Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 341

It’s worthy for him…….

Song Ting Yu’s eyes turned dreadful. He threw him to the sofa and started to punch him again.

The time he remembered what had Gu Dong Cheng done to Su Ran, he really wanted to kill this man….

To the extend he took a bottle of alcohol and wanted to pound him with it.

But Gu Dong Cheng was a bit drunk. At the first time he didn’t react, but after being hit, he turned to be so powerless…

He didn’t even feel slightly terrified of him. He was full of injury but he kept on laughing: “Song Ting Yu, are you angry? Are you hate yourself that you cannot kill me? Then just do it, it’s a good chance….”

Song Ting Yu took the bottle and pounded it to his head. In a flash, the blood seeped out and his blood fell down to the carpet and turned it red.

He said to him: “Everyone that bullied Su Ran, should be dead!”

His eyes was full of stern. He wanted to pound his head again, but suddenly the private room ws opened. There was a slight slender figure rushed inside.

“Song Ting Yu, no……!”

Song Ting Yu stopped and looked a that figure.

Su Ran looked at them. Her legs turned weak and fell on the ground…..

If Song Ting Yu once again charged for murder, it will ruin him….

If he was ruined, then what about Song family?

What about retribution for Madame Song?

The private room was opened, there was a lot of people outside. They were watching it. They were surprised and paled. Previously they could hear a sound from inside but they didn’t dare to open the door.

It was until Lin Cheng Huan, Tang Zi Chu and Su Ran came.

Su Ran looked Gu Dong Cheng, who was laying on the floor. His body was bloodied, but he was smiling….

This moment Song Ting Yu was clutching his hair. With one hit, he could kill him….

Su Ran knew about this.

Lin Cheng Huan and Tang Zi Chu also knew about this, both of them paled…

Su Ran slowly came closer: “Song Ting Yu, let him go. I beg you, don’t you make trouble. If you are in trouble, what about us? What about Song family? What about Wei Xi? What about him?”

This moment Song Ting Yu was hesitating. Su Ran came over and clutched his hand with one of her hand. Her other hand took the bottle from him. She wanted to move it away. But suddenly he noticed her intention. He tried to not let her touch it. He was just that close to finish him. Su Ran knew about his thought so she pulled the glass and let it graze her palm, the blood seeped out….

Song Ting Yu’s eyes changed and immediately took her hand to see the injury. He took out his handkerchief and wrapped her palm.

Su Ran recognized that handkerchief….

Isn’t it the one that she gave to him?

It’s the one that she personally embroidered his name on it…

Noticing that Song Ting Yu let Gu Dong Cheng go, both Tang Zi Chu and Lin Cheng Huan hurriedly moved Gu Dong Cheng to the other said and said: “Call the ambulance.”

Gu Dong Cheng very quickly was brought by ambulance. Song Ting Yu hugged Su Ran and went out of the club. The police was waiting for them

The police got off the car and walked toward them.

The time Su Ran noticed the police. She held Song Ting Yu’s shirt and her face turned pale.

The police said : “Mr Song, please follow us to the police station.

Su Ran was unwilling to let him go, Song Ting Yu clutched her wrist: “I will go for a while and return soon….”

Su Ran shook her head: “Ting Yu…..”

Song Ting Yu let her hand go and looked at Tang Zi Chu: “Send her to the hospital.”

Su Ran wanted to go forward but she was stopped by Lin Cheng Huan and Tang Zi Chu. She just looked at Song Ting Yu got inside the car.

Tang Zi Chu let her go and looked at Su Ran: “Don’t worry, he will be okay.”

He sat down and followed the police.

Su Ran stood there. Lin Cheng Huan held her hand: “Su Ran let’s go. You need to take care of your wound.”

Su Ran didn’t say anything. She just followed him.

She got in the car and looked at her hand. Looked at the handkerchief. So he still keeps it on his side.

This handkerchief. It’s been several years. It had turned a bit white.

Moreover, now it’s bloodied. She noticed that there was a blood mark in it. It’s not only her blood……..

Those blood mark couldn’t be washed. But Song Ting Yu still kept it.

Su Ran felt so sad. She started to cry.

Gu Dong Cheng was sent to the hospital. Most of his injury was just a superficial wound, it’s not really serious.

Lu Zhan was his doctor in charge.

After the surgery, Gu Dong Cheng was sent back to the sickroom.

That night he woke up. Lu Zhan came.

“A Zhan, how lucky is it…” In the past, Gu Dong Cheng had a quite good relation with him.

Lu Zhan smiled coldly: “Mr Gu, you seem to be okay…”

“I have a good body. Song Ting Yu this time couldn’t kill me. I just played him…”

Lu Zhan laughed coldly but he didn’t want to talk too much with him. He just wanted to do his job as a doctor. He examined him then left.

The time he went out of the door, he remembered something and said: “Gu Dong Cheng, if people are doing all kinds of evil, sooner or later they will get judgement…”

“A Zhan, luckily you are a doctor. Why is it? How can you still believe in karma?”


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