Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 327

“What is it? I can….”

He hadn’t finished his words, Su Ran just rejected: “No need I can go by myself.”

“Ran Ran, honestly I am interested of you. But I don’t know what about you?” Xu Wei also isn’t a blind. Even he is slow, but he knows that Su Ran isn’t interested of him.

Su Ran looked at him: “I’m sorry. Now for temporarily I don’t want to date. So sorry to waste your time. I’m very sorry….”

Xu Wei is a quite easy-mannered guy, he smiled: “You don’t like me so you apologize me?”

Su Ran smiled.

She noticed Song Ting Yu and Ding Chen had finished their dinner. They were paying and preparing to go back. She said: “Xu Wei, you can go back first.”

She chased after them hurriedly. Yet when she was out, she couldn’t find them. How could they walk so fast?

She had used her fastest speed, how can she lost them.

When she was in despair, a car stopped beside her. The car’s window was lowered. It showed Ding Chen’s face: “Ms Su, Ting Yu let you to get on the car. He said that he will take you to meet Wei Xi.”

Su Ran nodded and opened the backseat’s door.

Although she was not really comfortable when she heard Ding Chen’s words, but she didn’t care too much. She just wanted to meet Song Wei Xi.

She misses him too much.

Su Ran sat on the backseat and stayed silent. In the front seat, Song Ting Yu and Ding Chen discussed a lot of things. Although majority of time it was Ding Chen who was talking and Song Ting Yu was answering her question.

Su Ran leant on the window and looked at the scenery outside. She tried so hard to not listen to both of them.

Being like this indeed let herself to feel she is a stranger to both of them.

The car stopped and Su Ran looked around. Ding Chen turned her back and waved at her: “Ms Su, goodbye.”

Su Ran was startled for a while: “Goodbye.”

Ding Chen opened the door and got off the car and she walked toward that house and opened the door.

Ding Chen doesn’t living together with Song Ting Yu?

Song Ting Yu waited until Ding Chen went inside and said to her:”Su Ran, sit in front.”

Su Ran didn’t know why he asked her to move, yet she didn’t think too much and just got off. She moved to the front seat.

Song Ting Yu looked at her and drove away.

Without Ding Chen, the atmosphere inside the car turned very quiet. Song Ting Yu and Su Ran didn’t say anything to each other.

Song Ting Yu drove silently back toward his house in An City. It’s a villa. The door was locked by password. He entered the password and got inside. He said: “Get in.”

Su Ran nodded and followed him.

Song Ting Yu changed his shoes and took another woman cotton slipper. He placed it in front of Su Ran and didn’t mind her anymore.

Su Ran lowered her head to see it. She took off her shoes but didn’t wear the slippers. She just kept her socks on.

The slipper supposedly was Ding Chen, she didn’t want to wear it…..

She already noticed that Song Ting Yu was going up. She followed him. But she didn’t know which room Song Ting Yu in. When she was doubting, he came out of the room and folded his arms. He was examining her legs: “Why don’t you wear the slipper?”

Su Ran felt her excuse to be ridiculous but she still said it: “I don’t want to wear it.”

“You don’t want to wear it?” Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows: “Go down and wear it, if not dream on to meet Wei Xi.”


Su Ran bit her lips and finally she went down and wore the slippers. The time she stepped on it, she noticed something. She frowned and noticed the slipper has the tag on….

She was startled…..

So this was not Ding Chen, this is new slipper……

Su Ran threw the tag to the trash bit and impatiently she went upstair. Song Ting Yu stood there and waited for her.

Su Ran knew that Song Wei Xi was inside.

Su Ran controlled her breath. Song Ting Yu went to the side to let her get inside and passed him. Su Ran got inside the room.

Indeed SuR an looked Song Wei Xi inside. He was sleeping. She also noticed Auntie Fang. Probably Song Ting Yu called her to look after Song Wei Xi. After all, Auntie Fang had took a good care for before those bad things happened.

Auntie Fang is experienced one, Song Wei Xi likes her.

Auntie Fang covered Song Wei Xi with blanket and looked at Su Ran’s figure: “Mrs!” She was surprised but she recognized something was wrong so she changed: “Ms Su, you are here…”

Su Ran smiled: “Auntie Fang.”

“Mister, since you are back then I will go home first. Tomorrow I will come again and take care of young Mister.”

Song Ting Yu nodded: “Okay, be careful.”

Auntie Fang also said her goodbye to Su Ran.

Since Su Ran got inside, her eyes couldn’t leave that little figure. She didn’t even response when Auntie Fang said goodbye.

She slowly moved toward the bed and finally could see his face. Su Ran was teary. Her tears fell down.

Su Ran sat on the bedside and looked at him. She even was afraid to blink because she feared that he will disappear.

These two years, she had a lot dreams about this.

Song Wei Xi, her son. He returned to her side, now he was in front of her.

She extended her hand and cautiously touched his hand. She placed his hand on hers.

She wanted to hug him for a while but she was afraid to wake him up.

“Wei Xi…” Her voice was soft.

She wiped her tears and noticed that Song Ting Yu was standing beside the bedside and looking at both of them.

Song Wei didn’t sleep so heavily. Didn’t know whether he was having a nightmare or not. She noticed his little eyebrows suddenly frowned. His hand was slapping like he was struggling to be free. His little mouth was saying something.

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