Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 306

“Ran Ran.”

When they were arguing, Lin Cheng Huan came over to them on his wheelchair.

Song Ting Yu turned and looked at Su Ran gain: “This the peaceful life you want? At last you choose Lin Cheng Huan again?”

Su Ran didn’t say anything. She didn’t call out for Lin Cheng Huan. But he came out also a good thing….

It could let Song Ting Yu to feel disappointed.

Perhaps Song Ting Yu believes her too much so he keeps believing that Su Ran would not live him. But wouldn’t his heart and hope break after he saw this?

She seized the opportunity to shake his grip off and went toward Lin Cheng Huan.

Song Ting Yu called her: “Su Ran, you need to think clearly. Every time you take initiative to let my hands go, every time I want to stop you. I can also feel tired. If you decide to go, alter on two of us will be unrelated with each other.”

Su Ran stayed rigid.

She had expected this result but hearing this out from his mouth, she lost her breath.

Yet quickly she turned calm. She kept on walking and didn’t turn her head until she stood next to Lin Cheng Huan. She pushed Lin Cheng Huan to leave.

She kept on pushing and walking away from Song Ting Yu.

But she knew. That this time, Song Ting Yu would not stop her.

He really let her go….

“Is this the result that you want?” Lin Cheng Huan’s soft voice sounded helpless.

Su Ran bit her lips: “Cheng Huan, thank you.”

She knew that Lin Cheng Huan didn’t do this in purpose, he just wanted to help her.

“If this is what you want, I will help you…”

Su Ran was so silent. She thought when would Song Ting Yu bring Song Wei Xi to leave?

It should be very quick.

Song Wei Xi will be safer if he leaves An City. It’s not good for her to stay here.

Everything between Su Ran and Song Ting Yu had became the headlines in the next day.

There was several people took a video of them.

Actually everyone was discussing that seeing Song Ting Yu in the bottom pit, Su Ran wasn’t willing to be together with him. But Song Ting Yu still wanted to get back with her.

Everyone couldn’t understand it, how could Su Ran be so ruthless?

How could Song Ting Yu be so in love with her that he loses his rational? She already did some bad things toward him. How could he still love her……

That kind of woman, is she worthy?

Everyone was feeling outrage by an injustice toward Song Ting Yu……

Gu Dong Cheng browsed the web and stopped to read an article. He laughed and said to Gao Sheng: “Song Ting Yu this man, really full of infatuation….”

Gao Sheng looked at the screen.

Gu Dong Cheng looked at the screen and smiled: “Tell me, what would Song Ting Yu think if she saw Su Ran’s photo?”

Gao Sheng pursed his lips: “Chief Gu, you will show the photos now?’

Gu Dong Cheng leaned back on his chair and waved his hand: “Let’s wait. Now it’s not the best time.”

The next day Qiao Qing woke up and noticed Su Ran was beside her. She was laying down and sleeping. She extended her hand and stroke her hair.

Su Ran felt it and woke up. She asked Qiao Qing: Ma, you are awake?”

Qiao Qing nodded.

Su Ran stood up: “I will call the doctor.”

She looked for the doctor to examine Qiao Qing for a while to check if she was okay. After the doctor left, she poured a glass of water for her and passed the medicine too with her.

Now Qiao Qing was in quite good condition. She extended her hand to take the water and looked at Su Ran: “I remember that Song Ting Yu’s hearing is yesterday right, how was it?”

Su Ran heard it and her face changed. She was silent: “He is okay.”

“Then it’s good.”

She took the empty glass and the medicine and placed it on the table: “Ma, I want to move back to Su house.”

At first the Su House was Su Hao’s effort to buy it. But after Su Hao was in trouble, so now Su house was lived only by Qiao Qing.

Qiao Qing was confused and looked at her: “What happened? Why do you want to move back to Su house?”

Song Ting Yu is out, Su Ran should live together with him, why should she want to return?

Qiao Qing also noticed Su Ran’s expression: “What happened between you and Song Ting Yu?”

“I’ve divorced him. He also wants to leave An City…”

These days, Qiao Qing also kept on watching news. Of course she knew about this. She also a lot of question toward her about her and Song Ting Yu’s situation.

That time Su Ran was crying….

Perhaps these matters were not simple….

She thought the divorce was fake…..

Now when the things started to turn better, Song Ting Yu came out. Yet Su Ran really wanted a divorce.

“Ran Ran…”

Su Ran said lowly: “Ma, can I move back?”

Qiao Qing smiled and nodded: “Okay, but you really want to leave Song Ting Yu?”

Su Ran was silent for a while and nodded.

She really couldn’t be together again with Song Ting Yu.

Looking at her situation, she was quite serious. Qiao Qing didn’t ask further.

Su Ran left, but before that she asked the butler to take care of her mother.

After she left the hospital, she went to the department store to the child store. She bought a lot of clothes. Clothes that suitable for winter also for the spring and summer.

Children will grow up fast so Su Ran bought a lot of Song Wei Xi a lot of clothes.

She also bought a lot of toys until she couldn’t bring it anymore.

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  1. y Así descubren que tú hijo aún vive, bravo, bravo… que inteligente eres SR
    A ver, por qué no puedes estar con él… ¿por las fotos?, ¿Por la seguridad de tu hijo? O por la estupidez de pensar que has sido manchada, no me jodas…


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