Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 354

Ding Chen’s eyes fell on Su Ran, she smiled: “Finally you are here.”

Su Ran nodded and looked confusedly at her.

Ding Chen patted the man beside her: “Let me introduce you guys. This is my fiancee, Han Lei.”

She said it and both Tian Mi and Su Ran were surprised.

Isn’t this supposed to be her and Song Ting Yu’s engagement day?

How can now there appear another man?

Han Lei greeted them. He seemed to be a gentlemen. Then someone came over to call him. He apologized and left.

Ding Chen called the waiter over and passed several glasses of champagne for Song Ting Yu, Su Ran, and Tian Mi.

She drank a gulp: “Don’t you think it’s weird?”

“What happened? Why you are not engaged with him?” Tian Mi asked first.

Ding Chen shrugged and her smile was so bright: “It seems that since the beginning to the end I’ve never said that I will engage with Ting Yu right? Ms Su, that time I just said to you that I want to engage soon, right?”

Su Ran remembered that day, Ding Chen indeed said something like that……

But that time she really didn’t think clearly…..

She thought the engagement she meant was engagement with Song Ting Yu. After all everyone thought they were couple…..

Ding Chen continued: “The media also only reported that I will engage soon, but they never mentioned the partner right?”

Su Ran and Tian Mi looked at each other………..

“So since the beginning, your engagement partner is not Song Ting Yu?”

Ding Chen showed her innocent expression and smiled: “It’s just you guys that misunderstand.”

This time Han Lei called her, she replied then she put down her glass: “Don’t be too modest. Please enjoy the party. I will go to greet all the guests first.”

She said it then left.

Tian Mi looked at her figure and said to herself: “This Ms Ding, ckck, is very interesting.”

She turned her head and looked at Su Ran and Song Ting Yu: “Okay, I know. Now you guys have a lot to say. Tonight I will take a good care of Wei Xi. You guys can say everything that you guys hid inside the room slowly. But now, can you let us eat for a while? I and Ran Ran were traveling non-stop and rushing here. We haven’t eaten anything.”

“Ran Ran, let’s go. Let’s eat something.” Tian Mi said and held Su Ran’s hand.

Song Ting Yu stopped them: “No need to eat those things. You will not be fulled. I will take you to other places.”

Tian Mi pinched Song Wei Xi’s nose: “We want the authentic Singaporean dishes, right, Wei Xi.”

Song Wei Xi of course didn’t respond her.

Song Ting Yu drove his car and brought them to have a meal.

Tian Mi clearly knew that now she was unwanted third guest so she didn’t want to spend too much time. She ate hurriedly and didn’t want to take much of their time.

She felt that during the meal, Song Ting Yu and Su Ran kept on looking at each other.

On the car, Tian Mi coughed slightly: “Tonight, I will sleep with Wei Xi.”

Su Ran’s face blushed.

Song Ting Yu said: “There’s a lot of rooms in the house.”

Tian Mi shrugged: “Okay, anyway I will not disturb you guys. I will sleep silently and soundly. In the middle of night I will not come out. You can do anything you want. No need to think about me. My sleep is always soundly so any noise couldn’t wake me up…”

“Tian Mi!” Su Ran lowered her voice and pulled her sleeve.

How can her words turn to be more and more unreasonable….

“I just tell you guys, no need to care about me and you are ungrateful to me..” Tian Mi grumbled.

On the way home, Song Wei Xi had fell asleep. Song Ting Yu carried him out and placed him on his room little bedroom.

Tian Mi also felt very tired and yawned: “Where’s my rom? I want to take a shower and sleep.”

Song Ting Yu said: “It’s all guest rooms, you can choose.”

Tian Mi chose discreetly the room that furthest from Song Ting Yu’s room. She opened the door. When she was about to close it again, she waved and said: “Goodnight, supposedly you both wouldn’t have a sleep.”

She said it then closed it.

“My room is here.”

Song Ting Yu said it then went inside. He opened the door and waited for her to get in too. Then immediately he hugged her slender waist and let her legs straddled his waist. He lowered his lips and bit her lips: “How’s the feeling of chasing after your husband for a thousand miles?”

Su Ran frowned and recalled that memory. It’s really too disastrous. She felt worried.

She remembered those words from Tang Zi Chu that said this is the last chance Song Ting Yu gives to her. If she didn’t come, then they would be done.

“That kind of feeling……” Su Ran raised her head to see Song Ting Yu: “Not good, it’s very not good.”

Song Ting Yu smiled at her: “This time you still want to let me go?”

Because she was afraid that she will fall down so Su Ran couldn’t help but to hug his shoulder.

She wanted to punch him, but she felt she couldn’t move. She just glared at him: “So it means that you are lying to me?”

It let her to think that he and Ding Chen will marry soon…..

It let her heart to be broken….

Song Ting Yu kissed her lips: “It’s just a little punishment. Ding Chen said that you are an ostrich. I feel that she is right. If I don’t provoke you a bit, then you will keep on burying or head on the sand? Will you come and find me?”

Su Ran is not kind of person. But maybe because she cares too much about Song Ting Yu so she can do it……….

Actually it’s not like what he said before that she didn’t him in her heart so she can let him go. On the contrary fortunately Song Ting Yu is too important for her. She always feels afraid to lose him so she keeps on considering the personal gains and losses.

She thought that before that beside Song Wei Xi and Qiao Qing, she wouldn’t care about anyone else.

But Song Ting Yu seems to be able to burst inside her heart without any warning. He occupies the important part of her heart.

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