Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 321

Song Ting Yu watched Xu Wei left and stayed calm: “He is skinny like a bamboo pole, can he carry you up? You always enjoy a good treatment, are you sure he can satisfy you?”

Su Ran blushed: “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Su Ran suddenly got close and looked at her for a long time: “Su Ran, it’s been two years…”

Su Ran originally wanted to push him away. But hearing him saying those words, her hand stopped on midair. She felt sad.

Yes, she and Song Ting Yu hadn’t meet each other for two years……

Until now she didn’t know, how did she spend these two years….

There’re a lot of times, she couldn’t stay strong, yet she kept on thinking that there’s no news, didn’t mean that they’re dead.

Then she tries to live.

Just like that, she passed two years.

“These two years it seems you live very well….”

Song Ting Yu’s voice sounded a bit satire, how can Su Ran not notice it? She just chose to ignore it: “These two years, what happened? I thought you’re in trouble…”

Song Ting Yu looked at her and raised his eyebrows: “Do you care about me?”

Su Ran was stopped by his question, she wanted to answer: “I care.”

But to think it clearly, she seemed to have no right to say it anymore…

Her silence made Song Ting Yu laughed lightly and shook his head.

“Indeed you don’t care, right?”

Su Ran didn’t answer him: “How’s Wei Xi?”

She was afraid that she would hear some bad news from him, so her voice was trembling.

“He come home together with me.”

Su Ran was emotional: “Take me to him.”

She was impatient and she wanted to meet him. It’s been a whole two years since she met her son.

Song Ting Yu pressed her shoulder: “No need to rush….”

Su Ran was at loss: “Song Ting Yu…..”

The time she met him in Singapore, she knew that he is different from his pervious self two years ago. Two years ago’s Song Ting Yu, no matter how scary he was in front of others, but in front of her, he would be childish. It’s his true self. He didn’t need to hide it from her. But now, he is different.

Su Ran couldn’t see through…”

“I’m not sure whether he is ready to see you or not, I cannot decide whether he hates you or not…”

Su Ran’s heart fell. Her body turned cold: “What do you mean?”

Song Ting Yu just looked at her and didn’t say anything. He just stood up and said: “Have a good rest. I will find a time for you to meet him. A suitable time….”

Looking at his tall figure wanted to leave, Su Ran yelled his hame. She even took off her IV drip. She didn’t wear her shoes and ran toward her. But Song Ting Yu walked quickly and in a moment, he disappeared.

Su Ran couldn’t find her. She was dispirited and went back. She bumped into Xu Wei and it surprised him: “Ran Ran, why are you out? What happened?”

Su Ran didn’t say anything.

Xu Wei took her back to the room.

On a corner near the lift, this moment was watched by two men.

Lu Zhan tidied up his robe: “Actually these two years, she also wasn’t happy.” Every day she will live in hope and expectation. Day by day until she felt numb. But she was unwilling to give up.

“I know.” Song Ting Yu leant on the wall and took a deep breath.

He knew but he was choice-less.

Since the beginning he couldn’t understand why Su Ran abandon both of them.

But the most ridiculous thing was he often be glad. Luckily Su Ran didn’t follow them to leave. If not, perhaps she would get hurt…..

“Let’s not talk about this.” Lu Zhan noticed that he didn’t have heart to chat about Su Rna’s matter. Now they both just met each other, of course they had a lot to say: “This afternoon I have no surgery, no work, let’s go to have lunch? I really want to know what happened to you these two years.”

Song Ting Yu nodded.

He drove his car and waited for Lu Zhan. He called Tang Zi Chu.

Tang Zi Chu already let someone to check Song Ting Yu in Singapore, but they couldn’t pass the new quickly. When he got Song Ting Yu’s call, he was so happy.

He even didn’t do his work and just drove to the appointed place.

Lu Zhan and Song Ting Yu were sitting there and waiting for him.

The time Tang Zi Chu met him, he couldn’t help but felt emotional: “Chief Song.”

Song Ting Yu fisted his hand and knocked it lightly on her shoulder.

Lu Zhan poured a beer for both of them: “These two years, you were in Singapore? The time you were in accident, I heard Zi Chu said that you were in Thailand, are you in the scene when the explosion happened?”

Probably because of two suffering years, now Song Ting Yu was addicted to smoking.

He said slowly: “What so called explosion, it’s just Gu Dong Cheng’ plan. He hired a Thailand assassin to locate my position and wanted to kill me. I didn’t plan to let Wei Xi to stay beside me so previous night I asked someone to take Song Wei Xi away. But there’s a problem. I was rescued by someone but I was unconscious for half year. The time I woke up, I looked for Wei Xi. But he wasn’t there. Those people left after I was in accident. They sold the house. I used a year to find Wei Xi. He experienced a lot of things….”

His eyes were sad: “The time I found him, he even didn’t willing to say anything. He didn’t want to get close to anyone. I brought him to Singapore and used half year to let him accept me. Until now, he doesn’t talk anymore. He just be silent. During his tantrum, he couldn’t be controlled, he will bite everyone…”

Tang Zi Chu and Lu Zhan looked at each other, they both were shocked. They didn’t expect that it would be so serious and tragic.


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