Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 316

“I’m sorry. I’m so busy.” Song Ting Yu said like he was talking to the stranger.

“Let’s go.” Uncle Lin said.

The crowd of people went over. Su Ran already knew for sure that he is alive. She just wanted to meet Song Wei Xi. She just wanted to ask about Song Wei Xi’s condition.

She chased after quickly, yet very quickly she was stopped by two bodyguards of Song Ting Yu: “Sorry, Miss. You can’t come forward.”

Su Ran rushed over, yet she still be blocked. She could see Song Ting Yu disappeared in front of her eyes. Her heart was really anxious…..

Noticing that she hadn’t appeared, Uncle Luo called her again. He looked for her floor by floor. Finally he found her.

Yet he looked that two men were blocking her.

Su Ran kept on yelling: “Let me go, let me go!”

Uncle Luo was panic and came over. He pushed those two men aside: “What are you guys doing?”

That men looked at him: “Who are you?”

“What’s the point of knowing me, what are you doing toward second miss?”

The men noticed that Song Ting Yu had left so they let them go.

Uncle Luo immediately asked: “Second Miss, are you okay?”

Su Ran didn’t answer him, just went downstairs hurriedly.

Uncle Luo was startled, Su Ran ran over. She came outside the entrance. She looked at the familiar figure. He was getting in the car. Su Ran chased after him. Even though she kept on knocking the window, the car won’t stop.

She bit her lips and followed. But the car moved quickly, finally she left behind.

Uncle Luo chased after her and stopped her: “Second Miss, what happened? Whose car is it?”

Su Ran staggered along and still wanted to chase after that car, yet Uncle Luo stopped her again: “Second Miss, no need to chase again. Their car is too far away. You wouldn’t be able to chase after them…”

Su Ran watched the car lef.

“Who is it?”

Uncle Luo kept on asking but Su Ran still won’t speak out.

Uncle Luo was helpless. He took her back and got on the car to get back to the hotel.

On the car, Ding Chen looked at the backside of the car: “That is Wei Xi’s Mama?”

Song Ting Yu looked at the window and nodded.

Ding Chen was somewhat confused: “How could she come here? Doesn’t she live in An City.”

“Supposedly she came here by accident. She didn’t come here with purpose.” Song Ting Yu leant on the carseat and patted his legs.

Inside the car, it was silent. Ding Cheng knew that Song Ting Yu didn’t want to say anything more so she didn’t ask further.

After a while, Song Ting Yu closed his eyes and ordered the driver: “Send Miss back first, then let’s go to rehabilitation center.”

Ding Chen immediately turned her head and looked at the handsome man beside her: “You want to see Wei Xi?”

“He should discharge soon.”

“Is the doctor allowing him to go out?” Ding Chen frowned: “Except you and me, now Wei Xi is rejecting any other people to get close to him, it wouldn’t be good…”

Song Ting Yu didn’t say anything. Ding Chen still wanted to come with him, but Song Ting Yu rejected the idea.

He went to the rehabilitation center alone. This one is a children private special school.

Due to it’s late at night, of course the school doesn’t allow anyone to come inside. But today there’s a condition, the teachers and employees seemed to be relieved to see Song Ting Yu’s appearance. They even sighed: “Mr Song, before we just wanted to call you. Wei Xi bit his friend. Now his condition is unstable…”

Song Ting Yu’s face was dignified. He paced quickly to follow the doctor to Song Wei Xi’s room.

From far away he could hear Song Wei Xi’s yelling. He came inside and looked there was a lot of people inside the room. An employee wanted to try to get close to him, but he was bitten by him. The employee cried and by her instinct she hit Song Wei Xi.

Very quickly someone pushed her away. She fell down and her hair was in a mess. She just looked that was a strong and tall man appeared. That man came over and carried Song Wei Xi. His gaze soften and looked at that little boy. He was pampering him.

“All of you go out.” Song Ting Yu carried Song Wei Xi and said to all of them coldly.

The woman that fell down before was pulled out.

Song Wei Xi’s mood this moment started to calm down. The people in rehabilitation center couldn’t control him. But as long as Song Ting Yu present, Song Wei Xi will calm down and stay on his embrace.

Song Wei Xi turned calm and slept. Song Ting Yu covered him with blanket and remembered that woman employee before that was bitten and wanted to hit Song Wei Xi.

He closed the door. It was late at night. The kids in the rehabilitation center were sleeping.

The time he passed by the corridor, he noticed the light was off in most of the rooms.

He then went to the office. He found that woman employee was treated inside the office. She was yelling in pain: “Softer, please!”

“I am really unlucky. In my extra night shift, something like this happened. The other kids are good, except Song Wei Xi. He keeps on making trouble. Every time he makes trouble, he couldn’t be comforted. What kind of kid Song Wei Xi is….”

“Okay, you…” Another teacher wanted to remind her to not say reckless thing. Yet she noticed a tall figure in front of the door. She was startled, she felt cold.

Song Ting Yu looked at them. They all felt terrified.

The injured woman turned her head and looked at Song Ting Yu’s cold gaze. She was afraid that she almost fell down from the chair….”

“You are okay right…”

The two people stood up and stammered: “Mr, Mr Song…”

Song Ting Yu came inside the room and pulled a chair to sit down: “Call your principal now.”

“Mr Song…”

“Are you calling him or not?”


This time the woman, who scolded Song Wei Xi, lowered her head. She knew that she was in trouble. Song Ting Yu was not someone she should provoke, he is Tian Hai group people…….

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