Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 311

“Then so what? Ma, do you another better way?”

Mother Lin changed her face: “Anyway I will not allow you to do that! Do you that now your position is in danger? Now you are disabled. The people in the Lin company wants you to leave the company forever. Lin Tian You is waiting for you, he is glaring like a tiger watching his prey. Now you want to pass that project to Lin Tian You? Are you crazy? I will not allow you to do that. Do you hear me? I will not let Lin company fall into Lin Tian You, that illegitimate son. It belongs to you….”

“Since it’s me, then should I be in charge of it?” LIn Cheng Huan’s tone was persistent: “No matter what I will help Ran Ran….”

“You….!” Mother Lin was so angry: “You are silly! If you do it, in the future don’t you regret it!”

“I will not!”

“Okay, okay…” Mother Lin didn’t say anything more, she just said “okay” for several time, then turned her body to leave.

Lin Cheng Huan got on the car and left.

Tang Zi Chu sighed and went inside the police station to wait for the result.

Tang Zi Chu stayed at the police station for a night. Su Ran finally being helped out by Lin Cheng Huan.

They both went to hospital to treat her wound. Finally Lin Cheng Huan asked Tang Zi Chu: “How’s Song Ting Yu?”

Tang Zi Chu’s eyes turned dark: “He and Song Wei Xi couldn’t be contacted. Originally, no one knows where did he go. He didn’t tell anyone. I just know that he went abroad. Other things, I know nothing. We always called each other at night. He asked about matters in An City. Moreover Su Ran always on call with Wei Xi. Recently I couldn’t contact them. The phone is off. Su Ran thinks that Song Ting Yu should be in problem. Moreover, she thinks that it is Gu Dong Cheng so she is emotional and attacked him…”

Lin Cheng Huan pursed his lips.

“Assistant Tang, you can go home first. I will send Su Ran home. You also please try to check for Song Ting Yu’s location…”


Tang Zi Chu left and Lin Cheng Huan took Su Ran home.

Since Su Ran went out from the police station until, she kept on being quiet. Lin Cheng Huan let the maid accompanied her back to her room. She let the maid go.

Qiao Qing worried that something bad will happen to her. She wanted to knock the door but Lin Cheng Huan stopped her because he heard a sobbing noise from inside.

“Auntie, let her give vent to her own feeling alone…”

“What happened?”

Lin Cheng Huan told her about Song Ting Yu’s condition, but he didn’t mention Song Wei Xi.

“How can this happen…” Qiao Qing said.

Because Lin Cheng Huan was afraid that Su Ran would make some problems again so he stayed in Su house for period of time. Qiao Qing let a person to open the door. The time she went inside, she noticed that Su Ran was laying on the bed. She went out and told Lin Cheng Huan and let him to leave first.

“Then Auntie, please take a good care of Ran Ran. If anything happens, please call me.”


Lin Cheng Huan left and Qiao Qing took a bowl of porridge for Su Ran. The time she went inside her room, she put the porridge on the table and sat on the bed. She noticed that Su Ran didn’t sleep. She just laid down and looked at the ceiling.

Qiao Qing held her hand and clutched her hand: “Ran Ran, don’t be sad. It will be okay. Moreover, there’s no authentic news about him, he should be okay? Maybe you just unable to contact him. Maybe the no news means a good news….”

Su Ran leaned over. She leaned her head on Qiao Qing’s shoulder and cried.

Yet she knew what Qiao Qing said maybe true.

Qiao Qing patted her shoulder and comforted her: “If not you eat something first?”

Su Ran shook her head.

Qiao Qing sighed. She knew that Su Ran was not in a good mood. Supposedly she didn’t have any appetite. She said: “Take a shower and sleep for a while. Promise me, you need to pull yourself together, don’t let me worry.”

“Okay.” Su Ran finally said it. Her voice was so hoarse.

She lied down for a while. Qiao Qing helped her to lift up the blanket for her: “Sleep.”

Su Ran closed her eyes. Her mind was full of Song Ting Yu and Song Wei Xi’s figure. She dreamt about them.

Finally Su Ran screamed. Qiao Qing slept on the sofa and was woke up because of her scream. She came over: “What happened? Ran Ran….”

Su Ran used her hands to cover her forehead. She dreamt about their accident….

The dreamt felt so surreal. It let her feel so sad…..

“Are you having a nightmare?” Qiao Qing took a handkerchief and wiped her sweat: “You dreamt about Song Ting Yu?”

Su Ran clutched Qiao Qing’s hand, she looked at her: “Ma, he is okay, right?”

Qiao Qing was startled, but finally she understood that Su Ran was looking for her comfort. She was too afraid that she wanted everyone to tell her that Song Ting Yu is okay…..

“It’s okay. There will be no problem. He hasn’t revenged Song family’s enemy, he hasn’t caught the killer of Madame Song? He hasn’t done all of those thing, how can he in trouble?”

“Right, right…” Su Ran nodded. She wiped her tears: “He hasn’t done anything, he will be okay…”

Su Ran looked at her and be more worried: “Ran Ran…”

She hadn’t finished her words, Su Ran’s phone rang. She took her phone and checked. She answered it: “Zi Chu, how is it? Is there any news from Song Ting Yu?”

“No, I just want to tell you to not let you to worry. I already called Mr Mu’s phone. He will send someone to find him. He is the only one who know his location so maybe he needs a time, don’t you worry…”

Su Ran clutched her phone tightly and nodded: “Em..”

After several days, Mu Chu Cheng got a news about Song Ting Yu. After Tang Zi Chu heard about this, he didn’t know whether he should tell Su Ran or not….

He thought about it for a whole night, finally he decided to tell her again.

He went to Su house and this moment Su Ran was sitting in the living room. Qiao Qing left the space for both of them and let them chat.

Su Ran was impatient: “How is it? Is there any news?”

“You need to be calm…”

The time Su Ran heard about his words, she knew that something was wrong. Her face turned pale. Yet no matter what, she should know it, she needed to endure it.

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