Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 337

“With who?”

Su Ran was startled and remembered that day. She knew that Song Ting Yu always regarded Lin Cheng Huan as a taboo thing. She didn’t want to make trouble: “Just me and Wei Xi. I will not talk to you again. I will send him home first. Tonight you should go home earlier too. Auntie Fang already returns back to her hometown.”


Song Ting Yu hung up first.

Su Ran put the phone away and drove away.

She didn’t know that Song Ting Yu’s car stopped in the opposite of the playground so he watched the moment before.

Song Ting Yu finished his call and called Tang Zi Chu: “Check first what happened to Su Ran during my time in the detention center two years ago.”

He hung up and left.

For convenient in taking care of Song Wei Xi, Su Ran now basically in the morning will come to Song Ting Yu’s residence. Su Ran didn’t go to work temporarily to the dancing studio.

She entered the password and opened the door. Then she cautiously carried Song Wei Xi from the car inside. She sent him to his room and placed him on the bed. She took off his shoes.

Song Wei Xi hadn’t had his dinner. Su Ran worried that he would be hungry so she left his room and cooked a porridge.

The kitchen door was open, Su Ran heard a sound from outside. She knew Song Ting Yu had came home.

Yet she didn’t come out. That day they were unhappy with each other. Basically, he didn’t know how should she face this man.

Yet Song Ting Yu changed his shoes and went to the kitchen. He stood in front of the kitchen door and looked at the busy Su Ran.

Su Ran noticed his burning gaze, she took a deep breath and looked at Song Ting Yu. She smiled at him: “I’m cooking porridge for Wei Xi. At night he hasn’t had his dinner but he is asleep. I’m afraid that he will be hungry. Have you had your dinner? Do you want to eat something?”

“I haven’t ate anything.” Song Ting Yu said calmly. “Cook me a bowl of noodle, don’t you put any chopped onion.”

He said it and left the kitchen. He sat down in the living room.

Su Ran looked for a flatbread from the fridge and looked from egg and fresh vegetables. She cooked a simple egg noodle. She passed the chopsticks to him: “how can you haven’t had your dinner this late night? Eat it.”

Song Ting Yu was silent and just took the chopsticks. He started to eat.

He just ate two bite and stopped. He frowned.

Looking at his expression, Su Ran noticed something was wrong: “What’s wrong?”

He pressed his stomach, in a flash she understood: “Is it hurt?”

“Wait for a while.”

Su Ran left the dining room and went to the living room’s shelves. She looked for the medicine box. She opened it. It has a lot of things except medicine for stomachache.

“Just wait for me a while. I will go to the outside’s pharmacy to buy it. It will be quick.”

Su Ran wore her coat and UGG boots, then left.

Luckily there’s a pharmacy outside, so very quickly she bought it back. She noticed Song Ting Yu was still sitting in the living. The time she went to the kitchen to pour a glass water for him, she noticed Song Ting Yu just ate a bit of her cooked noodle. She felt sad.

She remember that in the past Song Ting Yu was so healthy, how can he change in two years?

Su Ran poured a glass of warm water for her and opened the package of the medicine. She passed it to him. “Come, eat this.”

Song Ting Yu opened his eyes and took the water and medicine. He took it.

Su Ran was worried about him: “How is it? Is it getting better?”

Song Ting Yu looked at him and didn’t say anything.

Su Ran wanted to stand up and went to make another bowl of noodle for him again. But he suddenly clutched her hands.

She lowered at him: “Let me make another bowl of noodle for you again. Are you rarely not eating during these two years? So your stomach is unhealthy now?”

“Are you feeling distress for me?” Song Ting Yu finally said it. His voice was hoarse.

“I am.” Su Ran didn’t avoid it. She looked at him.

“Distress?” Song Ting Yu looked disbelief at him. He pushed her hand away.

Su Ran was too occupied this moment to think about his feeling. She just went to the dining room then noticed the noodle had turned cold. For people with bad stomach, it’s not good to eat cold things.

She brought the noodle back inside and reheated again.

When she wanted to go inside and poured the noodle to the pot, she felt that she was hugged by someone from the back. It’s happening so suddenly. She screamed.

“Song Ting Yu….”

Song Ting Yu just kissed her. He kissed her powerfully and one of his hand clutched her waist, the other started to probe her.

His touch was cold and made her shivered.

“Song Ting Yu, don’t play around. Let me go first…”

Su Ran was struggling and Song Ting Yu just switched off the valve. He separated her legs and let her straddle his waist. He didn’t care about her struggle and carried her out of the kitchen to upstairs.

Su Ran noticed something wrong in his face. His face was so cold.

She was threw by him to the bed. He started to strip off his clothes and threw it all to the carpet.

Su Ran realized what would he do, so very quickly she wanted to climb off the bed. Very quickly Song Ting Yu used one of his hand to clutched her slender ankle and pulled her back. He pressed her down. With his cold expression, he started to take off her clothes.

This moment in his eyes, it seemed that her struggle was ineffective.

Su Ran was panic: “Song Ting Yu, don’t you play around? Can you calm down?”

He clutched her face and bit her lips: “Now I’m very calm. I know what I am doing.”

“I don’t want, I don’t want. Do you hear me?” Su Ran screamed and moved her face away from his kiss.


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