Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 319

She opened the door, she went downstairs and opened the cupboard to look for thermometer. Qiao Qing noticed her: “What are you looking for?”

“Ma, where’s the thermometer?”

“What happened?” Qiao Qing came over and used her hand to feel her forehead. The time she touched it, she said: “It’s hot! You get a fever!”

Su Ran felt so dizzy: “So unwell…”

“Nonsense, with this high temperature, how can you feel okay? Yesterday did you forget to cover yourself with blanket and just sleep?”

Su Ran shook her head: “I fell asleep inside the bathtub.”

“You…….! Qiao Qing was distressed: “Hurry up change your clothes, let me send you to the hospital.”

Su Ran changed her clothes and Qiao Qing called the driver for be ready.

She put the scarf on Su Ran’s neck and pulled her out: “Lt’s go.”

They got in the car. Because Su Ran was weak now, Su Ran fell asleep.

Qiao Qing felt sorry for her: “Ran Ran, you are a mother. How can you not take a good care of yourself? Which person will fall asleep inside the bathtub? You slept there for a whole night? It’s no wonder you get a fever! Next time you need to be aware, don’t make me worry…”

Su Ran just said: “Em.”

Qiao Qing asked the driver: “Drive quicker.”

Looking at her condition now, supposedly she would need to stay at the hospital.

She was worrying then she heard her phone rang. One of her hand was hugging Su Ran, she tried to get her phone out from her pocket with her other hand.

It was from Auntie Wang, who wanted to introduce a man for Su Ran. She called to ask whether Su Ran is back or not to set up the time a place.

Qiao Qing answered: “Sis Wang. Just in time, our Ran Ran is back but she is having a fever. I am taking her to the hospital now. They should meet the other day….”

“In my opinion, no need to be the other day. Xu Wei is working today, just let him to take care of Su Ran? That time they could meet up. Maybe after Ran Ran is well, they can be together.” Auntie Wang was thinking this point.

“It’s not really good…”

Qiao Qing was somewhat thought it would be inconvenient, but looking at how Su Ran’s condition now, she didn’t have heart to think about other thing?

“How can it’s not good. Give Xu Wei a chance, let him act. I will call him now, let him wait for you guys in front of the hospital.”

“Okay. Sorry to trouble you, Sis Wang…”

“What are you saying. No need to be too modest.” Auntie Wang laughed: “I will call Xu Wei now. Let him take a good care of Su Ran.”


Qiao Qing hung up and looked that Su Ran fell asleep. She didn’t hear about their conversation. If she heard it, she definitely would reject.

Auntie Wang gave Qiao Qing’s phone number to Xu Wei so he called her and told his position.

The car stopped in front of the hospital. Qiao Qing could spot Xu Wei directly with his white robe.

“Just stop here, Old Chen. I will go down with Second Miss here.”

The car stopped then Qiao Qing greeted Xu Wei. Xu Wei immediately came over: “Auntie.”

“Ran Ran is sleeping inside. Help me to take her out.” Qiao Qing smiled.


Xu Wei is tall and skinny. He is wearing glasses and seems to be a gentle man.

He is two years older than Su Ran. Before he studied abroad and just returned.

Qiao Qing had a good impression of him.

Xu Wei cautiously carried Su Ran.

Qiao Qing smiled: “Sorry to trouble you.”

“Auntie, you are too formal.” Xu Wei carried Su Ran: “Ms Su now needs to be brought to ICU.”

“Xu Wei, no need to be too modest. No need to call her Ms Su. Just call her name.”


Su Ran got an acute cold. Her body temperature almost reached thirty nine.

Now she should stay in the hospital. It’s lucky she was in hospital just in time, if not she will infect other people.

Xu Wei was working at that hospital so very quickly Su Ran got a room and laid down. She had an IV drip.

Qiao Qing looked at Xu Wei: “Sorry to trouble you, Xu Wei.”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry. I should do this.” Xu Wei smiled bashfully.

Qiao Qing had a good impression toward him. She felt him to be educated and polite. He was also a caring man. She thought if Su Ran be with him, she should be so happy.

“Xu Wei, if you are not busy, you can sit here.”

Xu Wei nodded: “Auntie, today I’m not busy.”

Su Ran didn’t wake too fast. Qiao Qing watched her and said to Xu Wei: “Luckily you are here today. Oh right, Xu Wei. I’m sorry. At first we had promised to let Ran Ran to meet you but suddenly she needed to go to Singapore. Now she is back and gets sick….”

“It’s okay, Auntie. Now we’ve met….” Xu Wei waved his hand.

“You know about our Ran Ran’s matter? Did Auntie Wang tell you?”

“I know a bit.” Xu Wei looked calm: “But if we are really will be together, I will not care about those thing.”

It’s noticeable that Xu Wei is someone with his own thinking, Qiao Qing looked happy and nodded.

“In the future, we should see feelings between you two…”

“I will try hard, Auntie.”

Qiao Qing remembered that Su Ran hadn’t had breakfast today, supposedly she would be hungry when she woke up.

“Xu Wei, I want to go home for a while to make some food for Ran Ran. Can you help to take care of her? Now she is sleeping, she doesn’t need too much things. Just help me to watch her. I will just go home shortly. If you are busy then just go take care of your things, you can come back to see her later….”

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