Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 304

Sometimes, leaving is for better returning.

“You bring Wei Xi away.”

Song Ting Yu thought he was wrong and turned his head to see her: “What do you mean?”

Su Ran looked at him: “I will stay here.”

“Why?” Song Ting Yu narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t want to leave An City.”

Song Ting Yu suddenly pressed the brake and stopped the car on the road side. He looked t her beautiful face: “This is excuse, what happened? Are you hiding something from me?”

Su Ran shook her head: “No, I don’t want to abandon my mom. Moreover, all An City knows that I’ve divorced you, how could I suddenly leave with you? Gu Dong Cheng would find it weird too?”

The time Su Ran was having some problem, she would use more words to explain. Song Ting Yu pulled her hand and clutched it tightly: “Su Ran, look at me.”

Su Ran took a deep breath and looked at him.

“Are you hiding something to me?”

He said: “Don’t you hide anything from me. I could know it, understand?”

Su Ran didn’t dodge from his gaze: “Song Ting Yu, I really don’t have anything to hide from you. I’m will be okay here. It’s unsafe for Wei Xi to stay here. It’s better that you take Wei Xi to leave soon. I will go home to Su family. There’s only my mom in the house. These days she is unwell. She is still my mom. I don’t want to fight with her all my life. I couldn’t just neglect her…”

“Then you have heart to neglect me and Wei Xi?”

Su Ran lowered her head: “Song Ting Yu, don’t you make it hard for me? Anyway we are divorced, we don’t have any relation…”

“Su Ran, what are you talking about?” Song Ting Yu was about to explode.

“Song Ting Yu, we are divorced. I even threw the ring away.”

“It’s because Wei Xi was in Gu Dong Cheng’s clutch. You didn’t have any choice. I could understand you. But Su Ran, actually I don’t like you to be like this! I am your husband, you should tell me everything, you don’t believe me? You think that you could handle everything?”

Song Ting Yu was tensed, Su Ran cut him off: “Now you’re not my husband anymore.”

“We already signed the paper….”

She hadn’t finished her words, Song Ting Yu used his hand to clutch her shoulder: “It’s just a divorce paper, we could just tear it…”

“Why should I tear it?” Su Ran asked him back and smiled: “At first I also want to divorce you, wouldn’t tis be good?”

She said it and felt the atmosphere turned very cold.

Song Ting Yu kept looking at Su Ran for a long time. He let her go and drove away. He drove so fast.

“Song Ting Yu, where are you going?”

Song Ting Yu was going mad. At last he tried to slow down. He undid his seatbelt and pulled her to get off the car: “Get off.”

Su Ran asked: “Song Ting Yu, what are you doing?”

Song Ting Yu pulled her and got inside a store. She looked around and noticed it was a jewellery store.

“What are you doing here?”

The sales could recognize Song Ting Yu. They never met him in person.

The manager came toward: “Mr Song, what can I help you with?”

“Give me your best wedding ring out for me.”

The manager examined him: “Mr Song, the best one will be too expensive…”

“Song Ting Yu, don’t you make trouble!” Su Ran reminded him.

She knew that when he was caught, all his money was frozen. Where could he have money?

Song Ting Yu looked at the manager and smiled. This man was too frightening.

The manager swallowed his saliva, but thought about his recent situation. He didn’t want to waste time to play around with him.

The best one, the expensive ring?

He was really an idiot, how can he have money?

The manager looked at Song Ting Yu daringly: “Mr Song, all the people in An city now knows that you are nothing now, so please don’t make thing hard on me? We are doing business. The door is there, please.”

Finally Song Ting Yu let go of Su Ran’s hand but this time Su Ran pulled his hand: “Let’s go.”

But Song Ting Yu let her hand go and took his wallet out from the his pocket. There was a lot of paper money, he threw it at the manager: “Is these enough? Not enough? I still have more….” He took the card and threw it again: “Is it enough? Enough to buy the ring right?”

At last Song Ting Yu threw his wallet!

The manager immediately turned red.

Luckily there was not many people inside the store. It was only full of his employees, if not he didn’t where should he put his face.

He coughed lightly and knelt down to take the money. He placed it inside the wallet. He returned it back to Song Ting Yu with respect: “Mr Song, your wallet.”

“You still don’t get me a ring out.”

He said awkwardly: “Mr Song, I’m sorry. I don’t do it in purpose. It’s just we are doing business, so we…”

“So you like to be snobbish?”

Song Ting Yu finished his word.

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