Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 338

Yet Song Ting Yu didn’t plan to let her go. No matter what she said, he seemed to not want to hear her. He took off her clothes. He pressed her down on the bed.

“Don’t touch me, don’t touch me….”

This moment Su Ran’s mind was full the memory of that night. She hid it in her memory. It was a memory where a man who was taking off her clothes without her consent when she was weak.

Just like today….

She was afraid and trembling with fear.

She felt herself to be dirty…….

To the extend that she also didn’t recognize the man who pressed her down. She just being surrounded by bad memory.

This time Song Ting Yu heard Su Ran’s scream and her face was full of tears. She appeared like she was seeing ghost.

His hands were trembling and his face darken.

Finally Su Ran pushed him away and curled on the other side.

She kept on saying: “Don’t touch me, I beg you. Don’t touch me, I beg you…”

“Su Ran…”

Song Ting Yu extended his hand over touch her, but she screamed like she was losing her rationality. She said: “Go away, go away!”

Song Ting Yu stood up and looked at the curling woman in the other side. He felt complicated.

He closed his eyes and pulled the blanket to cover her almost n*ked body, then left the room.

Su Ran covered her face and her body was trembling heavily.

Those memories that she thought she already forgot, it started to come back and ruined her.

She thought originally that she would forget it.

She really thought that she had forgotten it, but now she realized that she remembered it so clear.

That night she was unconscious and she was pressed down by a man. He forcefully took off her clothes then she was awake inside the bathtub, supposedly he wanted to wash the evidence away….

This dirty part of her, how could she face Sty?

Song Ting Yu took a cold shower in the guest bathroom. The time he came out, the fire and passion in him started to be calm. Actually from the time he noticed Su Ran’s strange expression, it’s already gone…

He started to associate that moment to the moment when he came out from the prison. That time he also wanted to touch her but her response was so strange. Although it was not as emotional as tonight, but it’s still fishy. But afterwards there was a lot of things going on, he couldn’t find anything. Tonight when he once again touched her, she unexpectedly became so afraid and cried loudly. Her body was trembling, she seemed to regard him as a monster!

This moment Song Ting Yu’s mind was full of Su Ran’s intense response.

He leant on the sofa and took a deep breath. No matter what happened he would find it out!

He stayed in the study room for a while and looked up to the clock, it’s already midnight.

He had been sitting there for a long time.

He left the study room and went back to the room that Su Ran stayed before. He noticed that she was sleeping now, but she didn’t cover herself with blanket.

Song Ting Yu pulled the blanket up and covered her. His movement was so light.

She suddenly woke up and opened her eyes. Because of what happened before, her body reflexively stood up and curled up again on the other side.

Song Ting Yu’s face changed and looked at her:”Su Ran, am I a monster? Now I even couldn’t touch you for a bit?”

Su Ran didn’t respond, she just hugged herself and curled up. She buried her head between her legs.

Song Ting Yu fisted his hands and let it go.

He pulled open her hands. She seemed so surprised and looked at him.

Song Ting Yu’s long fingers clutched her chin and said: “Su Ran, tell me. What did happen?”

Su Ran’s eyes be even more panic. She kept on struggling: “Let me go, let me go…”

“Su Ran, calm down!” Song Ting Yu pressed her arm to calm down: “Look clearly. It’s me, it’s Song Ting Yu…..”

Because she struggled so hard so her heartbeat quicken. Her eyes were red…..

Song Ting Yu knew that he shouldn’t force her………

He let her go and wiped her tears. He said hoarsely: “Have a good rest.”

Song Ting Yu left the room and he didn’t return again to that room.

In the morning, he noticed Su Ran had left.

He stood up in front of the door and leant on the door. He took out his phone and called her.

She answered.


“Where are you?”

“I’m going home…”

Song Ting Yu was afraid that she was in trouble because of last night. Knowing she was going home, made him relieved. He hung up and went downstairs.

At first he knew that there was something wrong with Su Ran, but because of last night, it even confirmed that there’s something happened to Su Ran ……

Song Ting Yu sat down on the chair inside the office. He took out a cigarette and smoke it. He just stayed quiet

Until Ding Chen pushed open the door. She purposely knocked the door loudly and finally Song Ting Yu noticed her. He looked at her.

Ding Chen came over and folded her hands on the table: “What are you thinking? Your cigarette starts to burn your finger, how can you not feel the pain?”

Song Ting Yu lowered his head and noticed his finger was red. He put the cigarette butt on the ashtray.

Ding Chen looked that it was burnt. She immediately took tissue to wipe it.

“What happened to you?”

This little injury was nothing for Song Ting Yu. He threw the tissue away.

“When will you go back?”

“I am waiting for you, will you go back with me?”

Song Ting Yu pursed his lips and stayed quiet.

“If you don’t come back with me, supposedly that group of old foxes in there will doubt.” After all, Chinese New Years is a major even. If Song Ting Yu didn’t accompany her back home as her fiancee, then he would be criticized.

Especially her uncle, Ding Zhen Ye. He keeps on lusting of her position.


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