Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 313

Su Hao had been sentenced for four years, now it’s just been two years, there’s still another two years to go.

Every week Qiao Qing will visit him, but she wasn’t like she used to be that every time she went home from visiting him, she would look bitter, she wanted to look for a way to let him out.

Now she is clearly knows that the fact that he is prison is real. If he wants to go out, he needs to depend on himself. If he could perform well then his sentence will be reduced….

Qiao Qing knows that she couldn’t do anything more, she just tried to be relax.

Probably when someone can think clearly, all the things will be turned simpler…

Su Ran looked at the busy Qiao Qing and smiled. She massaged her shoulder and went to the bathroom to get ready.

Qiao Qing had prepared breakfast for her.

Inside Su house now, there’s not a lot of employees and maid. There were only the old butler, a maid, and driver.

Qiao Qing placed a glass of milk in front of Su Ran and sat down. She was watching her for a while: “Ran Ran, are you so busy? How can you be so skinny now?”

“No, I am normal…” Su Ran bit her bread and smiled.

“You are skinner. You need to mind your health. Be careful you may not be able to marry out…” Qiao Qing shook her head.

Su Ran felt strange. She released a breath and didn’t say anything.

Qiao Qing knew that she didn’t like to hear those thing, but there’s no way, she should say it to her.

“It’s been two years. Ran Ran, you will be twenty seven soon. You still want to continue to wait for him?”

“Ma, I’m not waiting for him…”

“Then listen to me, go to meet the person that Auntie Wang wants to introduce you with. He is a doctor. I met him once. He is a good guy, he is so polite…..” Qiao Qing said it and chattered on: “He is good, believe me. He also knows about your matter, but he doesn’t care…”


Su Ran cut her off. Qiao Qing glared at her: “Don’t cut me off. Actually I also don’t want to do this, but I couldn’t keep on watching you keep on waiting for him? Listen to me, go and meet him okay? Maybe you will like him? You couldn’t wait for him forever, right?”

“Look at my health, I don’t know how long will I last. If you don’t hear me out..” Qiao Qing said and her eyes turned red: “you want me to be worry?”

“Ok ok ok, Ma. I promise you, okay? Don’t you cry anymore…”

Qiao Qing smiled and used her chopsticks and pointed at her: “You need to remember your promise.”

“Em.” Su Ran was moody and bit her bread. She didn’t know why she agreed for this. The blind-mate, it’s simply too absurd….

They finished their breakfast, but after a while, there was someone came to Su house.

The butler asked the guest to wait in the living room.

Qiao Qing and Su Ran came out. The guest stood up and smiled: “Mrs. Second Miss.”

“Uncle Luo, sit down.” Su Ran poured a tea for him and said: “What’s the reason of your early coming, is there something happened in Su company?”

Uncle Luo smiled: “Not really a problem. It’s just these days we have a project in Singapore. We need you as second miss to appear for a while.”

Uncle Luo originally was Su Hao’s assistant, he had been following him for so many years. This period of time Uncle Luo is in-charge for the company.

Su company is not as great as previous time, but for the project they still need Su family member to appear. Although Su Ran doesn’t understand business very well but she usually appeared on the project with Uncle Luo.

“When is it?”

“It’s tomorrow morning. That time please be ready. I will come and pick you up.” Uncle Luo smiled brightly.

“Tomorrow morning…” Qiao Qing frowned: “but tomorrow will be the blind date…..”

“Ma!” Su Ran glared at her.

Uncle Luo said: “If Ms Su will go on blind-date… if not what about Mrs change the date for Miss? We wouldn’t go away for a long time, we will come back soon.”

Qiao Qing smiled: “okay, I will do it….”

Both of them sent Uncle Luo off. Qiao Qing looked Su Ran was smiling so she patted her shoulder: “You look very happy because tomorrow you don’t need to go on a blind date?”

Su Ran didn’t say anything and nodded: “I’m happy, why shouldn’t I be happy?”

Qiao Qing snorted: “Don’t you be proud. The day you return from Singapore, I will set up another one. That time if you try to make excuse, I will sort you out!” She poked on Su Ran’s forehead.

Su Ran went to work after the breakfast. Now she was quite busy. She usually stayed in the office. Qiao Qing didn’t really agree with her because now she is a workaholic.

When she arrived in the office, Su Ran was the earliest one to arrive. Tian Mi was the last one to arrive.

Su Ran had finished most of her work and Tian Mi just came and went to her office. She said to her: “No wonder your mother came to find me two days ago, she asked me to urge you….”

Su Ran read the contract, she didn’t raise her head: “What did she say?”

“She asked me to urge to not be a workaholic!”

Su Ran didn’t mind her. Anyway it’s not her first time to say it.

Since what happened to Tian Mi two years ago, both of her parents are really worried about her. They stay on An city now to take care of their daughter. They are afraid that Gu Dong Cheng will find her again.

Now Qiao Qing and Mother Tian are in a good relationship. They frequently go out and have a tea. They also like about flower and have similar hobby so they are friends now. If Qiao Qing comes over to Tian house, she will ask Tian Mi to urge Su Ran.

Noticing that Su Ran ignored her, Tian Mi put her bag down and went to Su Ran. She clutched Su Ran’s face and smiled: “I ask you, will you meet the man that Auntie will introduce you?”

Su Ran was startled: “How do you know?”

Tian Mi shrugged and smiled devilishly: “How do I know? Auntie told My Ma, and I secretly listened to it…”

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