Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 345

Just let her n*ked body being exposed to everyone?

Let every man in the nations looked at her and thought vulgarly at her?

How can he let Su Ran bear all of it?

He always feels that his feeling toward her is already deeply implant in his life so he couldn’t bear her to be in pain.

Just like this how can he bare her photos being exposed?

It’s only Gu Dong Cheng knows about the photos and how many copies had he made.

If he posted in the internet, it would be so quick. Everyone would have a look at it.

Gu Dong Cheng wanted to do it.

“Chief Song, perhaps we can find a better way…”

He clearly knows that this way couldn’t be see through. If he started to bargain with Gu Dong Cheng, it’s hard thing to know what’s he planning for him?

This man is too hard to be trusted….

Song Ting Yu leant on the chair. He started to massage his temple and pondered.

Tang Zi Chu slowed the car and didn’t disturb him. Song Ting Yu was thinking of a way.

“Tell me, a person like Gu Dong Cheng. Who would be someone that can handle that most important thing?”

“Gao Sheng?” Tang Zi Chu said: “Gao Sheng had followed him for several years, he should know about a lot of things. Yet Gao Sheng is Gu Dong Cheng’s person, he shouldn’t willing to help us. Even if Gao Sheng knows about it, he might not know where Gu Dong Cheng hid it…”

He continued: “Gu Dong Cheng is mistrustful person, he shouldn’t completely believe anyone…”

Song Ting Yu said: “Gao Sheng shouldn’t be willing to help us, but we should think of a way to let him help us. He is a person, he should have a weak spot. As for Gu Dong Cheng’s temper, he necessarily doesn’t trust him. But Su Ran ‘s photos for Gu Dong Cheng, it’s not important things. He just uses it as a trump card to attack me. So he wouldn’t guard it from Gao Sheng. No matter what, you need to find Gao Sheng. In the shortest time, you need to find him…..”

As long as Song Ting Yu is calmed down, he definitely could think of a way. But because it is related to Su Ran, so he was worried and powerless.

“Okay, Chief Song.” Tang Zi Chu immediately said: “So where should I take you now?”

“Hospital, I want to find Gu Dong Cheng.”

Tang Zi Chu was surprised: “Chief Song…” Didn’t he said that she would find Gao Sheng?

“How can we not drag Gu Dong Cheng?” Song Ting YU patted his coat.

His word suddenly let Tang Zi Chu understood his meaning.

Yes, if he didn’t drag on Gu Dong Cheng, how can he have time to find Gao Sheng, and searched for his weak spot?

Tang Zi Chu sent him to the hospital and he went to do other things.

Song Ting Yu was guided by Lu Zhan and went to Gu Dong Cheng’s sickroom.

There’re two bodyguards guarded outside. They were paled. They thought about what happened last night and wanted to stop him.

Lu Zhan looked at them: “Move away, the doctor wants to do observation.”

“Doctor Lu, he couldn’t get in.”

Lu Zhan stayed calm: “I don’t care what you are doing. The time I do my observation, I don’t like being stopped. Gu Dong Cheng is injured seriously, if he has something wrong, can you take responsible with it?”

Two bodyguards looked at each other and let go. But they still guarded against Song Ting Yu. They just wanted to let Lu Zhan to get in.

The door was opened, Lu Zhan got inside then two men stopped Song Ting Yu: “You cannot go inside. Our Chief Gu needs a rest.”

Song Ting Yu smiled: “Move away.”

“Mr Song, please don’t make it hard on us.”

They both quite scared of Song Ting Yu. But there’s no way, they’re Gu Dong Cheng’s bodyguard, they needed to protect him.

“Let him get inside.”

They were startled.

They both let him go.

Song Ting Yu came inside. Gu Dong Cheng was having his meal.

He looked at Song Ting Yu: “You injured me, now you visit me? Should I feel overwhelmed by favor?”

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything, Gu Dong Cheng just acted calm: “I heard that you asked my person to poke out his own eye? Just because he looked at Su Ran’s photo? How can you don’t ask for both of his eyes? He looked at it with both of his eyes. I also look at it, do you need me to poke out my both eyes?”

Song Ting Yu pulled a chair and smiled: “Sooner or later I will do it.”

“Haha….” Gu Dong Cheng laughed:”Then I will expect that you will have a very great ability.”

He continued: “Do you enjoy the photos? Even though it’s two years ago, but I kept it every well, it’s very clear right? Su Ran’s body is very good. Shouldn’t we share it with anyone? Even though all the men in the nation couldn’t touch it, but shouldn’t we just let them to enjoy the view…..”

Lu Zhan was also inside the room, of course he noticed and heard his words. Song Ting Yu fisted his hand.

It’s clear that Gu Dong Cheng was provoking him…..

But Song Ting Yu couldn’t react carelessly.

He tried hard to control himself: “Give me a term, what should I do to let you delete the photos?”

Gu Dong Cheng laughed and said: “You are begging me?”

“If you think so, then just let itbe.”

Gu Dong Cheng shook his head: “It’s too boring, what do you think? My game is just started. Now you are begging me, I am preparing a lot of way to play, but what’s the point now For Su Ran, you will admit your lose? Then how should I play with you next time?”


“No term.” Gu Dong Cheng enjoyed it.

He pointed at Song Ting Yu: “I’m waiting to watch your great game, how can I delete it? You brought my people away and let him erase it, what’s the point. I still have it.”

Gu Dong Cheng pulled up his pillow and showed his phone. “As long I press this, just under two minutes, everyone will see it……”


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