Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 339

“I will think it again…”

“Then think it again…” Ding Chen knows Song Ting Yu is someone with his own principle so she didn’t say anything further. She just sat down and looked at him: “Oh right, you still haven’t told me, what were you thinking before? Why you were so immersed in it? Were you thinking of Su Ran? I heard that recently Su Ran is taking care of Wei Xi? Then what about two of you?”

Hearing Su Ran’s name, made Song Ting Yu’s face turned dark.

Ding Chen noticed this: “What happened?”

Song Ting Yu wanted to say something but there was a knock. They both looked at the door and looked at Tang Zi Chu stood there: “Chief Song, Ms Ding.”

“Come inside.”

Tang Zi Chu came inside. His face was serious and he looked at Song Ting Yu: “Chief Song, I have a result of what you wanted me to check…”

He said it then looked at Ding Chen.

Ding Chen is a smart woman, she immediately stood up: “I still want to go to sales department for a while. You guys can have a slow chat.”

Ding Chen left. Song Ting Yu looked at Tang Zi Chu: “What is it?”

“I found that two years ago, the time you were still in the prison. One night Su Ran went to Tian Mi’s place. Then she left with Gu Dong Cheng’s car…” Tang Zi Chu said it and placed two photos on the table: “These photos from Tian Mi’s little area CCTV. You can look at it.”

Although it was not really clear, but with one glance Song Ting Yu could recognize it was SU Ran. Moreover, the license plate of the car was Gu Dong Cheng’s car.

Song Ting Yu knew that time Song Wei Xi was still in Gu Dong Cheng’s hand. He should threaten Su Ran with it.


“Then it is…” Tang Zi Chu paused and looked at Song Ting Yu.

Song Ting Yu’s face turned cold: “Say it. Tell me what have you found. You don’t need to hide it…”

He wanted to know all of it….

“That night Su Ran followed Gu Dong Cheng’s car, she didn’t return home. That time she was staying in Lin Cheng Huan’s house…”

Tang Zi Chu stopped. He noticed Song Ting Yu’s face turned icy.

“Chief Song…”

Following Gu Dong Cheng that night, she didn’t return. There’s should be something happened that night….

Tang Zi Chu thought that Song Ting Yu must understand his meaning……

Song Ting Yu took his key and suddenly stood up. He even didn’t wear his coat, he just left his office room.

Tang Zi Chu chased after him: “Chief Song…”

But it was too late, Song Ting Yu already took elevator to go down.

Lin Cheng Huan answered Song Ting Yu’s call. He was in the doctor’s office.

Now with Song Ting Yu’s return, he actually hadn’t met him….

Song Ting Yu wanted to meet him and he agreed.

He noticed there was something in Song Ting Yu’s voice.

He left the hospital and went to their appointment place.

Song Ting Yu was waiting there. Lin Cheng Huan came over and took a side: “I haven’t officially congratulate you to safely return.”

“Thank you.” Song Ting Yu looked at him: “Sit down.”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded and sat down on the opposite of him: “What is the matter?”

He was not really close with Song Ting Yu. If there is no Su Ran, supposedly they will not have any connection….

“I want to ask you about Su Ran two years ago…”

“What is it?” Lin Cheng Huan’s face turned serious.

“Two years ago, Su Ran stayed in your place. The time Gu Dong Cheng took Wei Xi away, do you still remember it?”

It’s an important matter, how can Lin Cheng Huan forget. He still remembers that time Su ran changed.

He nodded.

“That time was there a night when Su Ran didn’t return home?”

Lin Cheng Huan was startled and pursed his lips tightly. He didn’t say anything.

Song Ting Yu asked: “Do you remember that day?”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded. Su Ran never did it. Just that night she hadn’t came home so Lin Cheng Huan was worried. The next morning she came home, he asked her where she went. That time she said that she returned home to Su house. According to her temper, she would call him back to inform him and not let him worry. But she didn’t….

“She said that she went back to Su house….”

“You just need to answer me. Did she go home that night?” Song Ting Yu asked.

“No.” Lin Cheng Huan took a deep breath: “I waited for her the whole night. She came home the next morning…”

Lin Cheng Huan said it. Then he looked at Song Ting Yu and noticed something wrong.

“What did you find?”

“That time she left Tian Mi’s house. She got in Gu Dong Cheng’s car and didn’t come home for a night, what did you think happen?”

The time Song Ting Yu said it, both of them sank into silence.

Lin Cheng Huan already had a thought. Yet he didn’t dare to be sure of it because it was too frightening….

If Su Ran really experienced those thing. Then it’s hard to imagine how did she spend these two years….

The thing in front of him was so boring. Gu Dong Cheng leant on the sofa……

He smoked and laughed coldly for awhile.

The woman beside him served him a drink: “Chief Gu…”

Gu Dong Cheng looked at her and stayed silent.

Looking at how he reacted, the woman started to be brave: “Chief Gu, I will accompany you to have drink, okay.”

That woman rubbed against his arm and purposely sticked close to him.

Gu Dong Cheng just smiled for a while then he took a bottle wine and poured to her head.

That woman was shocked because of his action and screamed.

Gu Dong Cheng pushed her away and let her fall down: “Who do you think you are? You dare to touch me!”

Gu Dong Cheng stood up and kicked that woman in her waist part for several time. That woman screamed out of pain.


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