Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 334

Song Ting Yu smiled: “It’s very simple because cigarette can numb a person’s nerve…..”

“Have a good rest. Don’t you be drunk again, also don’t smoke again, it’s not good for your health….”

Whenever she came over the house, she frequently noticed that the coffee table was full with glasses and ashtray with full of cigarette……

Song Ting Yu asked her: “Do you care?”

Su Ran bit her lips and looked at him: “It’s not my turn to care about you…”

Song Ting Yu dragged her arm closer and looked at her: “I just asked whether you care or not, don’t mention anyone else.”

Su Ran caught the pillow on the sofa and threw it at him, she yelled at him: “I care, I care okay?”

She hadn’t finished her words, once again her lips was kissed. Song Ting Yu smelt of cigarette. His kiss was different, before his kiss was full of lust and overbearing that she couldn’t bear it. But now his lips kissed her soft and tender.

Su Ran felt unease. She placed her hands on his back and clutched it tightly. This time she heard him said: “Tonight don’t go…”

She completely became sober and pushed him away.

“If you do this, you will be sorry toward Ms Ding..”

Song Ting Yu didn’t mind her words.

He didn’t pull her again, he just sat down on the sofa and looked at her.

“Su Ran.” He said lowly and hoarsely: “If I give you one more chance, will you be together with me? If there’s no Ding Chen, will you?”

Su Ran’s little face paled up……

Two years ago, it was her that let him go. That time she didn’t want to tell Song Ting Yu all of it and also she wanted him to go relievedly. He can go away with his resentment toward her. It’s better then he came over to look for Gu Dong Cheng. That time he needed to leave An City because the time he leaves, he can return with better thing.

Now, she didn’t want to clutch to his hand because she didn’t want to tell him about that matter. Despite knowing that he already changed to be stronger and he came back to take over everything that was hiss, yet she didn’t want him to know the things that she couldn’t bear…..

So even though there’s no Ding Chen, it’s hard for her to capture his hand…….

Moreover now he had Ding Chen…..

“Will you?” Song Ting Yu asked once again.

Su Ran lowered her head and be silent.

Song Ting Yu suddenly laughed coldly and loudly: “Look, I clearly know your answer but I still asked it out. Su Ran, what are you hiding from me? Two years ago, you didn’t want to tell me, after two years you are still not willing to tell me! You think that I couldn’t check it out? I really want to know why did you let my hands go? And now you still unwilling to take my hand? What is your reason? Is it because you don’t have feeling anymore for me?”

“It’s been two years. Feeling can be bland. Moreover, these two years, you’d disappeared….” Su Ran very surprised that she can be so calm.

The time she said something against her will, how can she be so calm?

“Since you already have no feeling for me? Then why don’t you look for another one? Why are you still waiting.”

“Song Ting Yu, I don’t wait for you?”

“You just haven’t encountered someone that suit you? If you encounter him earlier, then you will definitely be together with him?”

Song Ting Yu just said those word to himself, he didn’t wait for her answer. He just stood up and went upstairs.

Su Ran just looked at his figure, he slowly disappeared in front of her. She covered her face and after a while, she took a tissue and wiped her tears. Then she left.

It’s almost Chinese New Years. Because Auntie Fang is not from An city and she used to spend her Chinese New Years at her hometown, she came back to her hometown for celebrating it. She could only find the ticket ten days in advance. So she needed to ask for leave, yet she was worried about Song Wei Xi…

Su Ran knew about her condition so she asked her to go home. Su Ran said that she would take care of Wei Xi.

“But, Ms Su….”

Su Ran is Song Wei Xi’s Mama, of course she can take a good care of Song Wei Xi. But now she and Song Ting Yu lived in two different place. It’s inconvenient for her to go back and forth.

“It’s okay. I will take a good care of him. Song Ting Yu also is very busy. I can ask him to bring Song Wei Xi back to Su house to stay for a while.” Although Song Wei Xi now didn’t respond her.

It’s clear he started to accept her again.

The time he made noice, Su Ran could pamper him and he was quite obedience toward her.

“Then it’s okay. Ms Su, sorry to trouble you…”

Su Ran shook her head: “No, it’s not. Isn’t your train board at this afternoon. Then now you can go home first to pack up. Don’t delay again…”

Auntie Fang nodded and said goodbye to Song Wei Xi, then busily she left.

After Auntie Fang left, Su Ran sat down beside Song Wei Xi: “Wei Xi, grandma said that she wants to meet you. Let’s go to Su house for a while okay?”

Of course Song Wei Xi didn’t answer her. Su Ran stroked his head……. then she gazed toward the other room…..

Since the last time, she never met him again….

Every time she came to accompany Wei Xi, he wasn’t home. At night she returned home, he would just come back home……

Su Ran knew that he was so busy. He didn’t only prepare to balance Tian Hai group’s matter, he also prepared himself to fight with Gu Dong Cheng. In the past she heard that Tian Hai group and Gu company were in a fight.

Since Tian Hai group took over one of Gu company’s project, everyone knew that they fought each other….

The time Song Ting Yu disappeared, both Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu never stopped to look for evidence. Mu Chu Cheng also helped them to find Song Ting Yu.

Yet the time this man wanted to play “disappearing act”, no one could find him.

Gu Dong Cheng also did his action so cautiously and detailed so basically he didn’t leave any trace. The death of Madame Song was still unsolved for two years.

This time Song Ting Yu returned, he definitely would take revenge for Madame Song…….

His fight with Gu Dong Cheng would have a result. They are waiting for it!

He killed a lot of people and harmed a lot of people…..

At last, he definitely would get judgement!

Su Ran prepared to bring Song Wei Xi home. Since the time Qiao Qing knew about Song Ting Yu’s return, she always wanted to meet Song Wei Xi…

Su Ran took her phone to call Song Ting Yu, but it was unanswered. She called him several time but it was still unanswered. When she was helpless, she finally decided to call Tang Zi Chu.

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