Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 307

She brought the things back to the hotel. The men outside recognized her and moved forward to help her. Then one of them opened the door for her: “Ms Su.”

“Thank you.”

The man brought the things inside then closed it.

Mu Chu Cheng didn’t stay in this room again, he moved to the opposite room.

There’s only Song Wei Xin in the room. He sat down on the sofa and ate his food.

Su Ran looked around but couldn’t find Song Ting Yu’s figure.

“Wei Xi.”

Song Wei Xi heard her voice and turned his head. His eyes were shinning: “Mama, where did you go?”

“Mama visited grandma.” Su Ran took the things over.

Song Wei Xi noticed that Su Ran brought a lot of things. He came over and opened it curiously. He noticed except clothes, there was a lot of toys, it’s all his favorite things.

“Mama, it’s for me?”

Su Ran laughed and stroked his head:”Em, it’s for you.”

Song Wei Xi had a lot of toys, he put down his bowl and sat down and opened his toys.

Su Ran looked at his little figure. He sat down on the carpet. Su Ran hugged him. Song Wei Xi glanced at her: “Mama, what happened?”

Su Ran shook her head: “Mama is okay.”

Song Wei Xi didn’t believe her, he looked at her: “Really?”

Su Ran nodded and swore: “Really, how can Mama lie to you.”

She clutched his face and looked at him: “Wei Xi, Mama has something to say to you.”

“Mama, tell me.”

“Papa will take you to leave An City to another place…”

Song Wei Xi cut her off: “Mama, you are not going?”

Su Ran shook her head: “Grandma’s health is not really good now, so Mama needs to stay to take care of her. Mama cannot go. Wei Xi, that time you need to be good….”

“No.” Song Wei Xi immediately shook his head. He moved forward and leaned on his embrace. He hugged her: “Mama, you need to go to. If not, I will not og.”

“Wei Xi, you need to listen. Mama needs to stay to take care of Grandma. Temporarily Mama couldn’t go with you. But I promise that every night I will call you okay? That time if you miss me, you can call me immediately. We could do video call, we could see each other….”

Despite Su Ran’s words, Song Wei Xi still rejected the idea. He kept on shaking his head and stayed on her embrace.

“Mama is not going, then I will not go to..”

Wei Xi, you don’t want to hear me out?” Su Ran tried to be stern: “You said in the past that you will listen to me right?”

“But Mama, I don’t want to leave you…” It’s probably because a lot of things had happened toward him.

He cried.

“Last time you said that you will come to pick me up quickly, but I waited for you for a long time…”

Su Ran felt her eyes to be teary. She rubbed her eyes and took a tissue to wipe Song Wei Xi’s tears. She carried him and patted his shoulder: “Okay, Wei Xi. Don’t cry okay…”

“You are the bravest boy. Even Mama is not by your side, you will be good okay? Wei Xi, leave the An City with Papa okay?”

“Mama…” Song Wei Xi kept on rubbing his eyes and hugged her neck. He was thinking.

He finally raised his face: “Then when will you come and get me?”

“That time Papa will take you back okay? This depends on Papa…”

“Then when would Papa take me home?” Song Wei Xi asked.

“Wait until Papa is not busy, he will take you back okay?”

“Em.” Song Wei Xi leaned on her body and kept on silent….

The time for afternoon nap, Song Ting Yu hadn’t returned. Su Ran urged Song Wei Xi to sleep. But possibly because he didn’t want to leave so he kept on nagging that he wanted to Su Ran to accompany him to sleep.

Su Ran just laid down on the bed and told him stories. She told him stories until she fell asleep.

Song Ting Yu returned and looked at them.

They were sleeping.

Song Ting Yu watched them and covered them up with the blanket. Then he went to the living room and noticed the clothes and toys on the carpet.

He took it and looked at it. It’s clear it was for Song Wei Xi. He threw it.

He took a cigarette and leaned on the sofa.

Actually Su Ran knew that Song Ting Yu covered both of them out. This moment she sat up and went to the living room.

Song Ting Yu knew that Su Ran was on his back. He didn’t turn his head: “What are you doing here?”

“I am looking for Wei XI.”

Su Ran asked him: “When will you guys go?”

Song Ting Yu looked at her and didn’t answer her.

“I looked for Lin Cheng Huan before.” Song Ting Yu said.

Su Ran pursed her lips: “What are you doing?”

“I asked him whether you guys are together….” Song Ting Yu said it: “Guess what did he say?”

“Lin Cheng Huan said yes.”

Su Ran looked at him and said nothing.

“Su Ran, wouldn’t you regret it?”

Su Ran shook her head: “No.”

“Then okay.” Song Ting Yu said again: “You can go now.”

“Song Ting Yu, where will you take Wei XI?” Su Ran said: “Also, I also promise him that I will call him everyday, so…”

“I will not stop you guys. That time I will contact you.” Song Ting Yu said: “Go.”

He seemed to be unwilling to look at her.

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