Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 331


Tian Mi didn’t know how was Song Wei Xi. The time she heard about Su Ran had met him. She immediately asked to meet him.

After all it’s been two years, Tian Mi also missed him a lot.

Su Ran sighed and told her the simpler vision…..

Tian Mi bit her lips: “Gu Dong Cheng that bastard, he needs to die… if it’s not him, Song Ting Yu wouldn’t disappear for two years. Wei Xi would not experience all of this. Now how can this be. He will die in a messy way! Definitely!”

Now he was an aggressive man, she really wants to see his downfall.

She is wanting to see that day……..

Today she still couldn’t be free from Mrs Gu title. She felt this is her utter humiliation.

Knowing him is her greatest unlucky thing.

“Then can I come to see him?” Tian Mi asked cautiously.

“Next time maybe.” Su Ran knew that with his condition now, he likes calmness more. Now she wanted to come over to accompany him everyday. She wanted to wait until he is familiar of her and let anyone else meet him.

“Okay, I think it’s better. Let’s wait until he is stable.” Tian Mi comforted Su Ran “Ran Ran, don’t be to worry. Wei Xi will get better…”

Su Ran smiled bitterly. Didn’t know how many time she heard those sentence….

She also said that words to herself. Yes, Wei Xi will definitely get better and recover……..

“Why don’t you call his friends?” Tian Mi thought of a way: “Before Xi Nuan Nuan always likes to mingle with him. If Xi Nuan Nuan is here, it will be better…. sometimes, being together with the same age person will beneficial for little kid….”

Tian Mi sounded sorry: “But Xi Nuan Nuan and Xi He already brought back to Jiang City…”

Su Ran also felt it’s a good way. She wanted to let Song Wei Xi to meet friends that he interacted before. Maybe it will be beneficial for him.

“Next time I will call Xi He.”


Su Ran left the office. Originally she wanted to go to Song Ting Yu’s house and bought some ingredients to cook. But on the way, she got a call from Auntie Fang that say she already helped to buy ingredient for her.

She drove to Song Ting Yu’s house and personally keyed in the password and opened the door.

Actually she was quite nervous.

Because even Song Wei Xi didn’t react too emotional this morning, but she didn’t know how he would react today…

If today he rejected her again like yesterday, she really didn’t know what should she do to get close to him…….

Yet luckily, she opened the door cautiously. Song Wei Xi was sitting on the carpet in the living room. The time she got inside, he didn’t raise his head.

Su Ran looked at him for a while then went to the kitchen.

Although she really wanted to touch him, but she didn’t dare.

She felt happy now that even just like this.

She got inside the kitchen and said to Auntie Fang: “Auntie Fang, you just come out and accompany Wei Xi. I can do this.”

“Okay, Ms Su knows more about Mister and Young Mister’s taste….”

Su Ran was startled: “Song Ting Yu will also come back for lunch?”

“At first Mister will not return, but today he said that he will….”

Su Ran nodded and started to cook.

Su Ran looked outside and noticed Song Wei Xi was still drawing. Although Auntie Fang accompanied him, but he didn’t interact with her.

The time she went to the office, she bought a book about traumatic children. She read it for the whole morning…….

She knew that in Singapore, Song Ting Yu used to send him to the special school but it didn’t change anything….

Su Ran thought about it. Later at night she will call Xi He…….

Actually know Xi Nuan Nuan and XI He lives in Jiang city. Xi Nuan Nuan entered school there. If she asked them to come, it might be troublesome, but Su Ran couldn’t think of any other way….

Probably because she was thinking about other thing, the time she cut vegetables, she cut her finger. The blood seeped out. Because of the pain, she let go of the knife and it fell down.

Auntie Fang and Song Ting Yu, who was just come home was startled.

Song Ting Yu paced quickly to the kitchen and noticed Su Ran’s finger was bleeding. She frowned and pressed her finger.

Song Ting Yu came over and looked at the finger: “How can you be so careless…”

Su Ran didn’t say anything. He pulled her hand and opened the tap to let the water washed away the injury. He said: Auntie Fang, take the first aid kit.”

“Okay, Mister.”

Song Ting Yu helped to treat her wound and let her sit down on the sofa.

The time he applied the cream, her tears fell down.

She noticed that Song Wei Xi looked at her.

Even it was not really lively expression, but he noticed her presence. Su Ran felt happy instantly. She didn’t feel the pain anymore until suddenly Song Ting Yu pressed her wound. She then looked at Song Ting Yu.

“What are you doing?”

“Before didn’t you laugh like stupid? I thought you are not in pain anymore.” Song Ting Yu said.

Su Ran answered him: “You try it!”

Not hurt? How can it’s not painful?

Song Ting Yu finally wrapped her wound up then despised her : “Careless.”

Su Ran: “…….”

Auntie Fang said hurriedly : “No need to go again, I will get it ready. You just take a rest.”

Su Ran sighed and looked at her injured finger. She shook her head.

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