Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 332

Song Wei Xi sat again on the sofa and drew again. He seemed to be disinterested on what happened.

Su Ran slowly moved closer to him, she sat beside him. She said to him: “Wei Xi, what are you drawing? Let me take a look for awhile okay?”

Song Ting Yu said previously that in the past if Song Wei Xi heard anyone said “Mama…” He would respond emotionally so she didn’t dare to do it.

She moved her head closer and seemed to hold her breath. She was really afraid that Song Wei Xi will push her away and reject her closeness but luckily, Song Wei Xi didn’t…

Even though Song Wei Xi didn’t raise his head and kept on drawing. Yet Su Ran was so happy for this matter.

After Song Ting Yu returned back the first aid kit, he looked at how bright Su Ran’s eyes were, he shook his head: “You are just like an idiot.”

His voice was not light, Su Ran could hear it. She raised her head and glared at him. Then she lowered her head and continued to watch Song Wei Xi.

Actually she didn’t know how should she interact with Song Wei Xi so she needed to read and research from the books she bought in the morning.

“Wei Xi, draw slowly…”

She remembered one thing, she stood up and went toward Song Ting Yu. He was sitting down on the sofa and reading his paper, she sat down beside him: “I’ve something to say to you.”

Song Ting Yu didn’t raise his head and just said: “Say it.”

“Maybe in Wei Xi’s current condition, he needs someone as his age to accompany him so perhaps we can take him to Jiang city…”

Song Ting Yu finally raised his head: “It almost winter vacation right?”

Su Ran didn’t expect that he would ask that question. She was startled but then she nodded.

“In the morning I’ve called Mu Chu Cheng to bring his daughter to An City when it is Winter vacation. In Wei Xi’s current condition, it’s better than we don’t take him anywhere, we just could ask for Mu Chu Cheng’s help to bring Xi Nuan Nuan back…” the time Xi Nuan Nuan knew that Song Wei Xi was back, she kept on insisting to come…

Su Ran nodded: “Okay.”

The time she left after the lunch, she once again called Xi He. At first she wanted to thank her, yet Xi He told her that she also planned to take Xi Nuan Nuan back in the first place.

Su Ran didn’t know whether she said it purposely or not. Xi He didn’t have any relative in An City. She also wasn’t born in An City. She just moved here for several years, but she shouldn’t have any special affection toward this place.

She should be wanting to take Xi Nuan Nuan here to meet Song Wei Xi to let them interact with each other.

Su Ran was so grateful.

These days, every afternoon and night Su Ran would go to Song Ting Yu’s residence to cook and interact with Song Wei Xi.

Although Song Wei Xi didn’t really communicate with her but he didn’t reject her.

Song Ting Yu would also come back for lunch sometimes, and sometimes he wouldn’t. Tian Hai group had established company here. He basically was very busy every night.

Since being purchased by Tian Hai group, Su company also finally got opportunity to recover.

Ding Chen handled Su company’s matter. She didn’t change any administration or policy.

Uncle Luo also still stayed in Su company so Su Ran was quite relax.

She could accompany Song Wei Xi.

When it was winter vacation, Xi He indeed brought Xi Nuan Nuan to An city.

Comparing to previous two years, Xi Nuan Nuan had lost a lot of weight and also be taller. Her hair was shoulder-length long. Now she is a slender and elegant girl….

If Xi Nuan Nuan didn’t say anything, everyone will think that she is a gentle and quite girl. Yet when she said something, people’s image will break apart soon….

Today she met Song Wei Xi. She was like previous two years ago, she kept on calling him: “Brother Wei Xi.”

Perhaps two years ago, Song Wei Xi will roll his eyes, but now he was unresponsive.

Luckily Xi Nuan Nuan is a completely strong girl, so she doesn’t really care about Song Wei Xi’s attitude toward her. She kept on following him and staying beside him. No matter what he did, she would sit down and watch him.

Sogn Wei Xi didn’t communicate with her, but it was noticeable that he didn’t reject her. If not he will directly push her away.

He wouldn’t let her be noisy beside him. Xi Nuan Nuan is like a sparrow.

Didn’t know whether he remembers her or not……..

Xi He looked at Su Ran: “I heard from Mu Chu Cheng that Song Ting Yu has a fiancee back at Singapore?”

Su Ran was startled and nodded.

Xi He sighed and didn’t know how should she respond.

Now for Su Ran, she just wanted Song Wei Xi to recover, she didn’t think too much…….

Xi He brought Xi Nuan Nuan to stay here for a period fo time. But because it was almost Spring festival so Mu Chu Cheng came to pick up both of them two return back to Jiang City.

Ding Cheng also would return back to Singapore so Su Ran was worried that Song Ting Yu would bring her back to Singapore.

She was becoming more and more worried as the Spring festival came closer.

She was afraid that if Song Ting Yu took Song Wei Xi to Singapore, how long would be until them time she could meet Song Wei Xi again.

It was difficult for her to interact and get close to him. She was afraid that she would need to start over.

She kept on thinking to look for a chance to ask Song Ting Yu but he seemed to be very busy and always returned home late at night. He also didn’t return for the lunch so Su Ran couldn’t find an appropriate chance to ask.

As it used to be when Song Wei Xi fell asleep, Su Ran would come home and Auntie Fang would take care of Song Wei Xi .

Yet tonight Auntie Fang had things to do and Song Ting Yu seemed to be in a business gathering so even it’s late at night he hadn’t returned. Su Ran knew that Auntie Fang was worried so she let her go home first. She stayed and took care of Song Wei Xi

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