Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 336

Su Ran shook her head and smiled: “How can I be lonely? I have Wei Xi, I have you…”

“I’m afraid that I cannot accompany you for long time…”

Qiao Qing’s tone seemed a bit emotional. Su Ran knew that she was worried about her own health. Because she suffers heart disease, every time she gets attack, there’s a chance that she will be dead.

This is the reason why Qiao Qing wants Su Ran to look once again for her happiness.

“Ma, don’t you talk nonsense. You will be better. Both of you and Wei Xi will stay by my side…”

Qiao Qing sighed. She didn’t say anything. Anyway she knew that it was useless.

After they came out after washing the dishes, Su Ran went to the dining hall and noticed that Song Wei Xi’s favorite game two years ago. He didn’t take it when he left with Song Ting Yu.

She took the CD game and brought it to Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, do you remember this? In the past, you really like this game, you said that you will teach me. Now I still cannot play this game. Can you teach me?”

Song Wei Xi looked at the CD game and didn’t say anything.

Su Ran took it and played it.

The TV showed the game. Su Ran passed the console to Song Wei Xi: “Come, let’s play together.”

In the beginning, Song Wei Xi took the console and stared blankly at the TV. After a while, his fingers started to move, he started to play it.

Su Ran felt moved, she thought that later on she should take him to the place they used to play. Perhaps it can help somehow.

Even though Song Wei Xi never played that game for two years, but he was still an expert in it.

They both played for a while, then Su Ran’s phone rang. She answered: “Cheng Huan, you are back?”

“Yes, last night. Is Wei Xi beside you? Can I meet him?” Lin Cheng Huan’s legs had recovered well. But now he needs to go abroad to re-examine it every months. The time he was abroad, he got the news about Song Wei Xi. The time he returned, he was impatient to meet him.

Su Ran looked at the silence Song Wei Xi: “Okay, later on let’s meet in playground.”

Just in time she also wanted to take Song Wei Xi to the playground.

Song Wei Xi should never went to the playground in those two years. Previously his favorite place was playground. Would he remember something if she took him to the playground….

Song Ting Yu finished his meeting and it was already five o’clock in the afternoon.

Tang Zi Chu walked behind him and reported him about the progress of a project, he said: “Chief Song, Su Ran brought Wei Xi Su house for a while. At first she called you but because you left your phone in the office so she called me…”

Song Ting Yu nodded: “You ask someone to send them off?”

“Chief Song, don’t worry. I’ve arranged it. It will be okay.”

Tang Zi Chu is really a capable employee, Song Ting Yu believes him.

It was almost Chinese New Year, they had a lot of things to do. After finishing his meeting, Song Ting Yu still had a pile of work in his office.

He worked very hard. The time he raised his head, it was seven o’clock. He pressed his belly and remembered that he hadn’t have his dinner.

These two years because he was so busy. He rarely eats on time.

This time he really carved for Su Ran’s homemade noodle…..

Thinking of this, he couldn’t control his urge to call Su Ran.

Yet it was unanswered…

Could it be Su Ran hadn’t bring Song Wei Xi home/

He waited for a while and called another number.

It rang for a while: “Chief Song….”

“Where are Ms Su and little Mister going?”

“They are still in the playground. Chief Song, do I need to bring them back?”

“No, just send me the address. I will come over and pick them up.” Song Ting Yu closed the folder and leant on the chair.


The time Lin Cheng Huan took Song Wei Xi and Su Ran out from the playground, the sky was already dark.

“Do you want to eat out?”

Su Ran looked at Song Wei Xi. He seemed to be sleepy. This moment he leant on her shoulder.

“Next time. I will send Wei Xi home first. He is tired.” This afternoon, he ate a lot of dumplings at Su house. Supposedly he was not hungry. She wanted to send Song Wei Xi home first and cooked something for him. If he was hungry, he could eat it then.

Lin Cheng Huan stroked Song Wei Xi’s head and smiled: “Okay, just take him home for rest.”

“Let me send you guys home.”

Su Ran shook her head: “I bring my car. No need, you can go home first.”

Lin Cheng Huan nodded. He noticed Su Ran’s hair was in a mess. He extended his hand and tidy her hair up.

“I help you to carry Wei Xi. You can tie your hair first.”

Su Ran nodded. She passed Song Wei Xi over and tied her hair up. Then she said: “Let me.”

Lin Cheng Huan shook his head: “I will help you to carry him..”

“But your legs…” Su Ran worried about him and looked his both legs. He just recovered so Su Ran was afraid that he was not strong enough.

“Wei Xi are not that heavy. I can carry him slowly. No need to worry…”

Lin Cheng Huan shook his head and smiled. He carried him to the playground’s parking lot. He placed him inside the car and closed the door: “go back.”

“You also go back earlier and have a rest.” Su Ran smiled and got inside.

Lin Cheng Huan also went back, the time she started her car. Her phone rang, she looked at it. It was from Song Ting Yu. Supposedly he just finished his meeting.

“You finish your meeting?”

“Em, now where are you going to take Wei?”

“We are in the playground. We will go home now

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