Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 326

She couldn’t find him so she just call him.

She took a deep breath and called that number. The phone rang, Song Ting Yu said: “Hello.”

“Song Ting Yu, it’s me Su Ran.”

“I know.”

Su Ran was startled and heard the silence on the other side: “You remember my number…”

“……..” Su Ran felt so sad.

“I got your number from Zi Chu. I just want to ask you, when can I meet Wei Xi?”

“You really miss him?”

“I miss him. Every night in my dream I miss him….” She immediately nodded.

“Then what about me?”

She didn’t expect that he suddenly will say that. Su Ran was startled. When she thought about how should she answer that. Her room’s door was opened and Qiao Qing entered.

“Ran Ran, Xu Wei asks you out for dinner tomorrow. Don’t forget…”

Qiao Qing’s voice was quite loud, Su Ran felt unease: “Ma….!”

“What is it? Remember tomorrow night dinner. Don’t you miss it. That time when you are sick, he stayed there to take care of you. When you are well now, you should treat him a meal. How could you use all sorts of excuses to not treat him? You really….” Until now, Qiao Qing didn’t know that Su Ran was in call with Song Ting Yu.

Su Ran was worried and listened to her phone. She noticed that Song Ting Yu hung up.

Su Ran was choked.

Qiao Qing came over: “Why? What happened to you?”

Su Ran was helpless and raised her head: “Ma, regarding the blind date, why don’t you let me decide it?”

“Looking at your personality, if I let you to decide alone, when will it happen? Xu Wei is a good man, you need to hold on….:

Su Ran threw her phone away: “I want to sleep now. Before you leave, help me to turn off the light.”


After Qiao Qing left and turned off the light. She took the phone again and entered the password. She tried to call him again.

But Song Ting Yu’s phone was off!

He definitely heard about Qiao Qing’s words so he hung up and switched it off…..

Su Ran muttered: “Doesn’t he have a fiancee? Wouldn’t he get marry soon? He still cares whether I miss him or not? How about I go on blind date?”

She tried several time to call again, then she gave up. She threw the phone away and closed her eyes.

The next day Su Ran was in her office. Qiao Qing called several times to remind her about her dinner date with Xu Wei. Su Ran said that she wouldn’t miss it.

She didn’t agree to have a dinner with Xu Wei, it’s Qiao Qing and Auntie Wang’s plan.

The time she went out from the dancing studio, she just realized that she had wrong prediction…..

Because Xu Wei’s car stopped in front of her dancing studio. He was waiting for her.

Su Ran wanted to pretend that she didn’t notice it so she took a detour. Yet Xu Wei already noticed her. He got off the car and opened the car for her: “Ran Ran, I come to pick you up for dinner.”

Su Ran couldn’t avoid her and came over. She got in the car: “Thank you.”

Xu Wei got in the car and drove away: “What do you want to eat?”

“Anything is okay. I am not picky.” Su Ran leant on the window in low spirt….

At last Xu Wei took Su Ran to a newly-opened restaurant.

She had heard about this restaurant from Tian Mi. The time it was opened, Tian Mi, that foodie, loves it so much.

Xu Wei brought her supposedly because of his research….

Xu Wei passed the menu to her and wanted her to order.

Su Ran nodded and ordered several dishes. Then passed to Xu Wei : “Look it.”

“You order everything that I like.” Xu Wei didn’t look at it and let the waiter retold the dishes Su Ran ordered.

“Do you want to drink beer?”

Su Ran shook her head: “No. you need to drive.”

The dishes came out. Even it seemed to be so good but Su Ran didn’t have any appetite. Then suddenly she felt a hot gaze looking at her. Her heart was beating so fast. She raised her head and looked at that man. Their gazes met each other.

Xu Wei was talking with Su Ran. Although she didn’t talk a lot. Now she didn’t respond to his words. He felt strange so he raised his head and looked at Su Ran.

“Ran Ran, what is it?”

Su Ran didn’t answer and he looked at other corner.

Not far away, there’s a table. Song Ting Yu was having dinner with a beautiful short-haired girl.

Song Ting Yu put down his fork and knife. He was drinking wine and swayed the glass lightly. He was watching Su Ran.

Xu Wei didn’t expect to meet them.

Su Ran seemed to be affected by their presence.

“Ran Ran, are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Su Ran coughed lightly. This moment she thought, it’s a rare chance that she could meet Song Ting Yu so later on she wanted to stop him to bring her to meet Song Wei Xi.

At first she had no appetite but now meeting Song Ting Yu and Ding Chen. Su Ran had lost all of her appetite. She put down her fork and looked with rapt attention to Song Ting Yu.

She was afraid that will he go away.

“Ran Ran, you will not eat again?”

“I will not eat, I’m full…..” Su Ran shook her head: “Xu Wei, later on you can go home first. I’m okay…..”

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