Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 315

She went over to a corner, yet she didn’t see anything. Her face was full of disappointment. She pressed her heart…..

Indeed she was dreaming. Because she was thinking too much, so she had illusion.

She turned her body to leave suddenly a hand touched her waist. She was pulled to another corner below the stairs. She was pressed with the wall behind her.

“Are you looking for me?”

That man’s voice is deeper and sweeter than two years before.

She looked at the man in front of her.

Compare to two years ago, he didn’t change a lot. He was wearing a grey coat and black shirt. He looked dazzling.

Yet Su Ran felt her eyes to be teary.

He just watched her.

Su Ran just looked at him and didn’t say anything.

She felt that she was dreaming, she was really in dream…..

He was gone for two years without any sign of life. Without any warning now, he appeared in front of her.

Looking at her silence, that man clutched her little chin and smiled. “Are you mute? I ask you, are you following me?”

“……..” Su Ran opened her mouth and noticed that she couldn’t say anything.

“Ting Yu.”

There’s a voice behind them. That man let Su Ran go and put his hands on his pocket and turned his body. He smiled: “Why are you here?”

That woman looked at Su Ran, then she hugged Song Ting Yu’s arm: “Let’s go. Uncle Li is waiting for us.”

“Em.” That man strode over and didn’t look at Su Ran anymore. He seemed to be indifferent.

Until he walked faraway. Su Ran said that man’s name that she kept on dreaming on for two years : “Song Ting Yu….”

They both disappeared in front of her.

The time she wanted to chase after them, she realized that they were taking the elevator. She used her finger to keep on pressing the button but there’s no use. At last she just saw Song Ting Yu’s smiling face through the closing door of the elevator….

Su Ran waited and looked at the screen. The elevator stopped at fifth floor.

She waited for another lift and went inside hurriedly. She pressed the fifth floor button.

The time the elevator reached fifth floor, her heart was unease.

The fifth floor is the restaurant and all various private room. Su Ran didn’t know where was Song Ting Yu. She just looked at each of the rooms. She used a lot of different excuses and also apologized when she went to the wrong room.

Until she recognized the familiar figure inside one of the private rooms. She just stood there unmoved. All the people were looking at her, and asked: “You are?”

Song Ting Yu sat down near the window. Beside him was a woman with a short hair.

Song Ting Yu also looked at her and leaned on the chair like he was watching a show.

Someone stood up and asked: “Miss, who are you?”

Su Ran just regained herself: “I’m sorry, I enter the wrong room…”

She said it then turned her body. She went out of the room and closed the door. She heard someone joked around: “What kind of person she is, she even could come to the wrong room…”

Su Ran left and waited to elevator.

Now her brain was dazed, her steps were impractical. She was unfocused. She seemed will fall down soon.

Yet she knew that this moment for sure, Song Ting Yu is back. He really came back. She wasn’t dreaming, it was him….

She knelt down in front of the elevator. She lowered her head and placed it between her legs. Sge stayed in the dark place.

After few minutes, her phone rang. It distracted her from her wild imagination. She answered the call, it was Uncle Luo. He was looking for her after she left the second floor. He was worried so he called her.

Su Ran said: “Uncle Luo, I’m okay. Is it over?”

“It will be over soon. Where did you go?”

“Uncle Luo, you can go back to the hotel first. I will go home later.”

“Miss, please don’t say any nonsense. How can I leave alone here? What happened? Where are you? I will come to find you….”

Uncle Luo hadn’t finished his word, Su Ran heard a noise from the elevator. She didn’t care about anything. It were people inside the private room before. Even though in the crowd of people, Su Ran could recognize the tall figure among them. It was her center of attention.

Even though she could only see his back side, Su Ran just came over quickly and yelled: “Song Ting Yu!”

That crowd of people stopped and turned their head. They moved aside. Song Ting Yu turned his body. Su Ran noticed that woman was still beside him. They seemed closed with each other. That woman was smiling.

“Isn’t it the woman that said that she entered a wrong woman before? Ting Yu, do you know her?” The old man asked.

Song Ting Yu looked at her then quickly diverted his gaze: “Uncle Li, I know her. She is my ex-wife.”

All the people around whispered and looked at Su Ran .

“So turns out Ting Yu had married before? Chen Chen, do you know about this?” Uncle Lin looked at the short-hair woman beside Song Ting Yu.

Ding Chen smiled: “Of course I know. How can Ting Yu hide that thing to me? She is just his ex-wife, why should I care?”

Everyone looked at them. Su Ran’s face changed and bit her lips: “Song Ting Yu, I have something to talk to you.”

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