Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 325

Gu Dong Cheng is someone that has no boundary. These two years, all the people in An City knows about this.

“So what you are saying is Chief Qian is not willing to cooperate with me?” Gu Dong Cheng narrowed his eyes and laughed dangerously.

“Mr Gu, don’t you understand what Chief Qian said. Cooperation should be mutually agreed. Couldn’t you understand his words? Or you didn’t hear it? He clearly tells you that he doesn’t want to cooperate with you, do you understand?” Ding Chen smiled: “Someone like you shouldn’t do business. You will make your business partners to run because they are fear of you….”

Gu Dong Cheng shook his head and snorted: “Ms Ding has a really sharp mouth. Ting Yu, no wonder you like her. But in the past, I remember that you don’t like a strong woman, right? Do you still remember what happened in jewelry store in the past time? It’s too popular. Chief Qian should remember it too right?”

Ding Chen was still smiling and answered him: “Mr Gu means Ting Yu’s ex-wife Su Ran right? Ting Yu has told me about her. For that matter Ting Yu almost forgets it all. It’s hard to think that Mr Gu still remembers those thing that clearly….”

Gu Dong Cheng’s eyes turned, but he still kept his smile.

“If Mr Gu today comes to talk about the project, then it’s not really a good thing. We just signed the contract with Chief Qian.” Ding Chen dropped the bomb.

She really wanted to see what would Gu Dong Cheng do today, when would he crack!

Gu Dong Cheng’s face changed completely. He immediately turned his head to see Chief Qian: “Are you playing with me?”

“Chief Gu, how could you say something like that to me? I’ve never said to you that I will ask you out for talking about that project. I just want to treat you a dinner…”

Song Ting Yu suddenly said teasingly: “Gu Dong Cheng, you really couldn’t admit your lost. But what should we do? There will be a time in the future when you will lose everything, how can you climb up again? But don’t worry, I will not give you a chance to climb up. I will let you be in the ground forever, what do you think?”

Gu Dong Cheng stood up and lifted up the whole table. He raised his eyebrows and looked Song Ting Yu: “Then I will look forward of it, this game is getting more interesting. Song Ting Yu, since you are back, let’s play again. Don’t you retreat. I will give my in all to play with you…”

He said it then took his coat and left the room.

Chief Qian looked at the messy table and remembered Gu Dong Cheng’s expression. He couldn’t help but to feel worried. He didn’t know whether that dangerous man will look for revenge.

“Chief Song, this…”

“Don’t worry, this is between me and him…”

Ding Chen followed him to leave the restaurant.

Ding Chen knew that Song Ting Yu’s return this time is for handle Gu Dong Cheng and take back everything that belong to their Song family.

But now Song Ting Yu wanted to compete with Gu company, which previously Song company. Ding Chen couldn’t help but to worry: “If we keep on attacking Gu Dong Cheng from business matter, that time wouldn’t it be…”

Song Ting Yu drove away and turned his head to see her: “You are afraid that Song company will be affected?

Ding Chen nodded. After all Song company was in Gu Dong Cheng’s control. He also changed the name….

“Even Song company is bankrupt, I also don’t feel afraid…” Song Ting Yu said calmly.

Ding Chen knew that she had overthought it. She thought that with Song Ting Yu’s power, he should be helped Song company to recover.

“Let me send you home.” Ding Chen came over to An City, but she didn’t leave with Song Ting Yu.

“I want to see Wei Xi.”

Song Ting Yu looked at the window: “It’s too late, just next day.”

Ding Chen smiled: “Now you are back, it seems the whole An city knows about it. You are worried that my coming to your place would be made the media published article? You are afraid that Su Ran will see it? That she feels sad?”

Song Ting Yu just regarded her words as a joke and didn’t say anything.

“Papa has passed for a year. I am really grateful to you. If it’s not you, I cannot imagine how Tian Hai be….” DIng Chen thought about those moment.

“It’s reciprocal. No worries.”

Ding Chen shook her head. Two years ago, she was travelled to Thailand. The time she shopped at that tax-free department store, suddenly there was gun fight. Because her status is quite special, her father always let bodyguards to follow her. The time she was escaping she encountered the dying Song Ting Yu. That time she helped him. After that until know, she is thankful about her action. If that time she just cared about herself and ran away. Perhaps she wouldn’t take control of Tian Hai, Tian Hai would be snatched away by her uncle….

Song Ting Yu was unconscious for a half year, then he looked for Song Wei Xi. For this man, her father really likes him. There’s a lot of time that he expressed his wish that they could be together. But Song Ting Yu is indifferent. Until a year ago, her father suddenly had a car accident. Before he dead, he looked for her and Song Ting Yu to chat. He hopes that Song Ting Yu can help Ding Chen to take over Tian Hai. He hopes that he could marry her.

Yet Song Ting Yu shook his head and rejected the idea. He couldn’t marry Ding Chen. He just thought of away, he would be Ding Chen’s fake fiancee until Ding Chen could control Tian Hai and get a stable position and respect.

That time in a lot of people’s eyes, Song Ting Yu can be successful again because of Ding Chen and Ding You Ye.

But it’s only Ding Chen knows that Song Ting Yu didn’t care about all of those things. If it’s not because her help, he wouldn’t live at Singapore or stay at Tian Hai.

If there’s no him, Tian Hai will be in her Uncle’s hand.

Because of Song Ting Yu’s abilities, he can do a lot of things. He doesn’t need status to stay at Tian Hai.

Ding Chen actually knows that Song Ting Yu also has another motive which is to look for Song Wei Xi.

“No, I think Tian Hai will turn….”

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything and just drove her home. He stopped in front of the house: “When will you return to Singapore?”

Ding Chen unbuckled her seatbelt and snorted: “Why? You feel my presence will hinder your reconcilement with your ex-wife?”

Song Ting Yu regarded her as his little sister. He just smiled and rubbed her head: “Go home and have a rest. Night.”

Su Ran looked at the message on her phone. It’s Song Ting Yu’s new number that she got from Tang Zi Chu.

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  1. Dong Cheng is like a poisonous octopus. He has tentacles everywhere. He will now try to use the uncle of Ding Chen to attack. What about Su Ran? Will he release those pictures?


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