.

Because the weather in Singapore is warmer so Su Ran didn’t wear too much clothes.

She just a light blue dress.

He wanted to pull the neckline part to the shoulder part….

Su Ran was worried and wanted to pull it back. She wanted to stop him. Her breath was rushed.

“Song Ting Yu, no need to be so fast…….”


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