Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 350

“Song Ting Yu, do you think you have that kind of ability?”

“Just wait.”

Song Ting Yu finished his words and smiled. He left the room.

He left the utterly discomfited Gu Dong Cheng!

His and Song Ting Yu’s battle would continue. Now both of them are well-matched in strength. He had all the Gu company that previously was Song company, and Song Ting Yu had Tian Hai on his back……

The ending was still a mystery…..

Song Ting Yu left the hospital and got on his car. He didn’t directly start his car. He just sat there and smoked.

The problems of the photos finally can be solved……..

He just leant on his chair……

It’s almost Chinese New Years…….

The time he finished, he drove back home.

In time Su Ran was also there. She was accompanying Song Wei Xi to write words. But because there’s a lot of things had happened, it’s clear that she was not focus…..

Song Wei Xi’s done with his words and she was still day-dreaming.

So every time Song Wei Xi is done. He would just look at him.

Finally Su Ran realized that she was unfocus, she stroked Song Wei Xi’s head: “Sorry, Wei Xi. Mama is not focus. Let’s continue….”

The time she was about to start again, there was a tall figure came inside the living room. She was startled: “You are home…”

Song Ting Yu sat down on the sofa and nodded. He untied his tie: “I handled the photos, it wouldn’t come out……”

Su Ran remembered the things Ding Chen told her the other day. She put down her pen and stroked Song Wei Xi’s head and asked him to continue. Then she went to stand beside Song Ting Yu’s side and sat down: “Ding Chen said that you used your project to exchange with Gu Dong Cheng?”

Song Ting Yu laid on the sofa and looked tired: “It’s all good. After all these two photos were gone, it wouldn’t come out….”

“Song Ting Yu…….”

Song Ting Yu cut her off and looked at Song Wei Xi’s drawing: “After two days, I will go to Singapore with Wei Xi.”

Su Ran was startled and said: “Okay.”

She didn’t notice that her voice was hoarse.

“Ding Chen said that you will be engaged…”

Song Ting Yu teased her: “Do you care?”

Su Ran lowered her head and bit her lips. She didn’t say anything.

Song Ting Yu clutched her wrist: “If you have heart then you definitely can notice it that I keep waiting for you. Perhaps you can say that your heart really do not have me. No matter it is years ago or years to come. It’s the same. Su Ran, I’m really disappointed in you…”

Su Ran, I’m really disappointed in you………

Song Ting Yu just finished his words then let her hands go. He stood up from the sofa and went upstairs and just left her there.

Su Ran’s heart was beating quickly….

Song Ting Yu finally disappointed in her….

These days, the medias kept on posting about Ding Chen’s engagement.

Ding Chen’s chose Valentine’s Day as her engagement day…….

Two days ago Song Ting Yu had brought Song Wei Xi and Ding Chen back to Singapore. The media photographed the three of them as a family.

Although no one dared enough to come forward and interviewed them but their photo had became the headline of news. They went back to Singapore for Chinese New Years and also to prepare the engagement party.

The lunar New Year’s Eve that night, Tian Mi came over to Su Ran after dinner. She noticed that Qiao Qing was washing dishes in the kitchen: “Auntie, where’s Ran Ran?”

“She is upstairs. She just went upstairs after dinner…” Qiao Qing wiped his hand and said: “Tian Mi, take her out to stroll. I notice that these days she is not in a good mood.”

Tian Mi nodded: “Auntie, don’t worry. Today I come here to take her out.”

She said it then went upstairs. Su Ran was opening the room’s door. She noticed that Su Ran was sitting on the bed and she was looking at something.

She came inside and looked that she was looking at photo.

It’s a photo from two years ago. It’s the photo of three of them when she was pregnant.

Su Ran was so immersed in it so she didn’t notice Tian Mi.

Until she took the photo. She just looked at Tian Mi.

“Tian Mi.”

Tian Mi put the photo frame on the bedside: “Let’s go. Tonight is Lunar New Year’s Eve, let’s go out.”

Su Ran smiled: “I don’t want to go out. You can go.”

“Let’s go.” Tian Mi just went to her wardrobe and took her coat and scarf. She put it on her: “Let’s go together, Tang Zi Chu has booked a room. Let’s go sing together. It’s an important day, what are you doing by staying at home?”

At last Tian Mi still brought her out.

Because it’s still early so they didn’t directly go to private room, they just stroll around.

It’s so crowded.

Tian Mi took Su Ran to the flower market and bought a lot of little bonsai.

Tian Mi kept on chattering. It seemed that she tried so hard to let Su Ran be in a better mood.

But it’s pity that Su Ran was unfocus.

Tian Mi sighed: “Ran Ran, smile once…..”

Su Ran smiled at her and Tian Mi pouted at her: “How can your smile is uglier than your crying expression?”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

Tian Mi was silent for a while: “Actually I also don’t know what should I do, what should I tell you….”

“Now everywhere is news about Ding Chen’s engagement….”

“I know that you still care about Song Ting Yu. Perhaps you can look for him and let him cancel to engagement with Ding Chen……”

Su Ran turned her head and looked at faraway place. She didn’t say anything.

Tian Mi actually wasn’t really happy too. She also be silent for awhile: “Gu Dong Cheng today also come to find me…”

“What did he want?”

“I don’t now.” Tian Mi bit her lips: “He forced to have a dinner in my house. Then he left.”

Su Ran frowned.

“I really hate him. Really really hate him. Every time I almost forget about his existence, he will appear in front me, to remind me of those bad memories……”

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