Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 324

For “fiancee” this word, Song Ting Yu actually doesn’t really like it, so he just frowned.

Ding Chen also a woman that could read people’s mind. After she recognized Song Ting Yu’s feeling, she didn’t joke around anymore. She changed the topic: “That project, is there any certainty?”

Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrows and turned his head to her. He asked: “What do you think?”

“Yes!” Ding Chen said while laughing loudly.

Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes and his eyes showed a danger rays of light.

He is really expecting his meeting with Gu Dong Cheng. He wanted to see Gu Dong Cheng’s expression when he saw him again. ……

Remembering about this, Song Ting Yu showed his cold smile.

Gu Dong Cheng was on business trip for several days then he returned back to An city. Yet he got a call to report a bad news.

He came out of the airport: “How could it be snatched away? What’s the point of employing you guys as useless people? Have they signed the contract?”

“Not yet.”

“They haven’t signed it, it means that we still have away, useless!” Gu Dong Cheng let his people to put the baggage on the trunk. He opened the car and got in: “Help me to contact Chief Qian to meet up. I need to take this project. Oh right, who snatch this project? Which domestic company?”

“Not domestic, it’s Singapore-based company. It’s called Tian Hai group…”

“Tian Hia group?” Gu Dong Cheng frowned. Today he just heard the news Tian Hai group purchased Su company. Now they want to snatch his project? Too hillarious!

“Now send me all the materials about Tian Hai group in shortest time.”

Gu Dong Cheng said it then hung up. He turned on his computer. Gao Sheng’s speed is quick, he quickly gathered all the information about Tia Hai.

Tian Hai is established by Ding family, who is ethnic Chinese person lives in Singapore. He is popular in Singapore. Last year Ding You Ye is dead and Tian Hai is being passed to his only daughter, Ding Chen.

But Ding Chen’s position was not really steady because Ding You Ye has a brother, Ding Chen’s uncle. He kept on eyeing Tian Hai to be his!

After Gu Dong Cheng read it all, he called Chief Qian. Chief Qian seemed to be so polite: “Chief Gu, it’s too modest. You wants to treat me a meal.”

“I should be.” Gu Dong Cheng smiled: “Recently I was so busy with the business trip. It’s been a long time since our last dinner. I just returned back, let’s have dinner together?”

“It’s not in time. Tian Hai group also invited me to the dinner. They seem to be so interested in our project, if not would Chief Gu like to join?”

Gu Dong Cheng also wanted to know more about this Tian Hia group. Unexpectedly they wanted to snatch his project away. He smiled coldly: “Of course.”

He hung up. Then shortly he got the message about their dinner business meeting’s location. He didn’t return to the office and just let the driver to drive to Chief Qian.

Gu Dong Cheng arrived at the designated private room. The waiter helped him to open the door.

He hadn’t entered the room and heard: “Chief Qian…”

The time Chief Qian moved away. He finally now could see him completely.

Actually Gu Dong Cheng is someone that understands deeply about how to hide his deep intention. The time he saw that man clearly, his eyes showed his shock expression. But he is quick in hiding his expression.

But Song Ting Yu still seized the opportunity.

Chief Qian pointed to a seat: “Chief Gu is here. Please sit down.”

Gu Dong Cheng entered the room and sat down. He looked at Song Ting Yu and noticed a woman beside her. He had seen the photo of this woman, it’s Ding Chen of Tian Hai’s group.

Gu Dong Cheng felt that he had belittled Song Ting Yu. He disappeared for two years. Everyone thought that he was dead, but he unexpectedly appeared in front of him.

No wonder he wanted to snatch his project!

It turned out that Song Ting Yu is cooperating with Tian Hai group.

Chief Qian smiled: “Chief Song, Chief Gu, you both have meet before right. I don’t need to introduce you guys right?”

“Chief Qian is really good at joking. Since you know from the start that Chief Song is Tian Hai group then you should tell me earlier. We know each other.” Gu Dong Cheng sat down and smiled.

Chief Qian was somewhat embarrassed and rubbed his face: “I admit it, I joked a little bit. But everyone is An city people right? Chief Song had left An City for a long time, it’s good to have a dinner gathering right…”

Chief Qian said it and let people to take several bottles to go inside. It’s clear that he is happy and excited. He also personally poured two glasses for Song Ting Yu and Gu Dong Cheng: “Come on, Chief Song, Chieg Gu, Ms Ding. Let’s have a toast. Today we shouldn’t go back if we haven’t be drunk. Today I am really happy…

Gu Dong Cheng stopped Chief Qian: “Chief Qian, today we are discussing serious matter, it’s not good if we are drunk.”

Chief Qian was startled and looked at Song Ting Yu and DIng Chen: “What’s serious matter, I just invited you to have dinner…..”

“I come here tonight. First is accompanying Chief Qian to have dinner. Second, regarding the project, Chief Qian. We should discuss it. In the past, didn’t we agree about all the conditions. How come after I came back from my business trip, you start to change your mind?”

Song Ting Yu kept on being quiet from the start. He just smiled and smoked. He leant on his chair. He placed his hand on the table and seemed to be indifferent and calm. He watched both of them.

Ding Chen also seems to enjoying herself. She propped up his chin and watched them.

Chief Qian’s face turned dark: “Chief Gu, what are you talking about? I’m not changing my mind. In the past, we haven’t really decide about it. You just chatted for a while with before your business trip. Moreover, that time you also didn’t come to the reception we held in Singapore. You seem to not really care about it. But Chief Song and Ms Ding are different. They both are sincere. So Chief Gu for the cooperation, it should be mutual consent right?”

Chief Qian knows what type of person Gu Dong Cheng is, he is a person that appears noble. He can do any dirty tricks. Moreover he is treacherous and murderous. Actually he also quite afraid that Gu Dong Cheng would take revenge on him because he decides to cooperate with Song Ting Yu. But he has no other way, in the same time he also afraid that if he cooperates with Gu Dong Cheng, in the future he will be over, so what should he do?

He chooses Song Ting Yu also because his consideration. Although Song Ting Yu had left for two years. He disappeared for two years but now he is return and yet he came with the identity of being a fiancee of the Tian Hai’s successor. Thinking about this he thought that Song Ting Yu is a powerful man. He shouldn’t look down on him. Moreover, in the past he had a contract with him. Although Song Ting Yu’s tricks were also ruthless but he also success and he has his own principle.

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