Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 320

“Auntie, I will watch her. You can go home first.” Xu Wei nodded.

“Then sorry to trouble you again.” Qiao Qing said it then went out. She gave a call to the driver to wait for her at the lobby.

Su Ran woke up when it was in the afternoon. The time she opened her eyes, the door was opened.

She looked at the door and before she looked at the person got inside. She heard: “Ran Ran, you are awake?”

It’s not a familiar voice for her. She frowned and massaged her temple. She tried to sit up and looked at the person with white robe in front of her.

Su Ran nodded courteously toward him: “Hi.”

Xu Wei knew that she didn’t recognize him: “I’m Xu Wei. Auntie Wang introduced me. Today I heard that you are ill so I come to visit you. Auntie went home to prepare some food for you, she asked me to watch over you…”

Perhaps Qiao Qing had told her about Xu Wei’s name, but Su Ran didn’t pay attention. If Xu Wei didn’t mention about Auntie Wang, she wouldn’t know about him.

So it’s the doctor Qiao Qing wanted to introduce her to.

“My Ma has said it to me. Doctor Xu, hi.”

“No need to be so formal. You can call me Xu Wei. Auntie also let me to call your name.”

Su Ran just realized it, no wonder before she heard him called her “Ran Ran”. She thought she heard it wrongly.

Today supposedly Qiao Qing purposely brought Xu Wei over and let them meet to let feelings grow…

Su Ran felt really awkward. She didn’t want to think about those things….

“Doctor Xu… Xu Wei…” She smiled: “I’m okay now. You can go and do your things. No need to delay your work for me.”

“It’s okay. I’m not busy today. I’m on break. I just returned from my lunch…”

Xu Wei pulled a chair and sat down: “Ran Ran, do you want a water? Let me pour you a glass.”

“Thank you.”

They both were unfamiliar of each other so they just chatted awkwardly. But Qiao Qing thought that they had a good chat. She even didn’t want to interrupt them.

She brought back a clear porridge inside the thermos.

Su Ran sighed when Qiao Qing returned.

Qiao Qing poured the porridge to the bowl: “Come and eat it.”

She extended her hand to check her temperature, it had went down. She was relieved.

For making space for Xu Wei and Su Ran, she didn’t stay there for a long time. She looked for excuse to leave. Before she left, she asked Xu Wei helped to look after Su Ran.

Su Ran was helpless, what kind of things can make Qiao Qing need to handle?

How can she not know her intention?

“Ma, don’t make trouble…”

“This kid.” Qiao Qing rolled her eyes and patted Xu Wei’s shoulder: “Please take a good care of Ran Ran. Accompany her. When someone is sick, he/she needs to be accompanied.”

“Auntie, I will.”

They both cooperated with each other. Su Ran just sighed. She just drank her porridge. After she ate, couldn’t she just say that she wants to rest and ask Xu Wei to leave?

When she was thinking, Xu Wei extended his hands: “Is it hot? If not, let me feed you?”

Su Ran was surprised and said: “No need, it’s not hot. I can drink it by myself…”

When Qiao Qing came over, she also brought a plastic of fruit. Xu Wei took apples and grapes to the restroom to wash it then took a knife: “I will peel the apple for you.”

Su Ran was helpless.

She didn’t expect they would meet in the hospital that she couldn’t hide from him…

“No, you just eat it. I have no appetite.”

Now she couldn’t even finish this little porridge. She didn’t have any appetite.

Xu Wei nodded, he seemed to like Su Ran. He kept on looking for topic for their talk.

“Ran Ran, I heard that you open a dancing studio?”

“I open it with my friend.”

“It’s good, next time can I come to visit?”

Su Ran was startled: “Okay.”

“That mister, who are you looking for?”

When they were talking, the door was opened. A man stood in front of the door.

“Am I disturbing you guys?”

Su Ran blinked and looked at him.

He is back…….

Xu Wei noticed Su Ran’s gaze and looked at the guy. The young nurse looked inside and said: “Doctor Xu, this man he…”

“It’s okay. Just go back.”

Looking at Su Ran’s expression, he noticed that Su Ran knew this man.

“Mister, you are Ran Ran’s friend right? Please come inside.” Xu Wei said softly.

“Ran Ran?” Song Ting Yu came inside and looked at both of them.

“Is there a problem?” Xu Wei felt this man was hostile.

Song Ting Yu didn’t answer and asked: “Are you Su Ran’s boyfriend?”

“Temporarily we are friends.” Xu Wei said temporarily because he thought it would be hard to predict the future.

“Mister, you are?”

Song Ting Yu snorted for a while and said: “I’m her ex-husband.”

Xu Wei was startled for a while, so this is Su Ran’s ex-husband, Song Ting Yu.

“Mr Song, Hi.” Even though he was uncomfortable now, but he kept on maintaining his smile. Moreover he kept on telling himself, he is her ex-husband only.

He also knows that Su Ran had been married once, she even had a boy, but what’s the point? If he be with Su Ran, he wouldn’t mind those thing!

“You seem to know me.”

Song Ting Yu pulled a chair and sat down. He looked at Su Ran’s little face: “This is your newly boyfriend? These year passed and your taste has changed, you like this type o fman…”

“He is my friend.” Su Ran regained herself and pursed her lips.

“Xu Wei, go take care of your things.”

Xu Wei was confused and said: “I will come over again to see you.”

Su Ran didn’t say anything. Xu Wei left the room.

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