Remarry, No Way! (想复婚, 没门!) by Nan Lin 南凛- Chapter 303

“Gu Dong Cheng threw Wei Xi to the cold lake. Just in time Mu Chu Cheng rushed over and helped him. Gu Dong Cheng doesn’t know about this so he keeps thinking that Song Wei Xi is dead. I chased after him, so I can act? Also, you want a divorce, I didn’t tell you because I want to cooperate with you to increase the reliability of it? At first I planned to tell you after the court, I didn’t expect that Gu Dong Cheng would come and tell you about it…..”

Oh turned out it’s that way…….

Song Ting Yu played with Su Ran’s long hair smiled: “Do I have a good acting skills?”

They were intimate now. His hot breath showered her cheek. Su Ran lowered her head and used her hand to block his chest and nodded.

“What happened to you?”

Song Ting Yu looked at Su Ran confusingly and felt something wrong with her. She seemed to resist his approach.

Su Ran shook her head and smiled: “Nothing, it’s just recently I am too tired…”

“Oh right, go and take a shower. Let’s tidy up.”

Song Ting Yu kept on watching Su Ran and nodded. His body and Mu Chu Cheng were similar so he just took a clothes from the wardrobe.

Looking at his figure entered the bathroom, Su Ran’s heart started to drop.

She closed her eyes and covered her face. She wanted to erase that memory. Then finally she got off the bed and went to the living room. She sat down beside Song Wei Xi.

Song Wei Xi leaned on her body: “Mama, are you done having private words with Papa?”

Su Ran hugged him: “Em, done.”

“Mama, where can we go home?”

This time Su Ran remembered Gu Dong Cheng’s words. The battle between him and Song Ting Yu isn’t done, the winner is still unknown….

Since Gu Dong Cheng thought Song Wei Xi is dead, wouldn’t it be good if he leave An City?

Su Ran stroked his head: “Mama plays game with you okay?”

Song Wei Xi passed the game console to her: “Mama, can you do it?”

Su Ran shook her head. She rarely played game. She is a rookie in game.

“Let me teach you.” Song Wei Xi smiled.


They both played together. Undoubtedly, Su Ran is an idiot in game. Song Wei Xi is much btter than her.

Song Ting Yu came out from the bedroom and used the towel to dry his hair: “Su Ran, find a hairdryer and help me to dry my hair.”

Su Ran held the game console: “I’ve no tiem.”

Song Wei Xi finished the game very quickly and took the game console from her: “Mama, you have time.”

Su Ran: “……..”

Su Ran could only stand up. The time she stood up, she noticed that Song Ting Yu was raising his both thumb to Song Wei Xi.

Su Ran found the hairdryer in the room and passed it to Song Ting Yu. Yet he didn’t took it, he just looked at her: “Help me.”

Song Ting Yu said it then looked Su Ran just stood there. He pinched her arm: “Hurry up.”

Su Ran plugged the hairdryer and stood behind him. She helped him to dry it. Actually because his hair was short, so it was quick.

Song Ting Yu took the towel and wiped his face and threw the towel away. This moment, Su Ran was done.

“Okay.” She put down the hairdryer.

Song Ting Yu pulled her to sit down on the sofa and watched her face. He smiled: “What do you think of my new style?”

Su Ran looked at him: “It’s too short….”

Song Ting Yu played with his finger and said carelessly: “So, it’s need more time to grow longer.”

Living in the detention center is uncomfortable. His beard was longer.

Su Ran touched his face: “You need to shave.”

Song Ting Yu put down her hand: “Then go to the bathroom and shave it up…” He said: “Help me to shave it…”

Su Ran : “…..”

She frowned but she didn’t say anything more, she went inside silently and found the shaver. Then she cautiously helped me to shave it cleanly.

Afterwards, Song Ting Yu patted a space beside him: “Sit here.”

Su Ran sat down beside him. He took her finger and pinched her ring finger on her right hand. It was the place where she put on her ring before. He said: “You also are quite ruthless, you really throw the ring away.”

Su Ran pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. Actually she didn’t throw it, then time she just pretended to lie to Song Ting Yu. When would she willing to throw that wway.

“In time I will bring the other want for you.” Song Ting Yu smiled.

Su Ran took her hand back and looked at him: “You want to see grandma?”

“Yes.” Speaking of Madame Song, Song Ting Yu’s eyes changed: “I even didn’t meet her for the last time…”

Madame Song has left them for a long time….

“Wei Xi couldn’t go, let him stay here. I will let Tang Zi Chu to stay here. Accompany me to go.”

Su Ran was silent then nodded.

Very quickly Song Ting Yu called Tang Zi Chu. Song Wei Xi just had his lunch and now he was having his afternoon nap. The time he slept, Su Ran just followed Song Ting Yu to leave.

Song Ting Yu bought a bouquet of flower and placed on Madame Song’s grave. He looked at the photograph: “Grandma, I come out.”

“Don’t worry. I will not let Gu Dong Cheng go. All of Song family’s thing, very quickly I will get it abck…”

After they left the cemetery, they were silent and didn’t say anything.

“I’m thinking to take Wei Xi to leave.” Song Ting Yu broke the silence first: “After period of time, we can leave, let’s temporarily leave An City.”

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  1. It’s a good idea to leave town.But, when will Su Ran tell him what happened to her? When will Dong Cheng show those pictures to Ting Yu , or maybe to the world by internet post


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