I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 22]

After graduating from PhD, I and Xiao Cheng ended our relationship as classmates. I changed my nickname for him. I kept on thinking of the nickname that match his temper yet I couldn’t think of it until one day…..

At an occassion.

I asked: “Annoying, annoying person….”

He asked me: “What is annoying about me?”

“………. He should know it.”

“The I will be even more annoying….”


Since that time, I started to call him annoying person.

Although annoying person also frequently for so many times protests about his nickname, but based on my argument about “fact” I successfully persists.

Action 1

A day before our graduation, there’s a problem about the choice of work. I and annoying person experienced an extreme hard choice.

At first we already contacted a company in S city so we could continue our two motives: saving fuels and have a low-carbon life for the country.

However, there was a change in plan.

Around the school, my boss told me: there is an European research institute that very interested in our topic and would like to invite me to be a postdoc.

The annoying person’s boss also introduced him a job in B city. The job really suited him. I noticed that he really wanted to go. After all, there was a lot of opportunities.

We thought carefully for a week. We believe that we have deep feelings for each other and temporarily separation will not have any effect on our feelings. We believe that we are still young and should seek better opportunities for development.

We expect that we can have a better future.

Finally, we decided to go to S city together.

Just because I can’t bear to leave him!

Annoying person said: “This reason is very good!”

Action 2

After working, I continued to do my revision. I worked hard in the lab and fought with the result of experiment every day.

The annoying person gave up on his research subject and turned to some kind of unscientific material. I asked him very curiously: “What is it about? Is it scientific?”

The annoying person explained to me very professionally: “This general material is very good. For example, if you have a children, you must go through a series of process such as embryo, gestation, growth… there’s a cycle. But mechanical think doesn’t need to go through this cycle. We just need to sleep a night and there will be a result…. so it can have an extraordinary attributes.”

After annoying person’s explanation, I realized it without thinking: “So it’s sound like this material is very good, it’s definitely worthy. You should study it!”

Annoying person leaned on me: “I think we still need to study how to born a kid it’s more worthy.”

I: “……I’m discussing serious matter with you.”

“I also be serious about htis.”


Action 3

After work, the annoying person started to be busy. He had the endless business trip, countless business meeting, and endless phone call.

Once I was so annoyed. I saw him looked tired and irritable. I couldn’t help but to pull him and asked: “What troubles have you encountered? If you can’t do it, don’t give yourself too much pressure, now our life is also very stable.”

He shook his head and he said that he would endure it. Various of problems would make him grow and it’s exactly what we need to do.

I smiled and said: “For comforting you, I will cook the pork ribs today so come back early to eat it.”

“Okay, I am going to be early this evening.”

He hadn’t finished his words and the phone rang again. From his conversation with a client, I noticed that he would have business meeting tonight.

He hung up and I waited for him to speak first. But then I just said first: “Remember to come back before twelve o’clock, otherwise, you will be snatched away by Cinderella.”

“If Cinderella want to snatch, she also will snatch for a prince, she wouldn’t snatch me.”

I told him seriously: “at night it’s too dark, a cinderella could easily be mistaken!”

He smiled and stroked my head: “Only a silly woman can be mistaken…”

Action 4

After a year, the annoying person went to other parts of the country to be science and technology government employee temporarily. Except going to business trip, business meeting, he needed to travel back and forth between two cities. However, no matter how busy or tired he is, as long he has time, he would come back and spend the weekend with me.

I like the sunset at the airport every weekend. The deep red sunset was there. The plane glided from the sky, like a tired bird come shome…

After the sun was set, I parked the car in the parking long and walked for ten minutes. I would wait for him in the arrival section.

Looking at me made him very surprised: “Didn’t I tell you to just bring the car at the departure section? So I can directly get in the car and we don’t need to walk so far to the underground parking lot.”

I held his hand and smiled. I answered him: “Because I miss you, I want to hold your hand and walk for a while. I want to stroll around and chat with you.”

He also smiled and held my hand tightly. While we walked, he would tell me about his business trip…

Ten minutes walk just passed by like a blink of eye.

For marriage, we were both inexperienced couple.

Yet I believe that we are thankful for each other. He will treat me as I treat him.

The time our passionate love was being tested by time and turned bland, we would need to try hard to bring back the warmth to each other.

Action 5

Now, the annoying person is even busier.

I am also very busy. I frequently work over-time.

There’s a lot of time. Late at night at home, I will look at my cold room and empty fridge, and feel no appetite.

I would tiredly lean on my sofa and daydreamed. I consider whether this is the life I want.

No, it’s not.

I really want a warm family. A husband who cares. He doesn’t need to earn a lot of money. I’m okay with him able to give me food, clothes, and warmth; he also doesn’t need to be warm and soft, he just needs to give me a warm shoulder for me to lean on whenever I am tired. He just needs to use his warm voice to comfort me. It’s enough.

But now he, is like a flying kite, hanging in the sky. When I am alone and missing him, I can look at the line that I hold in my hand and say to myself; he is still in my hand.

I don’t know how high and how far he will fly in the future. I don’t know if the line in my hand can withstand the strong wind, but I won’t pull him back. He is the kite that is destined to go and soar. He is a man who is unwilling to be dull./

Loving him, choosing him, you then need to accept everything about him.

—<< Love Cheats>>— The Thirteenth Lesson

In love, It’s uncertainty there would be an active man.

Passive woman will usually be with someone that like her!

Active woman can find what you like and someone that like you!


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  1. Thankyou for your translation!!! Novelupdates says there are 28 chapters. Please do translate the remaining ones too. The story is really good!!!

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