Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 348

“That day I recorded everything. Mr Song, you can look at the time. You will see that nothing happened between us. If you suspect that I edit it, you can verify it to other person. This is real. After all, my sister is in your hand? I chose to this, can you give me a way out…..”

“So despite the photos on Chief Gu’s hand, actually Su Ran was not being assaulted. This is the evidence.”

The time Gao Sheng said it, Song Ting Yu took the remote control and looked at the video.

Indeed Gao Sheng just took her clothes off and didn’t do anything else….

Gao Sheng was worried that he didn’t believe his words so he said again: “That time Chief Gu came to settle with me. That time I told him because I’m interested to Ms Su so I couldn’t control myself…”

The time he said it, he noticed Song Ting Yu’s sharp eyes looked at him.

Song Ting Yu instructed Tang Zi Chu to take the video and looked at Gao Sheng: “So you looked at Su Ran’s body…”

Gao Sheng seated and tried to control himself: “Mr Song, there’s no other way. If I don’t do it. Ms Su, she will….”

“If you don’t tell me that thing tonight. You should know I will not let you go. But because you chose to do it, so I should be thankful to you.” Song Ting Yu said.

That time he just wanted to leave a way out from this mess, he didn’t expect that his choice is right.

If not he and his little sister would be in trouble.

“Yes, Mr Song. I understand.”

“Mr Song, I already tell you about this. Actually there’s nothing happened. Ms Su just stayed for a night in my house. So now, can you let my sister go?” Gao Sheng said cautiously because he was afraid that Song Ting Yu will be angry.

“No need to be worry.” Song Ting Yu waved his hands: “I just need those photos. You know where does Gu Dong Cheng keep it? Find it and erase it. Then I will let your sister go.”

Gao Sheng hesitated. He was silent for a long time. Song Ting Yu gave him time to consider.

“Chief Song, that time Chief Gu saved it in USB. But after two years because everyone thought you are gone and Chief Gu also thought about it that way so he didn’t really remember. Yesterday he remembered, found the USB and let someone to copy it but I think he doesn’t save it anywhere else……”

Because two days ago, Gu Dong Cheng was in the hospital. He shouldn’t have time to make a copy of it.

“Then can you find the USB?”

“Mr Song, no matter what I am still Chief Gu’s employees. That time I brought Ms Su back home for giving me a way out. I don’t really want to betray Chief Gu. If I give you the USB and erase it, then Chief Gu would doubt me, supposedly I can stay in An City again…..”

This is the reason why he hesitated…..

Because he knows clearly that Gu Dong Cheng is capable of doing that things to him.

He has been his assistant for so many years.

“Then choose you want your future prospect or your little sister?”

Gao Sheng paled up.

“But if I give you the USB, then I will leave An City. Chief Gu should look for me then. That time he would find us, then we will be in a big trouble too.

So now Gao Sheng knows clearly that every choices will be disaster for him……..

Tang Zi Chu, who was quiet during the time, suddenly stood over and came toward Song Ting Yu: “Chief Song, I have a way.”

Song Ting Yu looked at him: “Tell me.”

Tang Zi Chu said it to him lowly. Song Ting Yu was silent: “Just like that.”

After all the photos were in Gu Dong Cheng’s USB, how can he let go that chance.

Song Ting Yu looked at Gao Sheng: “Is the USB in the office?”

“Should be.”

Gu Dong Cheng would only place the important thing by his side. For other things, he would place it at his office.

Gao Sheng was panic, he didn’t know what those two people planned….

“Mr Song….”

Song Ting Yu said: “I will not make things hard for you because of this video.”

Gao Sheng relieved for a while : “Then my little sister?”

“Don’t worry. I will do everything I promised. As long you ruined the photos, I will let your sisters go. I will handle it well….”

Gao Sheng knows that Song Ting Yu is someone that keeps his promise….

After Gao Sheng and Song Ting Yu met, he knew there would be big trouble. He planned to leave An City, but supposedly Gu Dong Cheng might suspected him.

He needed to move out of An city quickly.

This moment Song Ting Yu took the video and got in the car.

Tang Zi Chu also got inside the car. He looked at the backseat: “Chief Song, are you going to see Su Ran know?”

Knowing about this thing, shouldn’t he tell Su Ran in the first time


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